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List of Programming Languages - Guide to Programming Languages 2024

Update on 12 Apr, 2024


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List of Programming Languages - Guide to Programming Languages 2024-here

Do you wish to advance your career by learning top programming languages? In this article, we have mentioned the names of some high-demand programming languages. Check them out!

Programming is a highly paid skill in the job market. Tech savvy who are remarkably proficient in programming can make a lucrative income even in the initial stage of their careers.

As you know IT is a rigorously competitive yet booming industry, and having excellent programming skills can help you to climb up the ladder of success in the industry.

There was a time when people had to pursue engineering courses to attain cutting-edge programming skills but now anyone can learn the top programming languages from E-learning platforms or by pursuing a short-term certification course.

Below we have mentioned the list of best programming languages that you can learn within a few months.

What is Programming Language? What is the use of Programming?

Let us put it simply for you- Programming is a set of instructions for computers to execute a particular plan. It can also be termed as a "computer language" that helps the computer to understand the instructions and follow them as commanded.

Speaking technically, Programming languages include a set of rules that allow us to string values of 1s and 0s into something that humans can understand and write.

We use string values of 1s and 0s because computers think in binary. So Programming languages consist of a series of symbols used by humans to translate our thoughts into instructions that computers can understand.

Low-Level Programming Languages v/s High-Level Programming Languages

High-level programming languages are human-friendly and use words like-  object, order, run, class, request, etc. They are called high-level programming languages because they are easier to write however it takes more time to translate these languages into machine code.

On the contrary, Low-level programming languages are more machine-oriented as it is difficult for humans to read these types of languages.

They are also complex to debug. However, the pro of using a low-level programming language is that they are faster and they also consume less memory as compared to high-level programming languages.

Key Differences between High-Level Programming & Low-Level Programming Languages

High-Level Programming Language Low-Level Programming Language
Human-Friendly Language Computer/Machine-friendly language
Consumes more memory space Consumes less memory space
Easily Understandable Difficult to understand
Easy to debug Hard to debug
Portable Non-portable
Can run any platform Running depends on the machine
Widely used for programming Not commonly used in programming nowadays
Requires Compiler or interpreter Require assembler to translate
Convenient to maintain Complex to maintain

Top Programming Languages 2024

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level programming language that was initially named LiveScript but then Netscape change the name to JavaScript, It is a lightweight programming language that can be easily interpreted.

It is designed to create network-centered applications. This programming language is also one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web along with HTML and CSS.

This programming language is used as a client-side programming language used for running scripts on the client device. All types of scripts can run on the client's device if JavaScript is used as this programming language is supported universally.

Please note that all types of scripts can run on the client's device if JavaScript is used as this programming language is supported universally.JavaScript is one of the Top programming languages in the world, hence it is high in demand globally.

After learning this language, one can land absolutely rewarding career opportunities. Please note that JavaScript and Java are two distinct programming languages and they are often confused with each other.

2. Python

Python is also a high-level programming language with built-in data structures with dynamic binding and dynamic typing. It is widely used for rapid application development and as a scripting language to combine existing components altogether. Its syntax can be easily learned and readable.

This programming language is highly versatile and can be used for both small-scale and complex tasks. This is more often used in software engineering, data science, AI, and Machine Learning, Hence the career scope after learning python is immense.

After learning Python on an advanced level, you can work as a software developer or a data scientist and use your programming skills to make data more valuable for organizations.

3. Java

Java is yet another popular programming language used worldwide, and the reason behind its popularity is that it is versatile and compatible in nature, Java is widely used for developing software, mobile applications, and large systems.

For an instance, the widely used mobile operating system Android is written in Java. It is a high-level, object-oriented programming language. A compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java and it doesn't need to be recompiled.

Hence it needs to be written only once. To be more precise, Java is used to write robust codes for the development of applications while integrating the front end (also known as the client's end) to the back end (also known as the server end).

Java developers are in high demand and it can be interpreted by the fact that the world's top applications namely Amazon, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn have used Java programming language to create a bridge between their back-end systems and web application.

India is one the most preferred IT outsourcing destination in the world, the growth scope of a Java Developer in the Indian IT sector is vast, and many big corporations in India and overseas look forward to hiring a skilled Java developer.

After completing your graduation and a Java certification course from a recognized institution, you can earn an annual salary of atleast Rs 4.50 L.P.A

4. PHP

PHP is a high-level, open source, server-end programming language used by developers for web development, It can be used for various projects including GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces). PHP is usable on major operating systems such as Linux, and numerous Linux variants including Solaris, HP-UX, OpenBSD, macOS, RISC OS, etc.

Hence, PHP language can also be used to develop desktop applications. With PHP, you get the flexibility to choose any web server and operating system.

This language is considered one of the best programming languages because it can be easily learned by beginners even by those with zero programming knowledge.

By using PHP, web developers can generate content for dynamic pages, open, close, write and create files on the server, you can also send and receive cookies, collect the form data, make modifications in your database, and also you can encrypt the data.

You can find great career opportunities as a PHP developer in India, currently, there are a lot of companies who are hiring a PHP developer and it is one of the hottest commodities in the IT world.

However not many MNCs work on PHP because usually MNCs develop large-scale and highly secured applications, and Java is mostly preferred for such projects.

5. C#

C# is also an object-oriented and type-safe programming language developed by the popular giant Microsoft. It is yet another most used programming language for the .NET framework in the long list of best programming languages. It often seems similar to C++, The c# programming language has become popular due to its portability and the adoption by IT giants- Microsoft and Apple.

This programming language is suitable for Windows, Android and iOS run applications. This language is used to develop robust and totally secure applications.

Candidates who wish to become game developers can find great career opportunities to work with game companies like Unity after learning this coding language.

Many game development companies highly demand c# skills in the candidates as a basic eligibility requirement as this coding language is vastly used by gaming engines and platforms.

6. R

R is the programming language used for statistical computing and data analysis tools. This is widely used as a tool for performing statistical, machine learning, and data-related tasks. A developer can create objects, functions, and packages using the R programming language.

Usually, this programming language is used by business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists to analyze the data and interpret data visualizations. As you know, data science and business analytics are the two hottest career options in 2024, and learning this programming language can help you to enter the world of data science and earn lucrative pay packages.

R programming language is the best programming language to learn for those who wish to build a career in these fields.

7. Kotlin

Kotlin is a statistically typed open source programming language that was designed for Android and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that aims to combine functional programming and object-oriented features. It was created by Jetbrains and its development dates back to the year 2010.

Its official version 1.0 was released in 2016 making it a relatively new programming language. Kotlin has become the base to understand the advancement of applications developed for both Android and iOS applications.

Kotlin Programmers are usually involved in working on Android development projects. Nowadays the demand for Kotlin programming language is high. After learning to code in this language, you can find rewarding career opportunities in game development, mobile development, or web development based on your field of interest.

Since this language is easy to learn and new, a beginner can also get skilled in it and work full-time or as a freelancer.

8. C++

According to the IEEE spectrum and the TIOBE index, C++ is the world's 4th most popular language. It is a low-level programming language but it is also considered one of the standard languages used in back-end development.

It is used to develop browsers, applications, operating systems, applications, in-game programming, build data structures, and much more, This programming is also involved in major software engineering processes. The best thing about the C++ programming language is that it runs on many operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac, Unix, etc.

Please note that c++is mostly used in algorithmic programming or for competitive programming and for many other advanced features. Tech Giants like Google highly rely on C++ for maintaining high performance, machine learning, and complex algorithms to provide the best possible solutions for users.

Many people think that c++ is an outdated programming language, but we completely deny that. It is rather true that the evolution of the IT sector started with fundamental programming languages such as C and C++, but even after decades of their publication, C and C++ still reign in the computer science industry due to their salient features.

There is always a high demand for C++ skilled programmers in the industry and most IT recruiters expect the job candidates to be familiar with this programming language, hence C++ is the best programming language to learn in 2024.

9. Swift

Swift is an intuitive programming language created by Apple company, it is widely used to build applications for Mac, iOS, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other Apple products, If you are looking to advance your programming skills and learn new languages, then Swift is a programming language worth learning in 2024.

Since, the language is easy to understand, use and learn as it is an open-source language, So anyone can learn and create incredible applications by using Swift. Please note that it is a type-safe programming language that helps you to identify the types of values your written code can work with.

Let's say out loud, Swift makes the work easier and faster as it is the only dynamic programming language that has an integrated development environment specially designed to develop iOS applications.

This new-age programming language enables programmers to utilize both Swift itself and Object-C language in single software development.

With Apple company picking up the pace in the electronics industry, numerous doors to career opportunities have been opened for the Swift Programmers. Hence, it is one of the best programming languages to learn in 2024.

10. TypeScript

TypeScript is an open-source programming language that was created and maintained by Microsoft. It was created to develop large applications.

It is mostly used to add static typing to JavaScript which means that the type of variable cannot be changed in the program if TypesScript is used, so it helps to prevent a lot of bugs.

Due to this, it is also referred to as a superset or subset of JavaScript, basically, it is used as a layer on top of JavaScript to add various advanced features to the code.

In simple words, this programming language is created to extend the language, make it more friendly for users, and for the application to modern development.

TypeScript is relatively better in terms of reference validation, language features, developer experience,  project scalability, collaboration within and between teams, and code maintainability.

If you are someone who already knows Java or JavaScript programming and wants to upscale your CV, then you should learn TypeScript as it will enable you to develop robust and bug-free applications.

Final Words

There are numerous coding languages existing in the tech world, but the above-mentioned are the ones that made it to the list of Top Programming languages 2024.

If you are a wanna-be developer/programmer, then the above-mentioned best programming languages in 2024 are the aptest ones to learn.

Whether you are a beginner or a working professional, you can always upskill yourself by learning a new skill, you can pursue an online certification course in any of the above-mentioned highest-paying programming languages.

If you have just completed your school and looking forward to building a career in programming, then you first have to assess yourself based on the skills which are required to learn to program,

You must possess problem-solving ability, good memory, preservation, and time management skills. All these soft skills will help you to become an efficient programmer and will provide a boost to your resume.

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