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MA Criminology Course - Course Details, Admission, Fees, Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, Job profile, and Salary 2024

Update on 21 May, 2024


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MA Criminology Course - Course Details, Admission, Fees, Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, Job profile, and Salary 2024-here

MA Criminology Course: MA Criminology Course is a postgraduate degree program that tends to provide you with advanced theoretical & methodical training for careers in criminal justice research and management. Many programs encourage students to analyze questions about criminal behavior: Is criminal behavior learned or inherent?; How can behavior psychology help to prevent future crimes?; What are some solutions to the increasing crime rate among teenagers?; etc. Some programs allow students to tailor courses to create a customized curriculum.

Because criminology studies criminal behavior on individual & social levels, students learn to recognize & analyze certain behavior. Students may begin to better understand the reasoning behind the behaviors of individuals they encounter in their life. Students may also develop leadership skills that will help them in gaining higher levels of employment.

MA Criminology Course: Highlights:

➥ Type of Degree: Master’s Degree

➥ Full Name: Master’s of Arts Criminology

➥ Duration of the Course: The course tenure of MA Criminology is 2 Years

➥ Age limits: No Age Limitations

➥ Minimum Aggregate Percentage: 50% aggregate in the related course subjects at the graduation level

➥ Subjects Required: Related course subjects at the graduation level with the corresponding language

➥ Approx Fees Incurred: INR 5K to 1.5L per annum

➥ Approx Salary Offered: INR 5L per annum

➥ Employment Profiles: Crime Scene Investigator, Investigator, Counselor, Criminal Investigators, Private Detectives

➥ Placement Recruiters: CBI, RAW,  Police Establishments, Prison Department, Vigilance and security departments of Banking and Financial Institutions, Private detective agencies, Government and Private Forensic Science Labs


Details of MA Criminology Course:

Many MA Criminology Course is offered online. These courses are intended to be more affordable than traditional classroom learning. Students can check with their school’s office of admissions for details about tuition. A Master of Arts in Criminology prepares students for more advanced careers. Criminologists, forensic psychologists, criminal profilers, & college professors are all careers that require a master’s degree. Criminologists analyze all aspects of a crime with the aim of preventing criminal behavior in the future.

Forensic psychology is an overarching title that refers to many specializations that involve the practice of psychology in association with the law & the criminal justice system. Criminal profilers help develop leads & identify suspects of crimes. There are many profits to studying criminology at a physical location. Online degree programs come with their own set of benefits. Completing the assignments, listening to the lectures, & participating in class discussions may be performed around their personal schedule. They can search and know more about their program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of their choice by filling in the admission form.

  • MA Criminology Degree course is regarded as a Postgraduate Academic Degree course awarded for a course or program usually in a branch of the Liberal Arts/Sciences, where a candidate can specialize in criminal psychology, and crime scenarios forensics.
  • MA Criminology is a 2-year full-time undergraduate program aiming to provide candidates with the knowledge & understanding pertaining to every nuance of criminology.
  • Through the MA Criminology syllabus, the students usually obtain excellent observational & research skills, and verbal & written expression with clarity.

Top Colleges for MA Courses in India:

  1. Pan Asian Institute of Management, Science, & Engineering, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Maharaja Madakari Nayaka First Grade College, Karnataka
  3. University of Madras, Chennai
  • Admissions Processes include merit-based admissions & entrance exams. Varying from university to university we have different MA Criminology program course details for admission & other requirements including entrance exams.
  • Government Police Jobs & Private jobs are the primary focus areas of employment, providing a wide range of Masters of Arts criminology job scope after the completion of the course.

MA Criminology Course: About

As there is an increase in the rate of crime in India, a career in Criminology can be both promising & challenging. As a subject, Criminology is an interdisciplinary subject in nature primarily dealing with the scientific study of crime & criminal behavior including the legal aspects, its manifestations, its causes, control, & restoration. Criminologists are passionate about creating an impact & fighting crime. MA Criminology course is meant for students who have good analytical skills, research skills, & have a sense of justice.

Some famous colleges offering this course are:

  • University of Pune
  • Osmania University
  • Gujarat University
  • University of Madras
  • Bundelkhand University
  • Lok Nayak Narayana National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Sciences
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU)
  • Vinayaka Institute of Management

MA Criminology syllabus includes subjects on Criminal Laws, Human Behaviour & Criminality, Contemporary Crimes, NGOs, & Criminal Justice Administration & Vigilance & Security Management which aim at developing a strategic perspective in students on the criminal justice system.

The course targets at providing the skills required to compete in the current scenario where there are increasing instances of corruption from a political & economic aspect. Although there are no official statistics on hiring & job opportunities in this field as per subject experts around 65% of fresh graduates & postgraduates are required under various job profiles in the field of criminology.

  • It is popularly known as MA Criminology which is an abbreviated form of the Master’s Arts Degree, & this specialization in criminal behavior, the cause of crime, & the impact crime has on the victim & society.
  • This Specific course dwells deep into students’ sociological, analytical, & psychological skills that are essential for this criminology specialization.
  • MA Criminology course In India, the duration is over a period of 2 years.
  • This course teaches students the skill to develop theories that can help in examining the happenings of crimes to figure out the key evidence to solve them.
  • Also, students are equipped with skills that allow them to analyze data, determine the cause of crime, & predict ways of preventing criminal behavior & crimes.
  • Candidates have a wide range of opportunities in the fields of Crime scene analysts, Police Officers, Private detectives, F.B.I agents, and much more.

Skills Required to pursue the MA Criminology Course:

  • Analytical Skills: Aspirants should have the ability to predict effectively or solve complicated crime situations to produce well-structured results.
  • Data Collection: The collected data on the spot of crime should be informative & understanding. The method of collecting data should be organized & clean.
  • Crime Techniques: Aspirants should follow the different techniques every time to analyze the data gathered from various sources in crime places.
  • Criminal Behaviour: It is very important for a student to understand & have criminal behavior knowledge. If the person has full knowledge of the criminal's behavior then he can easily understand the reasons for the crimes.
  • Good Public Speaking Skills: Students have to build up this quality inside them to put their words forward in public places.
  • Research Skills: First, students have to know the research techniques before investigating any case. Research is very important in each & every field of investigation.
  • Knowledge of Computers: The knowledge of computers & the internet is necessary nowadays. All sources of collecting information & gathering are mostly done through the internet.

MA Criminology Course Fees Structure and Duration:

MA Criminology Course Fees range between INR 5000 to INR 1.5 lakh per year. The difference in the fees is because of the type of college. The fees of the private colleges are always more than the fees of the public college.

MA Criminology Course Duration is of 2 years full-time postgraduate professional course based on the annual examination system. The course is delivered both in full-time & distance learning mode.

Eligibility for MA Criminology Course:

The eligibility for MA Criminology Course is a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject passed with at least the minimum aggregate marks of 50% in the concerned subject. For admissions to master's courses like MA or LLM, students should have completed a bachelor’s degree in the related field from any recognized college or institution.

There are many entrance exams through which aspirants can get admission to UG & PG programs. Aspirants can appear in:

  • AILET 2024, 
  • AIBE 2024, 
  • LSAT 2024, 
  • AP LAWCET 2024, 
  • TS LAWCET 2024, & many others.
  • To opt for the MA Criminology course, Students who successfully pass out of their graduation from a recognized university or college with the relevant subjects can apply, with English as a compulsory subject at HSC and 10+2.
  • The minimum aggregate percentage required for admission is set by the college for courses according to which an applicant can check his eligibility.
  • There is also a relaxation of 5% aggregate marks for SC/ST students.

MA Criminology Course Admission Process:

  • Many universities offer direct admission to this course where the admission process may vary across colleges.
  • Both entrance examinations & merit-based admission can be availed for the program.
  • Generally, 5% of seats are reserved under the ECA & Sports quota for exceptional performance in extra-curricular activities under the ECA & Sports Quota.
  • Candidates who are applying for the MA Criminology Course should have all the necessary documents before giving the entrance test such as graduation results & I.D verification. After the application forms are checked, such students are called for field & ECA trials.
  • MA degree course applications are available either on the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the university.

Best Colleges for MA Criminology Course:

Best Colleges for MA Criminology Course are enlisted as under:


Name of the College


Karunya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Tamil Nadu


School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, University of Mangalore, Karnataka


Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu


Institute of the Distance Education, University of Madras, Tamil Nadu


Maharaja Madakari Nayaka First Grade College - MM, Karnataka


Rajiv Lochan Acharya Mahavidyalaya - RLM, MP


Shree Siddheshwar Government First Grade College, Karnataka


Swami Vivekanand University, MP


University of Madras, Tamil Nadu


Mysore University, Karnataka

MA Criminology Syllabus 2024: 

The course is based on an annual examination system with around 10 core subjects on concepts of criminology. MA Criminology Syllabus is described as under:

                                   MA Criminology Syllabus: 1st Year




Fundamentals of Criminology


Police Science & Forensic Science


Forensic Science in Crime Detection 


Criminal Psychology 


Forensic Medicine

                            MA Criminology Syllabus: 2nd Year




Police Administration & Procedural Law


Laws of Crime & Minor Acts


Security System


Vigilance and Cyber Forensic & Victimology 


Correctional Administration

Scope of MA Criminology Course:

The scope of the MA Criminology Course is very bright in the future as it prepares graduates who can understand and analyze the criminal behavior, the cause of crime, & its impact on the victim & society. It fills up in its students the sociological, psychological, & analytical skills required in this field to do good. During the course, students usually obtain excellent observational & research skills, and clarity of verbal & written expression.

Criminology students can seek career options as:

  • Criminal investigators
  • Crime scene analysts
  • Medical investigation officers
  • Private detectives
  • Crime laboratory analysts
  • Social workers
  • Prison managers
  • Crime researchers

To start with, a graduate can start at INR 20,000 a month. Students may even get their first break by fetching an annual package of INR 4 to 6 Lacs. Criminology is an emerging career in India & abroad, one, who has a degree course or the doctoral course is called a criminologist. In India, many detective agencies are establishing & requiring professionals in criminology.

There are good job possibilities in the field of criminology. This field has numerous offers for the:

  • Scientist
  • Research assistant
  • Criminologist
  • Forensic scientists
  • Investigator

Once you have completed the MA Criminology course in this field, you can opt job in various areas such as:

  • Forensic Department
  • Police
  • Research area
  • Medical Hospitals
  • CBI
  • Court
  • FBI
  • Crime Laboratories
  • Private Hospitals
  • Colleges and  Institutions
  • MNCs (legal matters)
  • Prison Reforms Programs
  • Professor in a college or the university
  • Professional in legal study or judiciary member

The job profiles in the field of criminology & forensic science are as the following:

  • Private detectives
  • Crime investigators
  • Crime scene analyst
  • Crime laboratory analyst
  • F.B.I. agents
  • Forensic surgeon
  • Forensic engineer
  • Police officers
  • Crime intelligence analyst
  • Community corrections coordinator
  • Law reform researcher
  • Regional crime prevention  
  • Consumer advocate
  • Drug policy advisor
  • Environment protection analyst

Some points to discuss the scope of the MA Criminology Course:

  • The reason behind this is that a person who graduates specializes in the Arts Criminology becomes very observative and will rarely miss a detail of the crime which the general public cannot grasp.
  • They will be able to analyze data, figure out the cause of crime, figure out the pattern in the crime, & predict ways of preventing crime.
  • It gives an opportunity to the candidates to work as an apprentice to the experts & are exposed to cases, conduct case studies, & learn the do’s & don’t of the field.
  • As per the education body in which they have pursued their BA Criminology degree course, jobs & salaries of MA Criminology course graduates may vary.

Job Profiles and Areas after MA Criminology Course:

Criminology is a new stream career and is highly rewarding. From a crime investigator to a crime researcher, counselor, medical investigation, or law enforcement, and from prison management to social work there are ample opportunities to make a decent career in the discipline. Interested aspirants may even practice with institutions like the Central Bureau of Investigation, Research & Analysis Wing, Bureau of Police Research & Development, and National Institute of Social Defence & Intelligence Bureau to get hands-on experience.

MA Criminology graduates can seek career opportunities in:

  • Police Establishments
  • Prison department
  • Vigilance & security departments of Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Private detective agencies
  • Government & Private Forensic Science Laboratories

MA Criminology is a benefitting career, especially when students seek a suitable master’s degree course or to continue studies abroad. One of the best means to have a rewarding career is by clearing entrance exams conducted by CBI, RAW, IB, & other Intelligence agencies. Students may even plan for a career in civil services by preparing for UPSC exams.

Employment Areas for MA Criminology:

  • Government & Private Forensic Science Laboratories
  • CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)
  • RAW (Research & Analysis Wing )
  • Prison department
  • Police Establishments
  • Vigilance & security departments of Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Private detective agencies
Job & its Corresponding Salaries for MA Criminology:

Job Profile

Compensation in INR 

Crime Analyst




Corrections Officers


Detectives & Criminal Investigators


Forensic Science Technician


Forensic Psychologist


Loss Prevention Specialist


Police Officer


Polygraph Examiner


Probation and Community Control Officer


Special Agents - CBI, RAW



Dear students, in this blog we have presented all the necessary information regarding the MA CRIMINOLOGY COURSE like-MA Criminology Course, MA Criminology Course Fees, MA Criminology Course Admission, MA Criminology Syllabus, MA Criminology Course Duration, What is the eligibility for MA Criminology Course, Best Colleges for MA Criminology Course, What is the scope of MA Criminology Course, Job Profiles and Areas after MA Criminology Course, etc. We hope that this information will prove helpful to you in deciding on the right career path and you will take the correct and the calculated decision for your career.

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