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List of Programming Languages - Guide to Programming Languages 2022

Update on 08 Apr 2022


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List of Programming Languages - Guide to Programming Languages 2022

Programming Languages Courses: Not too long ago, when only a few people were considered computer programmers. But now in this digital era, many IT jobs require a solid grasp of a programming language, and sometimes more than one. If you’re dreaming to upgrade your career or change careers completely, then you need to master a programming language. But you might wonder which one to learn.

Below you’ll find some popular programming languages that are in demand right now among employers. Every programming language described below is appropriate for a beginner does get more complex as you become more proficient and experienced in using it.

PHP Language Course:

PHP stands for Personal Home Page now known as Hypertext Preprocessor is known as a  server-side scripting language that is used to develop Static websites or Web applications. PHP code can be embedded into HTML code, or it can be used in a merger with various, web content management systems and web frameworks.

PHP Training Syllabus & Course Details 2022:

Here we are introducing you to some of the PHP training syllabi for beginners as well as the advanced PHP course syllabus.

Basic PHP Course Syllabus For Beginners:

The basic PHP Course syllabus for beginners starts with the following area. For beginners, a basic level PHP syllabus is included with basic training on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc.

  • HTML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX

Advanced PHP Course 2022 Syllabus & Details:

The Advanced PHP course syllabus encompasses the following session with detailed practical training classes. Candidates who are having advanced PHP course experience get suitable for job requirements and job opening vacancy notifications of major software development companies.

Php Framework


Eligibility Criteria For PHP Course:

  • Candidate needs to be 12th pass or Graduate from any recognized university/college (should be from science/math background)

PHP Course Fees 2022:

The PHP training course fee starts at Rs.4,000 goes up to Rs.14,000 INR.

PHP Course Duration


Regular Track

Weekend Track

Fast Track

Course Duration

45-60 Days

8 Weekends

5 Days

Best Coding Institute in Noida 2022

Name Of Institutes


PHP HR & Android Java - Training Institute - Fiducia Solutions

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 

SS-TECH Best PHP | Python Training Institute

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 

SLA-Data Analytics-MIS Analyst-GST Tally E-Accounting HR SAP PHP Advanced Excel Course Best Training

New Delhi, 

HTML Language Course 2022:

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language used to create web pages. With CSS and JavaScript, HTML is an essential technology used to create web pages as well as to create user interfaces for mobile and web applications. HTML is not only for web developers, having knowledge of HTML and how it works is beneficial in most careers.

Syllabus Covered By (HTML) 2022

Introduction of different Web Technology:

1.HTML Elements
2.HTML Attributes
3.HTML Paragraphs
4.HTML Font
5.HTML Link
6.HTML Tables
7.HTML Forms
8.HTML Iframes
9.HTML Color names
10.HTML Quick List
11.HTML Doctypes
12.HTML Meta
13.HTML Entities
14.HTML URL Encode
15.HTML Audio
16.HTML Video
17.HTML Media Tags
18.HTML Headings
19.HTML Formatting
20.HTML Styles
21.HTML Images
22.HTML Lists
23.HTML Frames
24.HTML Colors
25.HTML Color values
26.HTML Layout
27.HTML Head
28.HTML Scripts
30.HTML Media
31.HTML Object
32.HTML YouTube
32.HTML Summary

Eligibility Criteria For HTML Course:

  • If you want to do an HTML Course then you need to be 10th passed.

HTML Course Duration:

  • Course duration is 2 months.

HTML Course Fees 2022:

  • The fee requirement for HTML Course is Rs. 6000/-

C++ Course:

Certificate Course in C++ helps students in mastering the art of solving difficulties occurring during using C++ language. This course requires patience, persistence, attention to detail and analytical ability as these qualities are required to become a great programmer.

Certificate Course in C++: Syllabus and Course Description

Unit 1: C++ Overview
Unit 2: Functions and Variables
Unit 3: Classes in C++
Unit 4: Operator Overloading
Unit 5: Initialization and Assignment
Unit 6: Storage Management
Unit 7: Inheritance
Unit 8: Polymorphism
Unit 9: Input and Output in C++ Programs
Unit 10: Exceptions
Unit 11: Templates

Certificate Course in C++ Eligibility Criteria:

  • The student must have qualified their Intermediate from any recognized college.

C++ Course Duration:

  • The course duration of C++ is of 2 months

C++ Course Fees

The average fee for the complete course ranges from INR 2,000 to INR 5,000 in various institutes offering this course across the world.

Certificate Course in C++ Top Institutes

Name of the Institute


Average Course Fee


Pune, Maharashtra

INR 5,000

CMS Computer Institute

Mumbai, Maharashtra

INR 4,000

Coding Blocks

New Delhi

INR 5,000


Noida, Uttar Pradesh

INR 3,000

Besant Technologies

Bangalore, Karnataka

INR 5,000


All over India

INR 3,000

Glim Technologies


INR 2,500



INR 3,500

Programming Languages

jQuery Course:

jQuery is the most popular library for JavaScript. In this course, students will learn how to use jQuery to add additional power and interactivity to their web pages. You’ll learn the process of taking advantage of jQuery in your web pages, how to work with the HTML document, and even make server-side calls.

Eligibility Criteria For jQuery Course:

If you want to do the jQuery Course then you need to be 10th passed.

jQuery Course Duration:

  • The course duration is JQuery of 2 months.

jQuery Course Fees:

  • From Rs.2000 to Rs.5000/-

jQuery Course Syllabus 2022:

Module 1

    • Jquery Introduction
    • Jquery Syntax
    • Jquery Selectors
    • Jquery Events

Module 2

    • Hide/Show
    • Fade
    • Slide
    • Background Position
    • Border
    • Minimum and Maximum

Module 3

    • Animate
    • Stop()
    • Append

Module 4

    • Callback
    • Chaining
Jquery Course: Top Institutes



Syntax World - Graphic Design Institute 




Laravel Course:

This course uses a project-based approach to learning. It would also be filled with specific articles to read to clearly understand a concept better, and multiple explanations of all concepts taught.

Syllabus For Laravel Course 2022:

  • Introduction of Laravel PHP Framework
  • HTML Template to Laravel Blade Template
  • Migrations
  • Using Forms and Gathering Input
  • Creating a registration & user login form
  • Admin Panel Setup
  • Using Controllers and Routes for URLs and APIs
  • Eloquent ORM ( Storing and Using Data 
  • Creating and Using Composer Packages
  • Using Ajax and jQuery
  • Security & Session

Eligibility Criteria For Laravel Course:

  • B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D. Researchers, Other Professional Researchers.

Laravel Course Duration:

  • The course duration of the Laravel Course is of 2 months.

Laravel Course Fees 2022:

  • From Rs. 9000/-

Laravel Course Top Institutes 2022



Tech Altum - IT Training Institute 

EOTO Education Academy



C Programing Course:

C Programming Language is a language that can interact with hardware. Most of the languages either provide the power to curb hardware or are flexible but the C language provides you with both the features.

Syllabus For C Programming Course 2022:

  • Fundamentals of C Language
  • Data Types in C Language
  • Constant in C Language
  • Decision Making of C Language
  • Control Flow in C Programming
  • String in C Language
  • Function in C Language
  • Union in C Language
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Overview of C Language
  • Variable in C Language
  • Operators and Enums in C Language
  • Loop control in C Language
  • Array in C Language
  • String functions in C
  • Recursion in c
  • Pointer in C Language
  • Structure in C Language
  • File Input/Output
  • C Preprocessor

C Programming Course Duration:

  • The course duration of the Course is of 1 month.

Fees Required For C Programming Course:

  • Rs 2,000-Rs.10,000

Eligibility Criteria For C Programming Course:

  • No such eligibility is required
C Programming Course: Top Institutes



Vcare Institute

AngularJS, Python Training

New Delhi


Python Language Course:

Python is a popular programming language that is used for both large and small-scale applications. Python’s widespread adoption is due in part to its large standard library, easy readability, and support of multiple paradigms including functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming styles.

Syllabus For Python Course:

  • Introduction
  • Control Statements
  • String Manipulation
  • Dictionaries
  • Functions
  • Input-Output
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping
  • Lists
  • Tuple
  • Modules
  • Exception Handling

Eligibility Criteria For Python Course:

  • The candidate needs to have a working knowledge of computers.
  • Knowledge of C programming is preferred.

Python Course Fees 2022:

  • Rs. 18695/-

Python Course Duration:

  • 2 weeks
Python Course in C++: Top Institutes

Name of the Institute


Trisect - Best Java Angular Js Python Training Institute in


SS-TECH Best PHP | Python Training Institute


ACLM Institute of Professional Studies - Java, PHP, Python, Digital Marketing Course


ASP.Net Course:

ASP.NET is a structure for developing dynamic web applications. It supports languages like VB.Net, C#, Jscript.Net, etc. The programming content and logic can be refined separately in Microsoft Asp.Net. This course covers some important aspects of ASP.NET like reusable code, deploying the .net application on the server, testing web applications, debugging, and so on.

Syllabus For ASP.Net Course:

  • Web Programming Introduction
  • Traditional ASP Basics
  • ASP.NET Architecture
  • Redirecting User to Another Page
  • Master Pages
  • Validation Controls
  • Web Configuration File and Global. asax
  • Application Service Providers
  • Web Caching
  • Understanding & Publishing Web Application
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • ASP.NET Introduction & Controls
  • CSS & Themes
  • Working with User Control
  • ASP.NET State Management
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Data Bound Controls
  • Globalization and Localization  
  • Routing

Eligibility Criteria For ASP.Net Course:

  • Undergoing /Graduation with knowledge of any programming Language

ASP.Net Course: Fees

  • ASP.Net Course fees vary as per your choice for an institute.

ASP.Net Course: Course Duration

  • 3 to 4 months

ASP.Net Course: Top Institutes

Name of the Institute Location
SQUAD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Noida
Tech Altum - IT Training Institute Noida
ITZIP Solution Pvt. Ltd. Noida

Java Course:

Java Programming language is one of the most used and most popular languages in the world of IT development. Java has emerged to be the most preferred language for programmers. It is quite easy to learn and appliance, thus making it highly benign in the programming community. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it was built keeping Security in mind, and thus enables programmers to write code with fewer bugs, in lesser time.

Eligibility Criteria For Java Course:

  • Candidate must have passed Class 12 or equivalent from a recognized board.

Java Course: Course Duration

  • 4months

ASP.Net Course : Top Institutes/ Fees 2022

Name of the Institute


Average Course Fee

Integrated Institute of Education Technology

Hyderabad, Telangana

INR 6,000

St. Joseph’s College

Bangalore, Karnataka

INR 4,000

Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University

Kota, Rajasthan

INR 7,000

PSG College of Arts and Science

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

INR 6,000


Gurgaon, Haryana

Around 17,000

Mahan Institute of Technology

New Delhi

INR 10,000

Oasis College of Science and Management

Pune, Maharashtra

INR 8,000

KOENIG Solutions


INR 52,000

C# Course:

C# is one of the most well-known programming languages and can be used for various purposes, including mobile applications, game development, and enterprise software.

Syllabus For C# Course:

  • Learn C#: Hello World
  • Learn C#: Logic And Conditionals
  • Learn C#: Class And Object
  • Learn C#: Data Type And Variables
  • Learn C#: Methods
  • Learn C#: Arrays And Loops

Eligibility Criteria For C# Course:

  • Undergraduates/ graduates/ working professionals/ engineers.

C# Course Duration:

  • 2 months

C# Course: Fees

  • Rs. 7,000 – 11,600

C# Course Top Institute:

Name of the Institute Location


Delhi, Tilak Nagar


Kochi, kadavanthra



Node.Js Course:

Node.js is an accessible Source server framework that is used by thousands of developers around the world. Node.js gives you permission to run JavaScript on the server. Node.js is a powerful JavaScript-based platform created on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 Engine. It is used to establish I/O intensive web applications. Video streaming sites, single-page applications, and other web applications are examples of Node.js

Node.js Course Syllabus 2022:

  • Introduction to Node JS
  • Node Package Manager
  • Creating Web Server
  • File System
  • Events
  • Serving Static Resources
  • Project Development
  • Setup Development Environment
  • Node JS Modules
  • Debugging Node JS Application
  • Express JS
  • Database Connectivity

Eligibility Criteria For Node.js Course:

  • General knowledge of how the web works are recommended but not a must-have
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is strongly recommended but could be picked up whilst going through the course

Node.js Course Fees 2022:

  • 50,000

Node.js Course Duration:

  • 1 to 4 weeks
Node.js Course: Top Institutes

Name of the Institute


ADMEC Multimedia Course


Webtrackker Node.js Training Institute 




React JS Course:

ReactJS presents balletic solutions to some of the front-end programming's most persistent issues. It's fast, extensible, flexible, and has a robust developer community that's rapidly growing. The React JS is a new-age user interface tool that is more interactive and flexible as compared to most other tools. It comprises components that are re-usable and easy to use. It seeks to cover all the practical aspects of developing with React, managing data, and server communication with Redux.

React Course Syllabus 2022

  • Introduction to React JS
  • React internals
  • Component styling
  • Performance optimizations

React Course Fees 2022

  • Rs.15,125/-

React Course: Course Duration:

  • 1 month
React Course: Top Institute

Name of the Institute


Basant Technologies


Digital Lync Technologies Pvt Ltd


Spring Framework Course:

Spring is one of the most prominent Java frameworks that facilitate developers to develop Java applications by providing comprehensive infrastructure support. It helps software developers in the implementation of different sizes of enterprise systems. It is a powerful framework that resolves most of the problems of Java EE.

Spring Framework Course: Syllabus 2022


Spring Framework Course Fees:

  • Rs.15,125/-

Spring Framework Course Duration:

  • 4 weeks

Spring Framework Course: Top Institute

Name of the Institute Location



Samyak IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Gurgaon, Jaipur

OOP Course:

Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS) is such a programming style that emphasizes current techniques in object-oriented design, analysis, and programming. OOPS, accent on the fundamentals of structured design with classes, including development, testing, implementation, and documentation. It also  Includes object-oriented programming techniques, classes, and objects.

OOP Course Syllabus 2022:

UNIT I: Introduction To OOPs And JAVA Fundamentals 10
UNIT II: Inheritance And  Interface 9
UNIT III: Exception Handling And I/O 9
UNIT IV: Multireading And Generic Programming
UNIT V: Event-Driven Programming 9 Graphics programming

Eligibility Criteria For OOPs Course:

  • The candidate should have worked in a window environment
  • Should know how to make the flow chart

OOP Course Fees 2022:

  • Rs.4200/-

OOP Course Duration:

  • 2 weeks
Data Analytics Course:

Data analytics is commonly known as a process of examining data sets to conclude based on information available in them with the help of various software or specialized systems. Data analytics has become a very crucial part of commercial industries over the last few years as it enables more-informed business decisions based on scientific data and research.

Data Analytics Course Syllabus:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Data Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Retail Analytics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Text Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Data Collection
  • Forecasting Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Some of the software tools taught in the course are:

R, MySQL, Hadoop (AWS), Python
Stata, @Risk, Simio, Tableau
XLMiner, NodeXL - MeXL

Eligibility Criteria For Data Analytics Course:

  • The minimum eligibility criteria for Data Analytics courses are a Bachelor's degree with at least 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent preferably in Science or Computer Science from a recognized university.

Data Analytics Course Fees:

  • 5000 per month
  • Data Analytics Course: Duration
  • 5-6 months

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