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Paramedical Courses - List of Paramedical Courses 2024

Update on 12 Apr, 2024


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Paramedical Courses - List of Paramedical Courses 2024-here

Paramedical Courses:

  • Paramedical Courses are courses that can be pursued after 10th grade and 12th grade alike. They are designed to be job-oriented academic programs, teaching a candidate about the skills, knowledge, and ethics of an expert and professional healthcare worker.
  • The need for professionals in the field of emergency healthcare such as trauma or accident care is increasing day by day.  A country and its healthcare depend on the varied number of professionals and its emergency care services.
  • Trained and skilled workers are given multiple responsibilities and technical skills and knowledge towards ensuring the life of patients caught in unforeseen circumstances. 
  • The courses are designed not only to provide students with valuable technical training and knowledge but also to impart skills and critical elements of the healthcare industry. Students can pursue the paramedical Courses after 10th grade and class 12th as well.
  • The various paramedic courses are also available in a plethora of study modes, such as Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, Bachelors or Masters, etc. 
  • There are a wide variety of Bachelor's courses available in this Course. Below we have provided a list of all the choices a student has after 12th grade to opt for any paramedical course.

Paramedical Courses After 12th

Bachelor of Radiation Technology Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Bachelor of Optometry
Bachelor of Nursing Bachelor of Dialysis Therapy
Bachelor of Medical Lab technology Bachelor of X-Ray Technology
Bachelor of Anaesthesia Technology Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology

There are a variety of paramedical Courses available for the bachelor. The typical duration of these courses is around 3 to 4 years. For more information about How to Become a Paramedic.

There are along with Bachelors tons of Diploma level courses available to students in the field of paramedical Courses. Some of them are listed below.

List of Diploma Programs in Paramedical Courses:

Diploma in OT Technician Diploma in Physiotherapy
Diploma in Dental Hygienist Diploma in X-Ray Technology
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant Diploma in Occupational Therapy
Diploma in Rural Health Care Diploma in Dialysis Technology

The diploma-level paramedical courses are studied for a duration of 1 year to 3 years. Apart from the above diploma level paramedical Courses, there are certificate level courses in the paramedical field. Some of them are listed below.

List of Certification Programs in Paramedical Courses:

Certificate in Home Based Health Care Certificate in HIV and Family Education
Certificate in X-RAy Technology Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant
Certificate in Dialysis Technician Certificate in Rural Health Care
Certificate in ECG and CT Scan  Certificate in Dental Assistant

The typical duration of these certificate-level paramedical courses ranges from around 6 months to 2 years. The following list includes a master level or postgraduate in the Paramedical course.

List of Postgraduate Programs in Paramedical Courses:

Master in Radiation Technology Master in Pathology Technology
Master in Physiotherapy Master in Maternal and Child care
Master in Nursing Master in Geriatric Medicine
Master in Pharmacy Master in Occupational Therapy
Master in Hospital and Health Management Master in Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology

The postgraduate level paramedical courses are either 1 to 2 years in duration. 

Top Colleges for Paramedical Courses:

Some of the top colleges which offer paramedical courses either for Bachelor’s, Masters, certificate, or Diploma are listed below along with their average fee. Students should check in with the course curriculum, mode of teaching, methodology of the program, and the amount of practical exposure along with the kind of practical exposure that is being given to the students, before gaining admission to any colleges.

Christ University, Bangalore Rs. 2 lac to Rs. 3 lac
Apollo Research and Innovations, Hyderabad Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 50,000
JIPMER, Puducherry Rs. 9 lac to 10 lac
Christian Medical College, Vellore Rs. 1 lac to Rs 8 lac
Quantum School of Health Sciences Rs. 73,000 to Rs. 80,000
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi Rs. 1,200 to Rs. 2,400
Chandigarh University, Chandigarh Rs. 3 lac to Rs. 4 lac
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune RS. 61,000/-

Paramedical Courses Admission Process 2024:

The admission procedure for paramedical courses is different for 10th grade and 12th-grade students. Below we have listed the procedure for both.

For Students After 10th Grade: The admission procedure and eligibility criteria for students to pursue a paramedical course after 10th grade are different for each university and college alike. Students interested in pursuing a paramedical course right after their 10th grade should get in touch with their prospective college or university.

For Students After 12th Grade: Students who wish to pursue a paramedical course after the completion of their 12th-grade exams can do so by keeping in mind a few eligibility criteria and the general procedure of admission. One of the basic eligibility criteria for any student interested in pursuing paramedical courses after 12th grade must have passed out of 12th class with science subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Apart from that, each university and college has its own admission criteria and procedure so to be able to list it here is impossible. However, students can shortlist a few colleges or universities that interest them, and keep in touch with them and stay updated on the latest news and notifications by registering themselves on the website.

Some course curriculum is designed for students to be 4 years long, 3 years as theory, and 1 year of practical training. This is also different from college to college.

Career & Scope of Paramedical Courses:

Paramedical Courses are designed to be efficient and up to date with the latest health trends in the world. Hence Paramedical graduates and future paramedics are always in demand, irrespective of the changing times. Students learn skills and techniques that are always with them, and that can help not only others but themselves in times of need as well.

Job Profile of Paramedical Course Graduates:

They can go on to cover a variety of job profiles and job roles during the course of his life. Some of them are listed below:

Job Roles Average Salary
Critical Care Paramedic Rs. 1.76 lac to Rs. 3.72 lac
Advanced Life Support Paramedic Rs. 1.76 lac to Rs. 3.62 lac
Critical Care Paramedic Rs. 3.36 lac

The salary can also differ for the average worker in terms of the level of experience, any contribution to the field, etc. It can also depend on the sector the student works for, for example, private sectors offer a higher salary as compared to the government sector or public sector employees. Hence, in conclusion, the salary of a paramedic expert can range from 2 lac to 10 lac. 

Top Recruiters for Paramedical Course Graduates:

Paramedics are always in demand for companies and individual healthcare firms. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities hire paramedics on a regular basis. Since the more paramedic experts a healthcare facility has, the more cases they can handle and in short, save more lives. Some of the top recruiters in the field are as follows;

  1. Fortis Hospital
  2. Manipal Hospital
  3. MaxCure Hospital
  4. Artemis Hospital
  5. Columbia Asia Referral Hospital
  6. Billroth Hospital
  7. Apollo Hospital
  8. Max Superspeciality Hospital, etc. 

Graduates of paramedic courses can also gain an edge over other paramedical experts in the field by opting to study abroad. Apart from India, the demand for paramedics is also increasing in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. The job duty of the paramedics there is to assist the doctors in their day-to-day patient diagnosis, treatment, etc. Paramedical Sciences is a much-respected field. Any graduate of any of the specializations available in the paramedics' courses can apply for a number of job roles in any nursing home, hospital, and asylums, trauma centers, etc. They can open their own clinics and healthcare facilities after pursuing the relevant degrees later on in life. 

In conclusion, if saving lives and becoming a better person through helping others in life and death situations is a job profile that rings with you, then a paramedical course is for you. The syllabus and admission procedure varies from course to course and you can find more details in respective course details on the official web portals of the college sites.

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