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Graphic Design Course - Free Online Graphic Designing - Learn Graphic Design Online Free

Update on 17 May, 2024


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Graphic Design Course - Free Online Graphic Designing - Learn Graphic Design Online Free-here

Graphic Design Course: Graphic design is a discipline in which people produce visual content to convey messages. Designers focus on presenting elements in digital projects to enhance the user experience by using visual hierarchy and page layout strategies, and they use typography and pictures to meet users' specific needs.

Graphic Design, which was first used to produce cave paintings about 17,000 years ago, is now used to create logos, design for books, newspapers, and magazines, ads, product packaging, signage, and other things.

Graphic designers are often given enough flexibility to create content without regard to programming, resolution, or speed.

Types of Graphic Design:

There is no single definition for graphic design. From print and web design through animation and motion graphics, graphic design encompasses various disciplines and specializations.

Graphic design provides opportunities and choices for people from a wide range of interests.

If you asked someone 30 years ago to describe the graphic design, they would most definitely have mentioned magazines, movie posters, and commercials.

Now that we live in the modern age, many different forms of graphic design have emerged.

Advancements in technology have resulted in some of the most notable examples of modern-day graphic design.

Here's an example of some of these graphic design styles:

  • Website Design: For people, website design entails designing entertaining and intuitive web pages. The overall layout, color scheme, and navigation are all part of this.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: User experience (UX) design aims to make a website or application as simple and enjoyable to use as possible. Value, usability, adaptability, and desirability are all important to these designers.
  • Motion Graphics Design: Via special effects, TV shows, video games, and movies, motion graphics design—or animation—brings visual elements to life.

What Makes Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design is a valuable tool for improving how you interact with others. It aims to help you communicate your ideas in a way that is both successful and beautiful. Here are some things to consider:

It makes you look good:

  • You will look fine if you have a good design. That's what there is to it. With good graphic design, you will make a good first impression on those who are watching. Humans form initial opinions in a matter of seconds.
  • On the other hand, having a change of heart after a first encounter takes a lot longer. Others may shape positive opinions regarding your product, service, or brand if you use aesthetically appealing, professionally crafted graphics.

It sets you apart:

  • People should make their own decisions. It's crucial to understand that the graphic design you use to represent your brand will differentiate you from the competition – either negatively or positively. Great design stands out in decision-makers' minds and can affect their decisions both consciously and subconsciously.
  • People are naturally attracted to things that look good and make them feel good. You will greatly improve your brand's ability to stand out in the minds of key decision-makers by investing in high-quality graphic design.

It conveys a message of credibility and professionalism:

  • The importance of graphic design in the decision-making process cannot be overestimated. Companies that invest in high-quality graphic design are seen as more reliable. Any business's presentation and perception will make or break it. People are searching for signs of professionalism that will persuade them that you are trustworthy. The way you show yourself is one such indication.

It succinctly expresses a concept through resonant imagery:

  • What concepts would you like to share with the general public? The great graphic design encapsulates these concepts in a visually appealing manner. People may not want to read a document that tries to persuade them to buy your product, but they will gladly look at a picture that accomplishes the same goal. Furthermore, graphic design must be consistent.
  • To create confidence and ensure that your brand is identifiable, all brand representations should be visually identical. Great graphic design provides this much-needed consistency.

About Graphic Design Course:

Graphic design programs teach you how to use images, animation, and graphics to communicate ideas and messages. You'll also need to learn about electronic media packages and marketing skills to succeed in this area.

The graphic design course is structured to familiarize students with the graphic design industry while concentrating on fundamental design concepts such as movement, balance, rhythm, contrast, and typography.

Aside from that, candidates are taught how to produce images for the web and print and how to edit images and guide others.

A candidate with strong analytical skills and a deeper understanding of customer behavior through observations has a good chance of succeeding in this field. They are in high demand as long as they can cater to customer design needs while maintaining a brand image.

With digitization at an all-time high, graphic designers are in high demand. It's a bonus if you have a knack for imagination and are comfortable working with computer design tools.

Benefits of Graphic Design Course:

Graphic design is the best career choice for the younger generation since businesses are in high demand. Graphic designers will be in higher demand both now and in the future.

There are many benefits of graphic design as a profession. There are numerous job opportunities in this sector. It is a rapidly expanding sector.

There are several significant benefits to getting a graphic design certificate.

Better Career Opportunity:

  •  For today's generation, graphic design is the best career choice. It is a rapidly expanding sector. In comparison to other fields, this is the greatest opportunity for freshers to develop quickly.

It is Simple and Easy to Learn:

  • Graphic design is a Short term course. We can quickly pick up new skills. In this area, any graduate can have a successful career. Students who are seeking a degree can also take a graphic design course.

Expansion and Creativity:

  • The art and ingenuity of a graphic designer are known as graphic design. We can rapidly advance our careers in this area. A graphic designer communicates and expresses a concept to the public to sell products or services. In any business, graphic designers play an important role.


  • Graphic design is a form of online job. We can operate from anywhere. We don't need a specific location to do graphic design work because we don't need one.

Earn More:

  • You will make a lot more money in this sector than you would think. Since graphic design entails a large number of projects, no one can be fired. Since you will make a lot of money working from home as a freelancer. Graphic designers are in high demand in large corporations.

Become a Professional:

  • Graphic design is a profession. You have the choice of working as a professional or working from home as a freelancer. In India, there are a range of graphic design businesses. The market for graphic designers is growing now and in the future.

Graphic Designing Course Fees:

Fees are usually determined by the institute you select and the program's duration, whether part-time or full-time. The fee structure varies from institute to institute, so pick one that fits your interests and budget. However, if you want to pursue it as a career, make it a big one to benefit you.

When it comes to admission, famous colleges and universities administer an entrance exam to students and follow a merit list. The cost of a Graphic Designing Course varies from 10,000 to 50,000 on average.

Eligibility for Graphic Designing:

In this sector, candidates with strong analytical skills will excel. Graphic Designers will be in high demand due to the increasing demand for digitalization.

Candidates who have completed their 10+2 in any subject will enroll in the Graphic Designing Graduate Program. A bachelor's degree is required for pursuing Graphic Design Courses at the postgraduate level.

  • Diploma Courses: You may apply for these courses after finishing class 10. Some diploma courses, however, require you to complete 10+2.

  • UG Courses: To obtain a degree in graphic design, you must pass the 10+2 examination with a minimum of 60%.

Duration of Graphic Design Course:

The Diploma Certified Course takes one year to complete. Graphic design is the art of using form, space, and images to communicate, stylize, and solve problems.

Subjects and Syllabus of Graphic Design Course:

The following is the Graphic Designing syllabus that most colleges and universities follow:

Graphic Design Syllabus 2024
Computer Studies Language Career planning and guidance
Typographic Design Animation of the Production Process
Generic Skills Sound Recording
Basic Information Flash & Scripting for the Web
Colour Theory for Computer Web Campaign Implementation
Sound Principles Breakdown: Voice
Principles of Management Music & Effects Film
Visual Communication Composing/Shooting on Film
Digital Publishing Project-I + Case Study I
Drawing as Basis for 2D and 3D Animation Industrial Training
Design: Character Live Project
Background & Concept Web Design
Modeling Using CAD Introduction to Computer Animation
Digital Portfolio Development & Presentation Multimedia Authoring
Graphics Design Popular Subjects
Sketching & Drawing Introduction to User Experience Design
Fundamentals of Design Advanced Illustration Techniques
Visualisation Techniques Brand Communication Design
Craft Design Studies User Interface Graphics
Design Process & Thinking Environmental Graphic Design
Introduction to Graphic Design Design Management

Skills Required for Graphic Designer:

Graphic design has become a popular career choice in recent years because it offers diverse opportunities. Graphic design students are usually computer nerds with an artistic focus.

There is a specific set of skills that they must possess to further their academic excellence and increase their chances of finding work.

The following is a list of the same:

  • Creativity: Graphic design is a creative field in which one cannot be certain of a job unless one can develop new ways to solve communication problems through visual content. To captivate the audience and deliver a crisp message without copying the content, you'll need a lot of creative creativity.
  • Adaptability: The global trend is rapidly evolving. It will be difficult to succeed in such a competitive creative field unless one can adapt to the changing scenario and improve their skills.
  • Team spirit: The process of creating an idea or concept necessitates the collaboration of many creative minds. It is impossible to provide the necessary content unless one can efficiently communicate and interact with various clients and professionals. A graphic designer is often required to collaborate with a variety of other professionals.
  • Knowledge: A graphic design graduate must be a master of all skills. They should be familiar with HTML/JAVA, programming languages, and photography, among other things.

Best Institutions for Graphic Design Course:

  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
  • NIFT Navi Mumbai - National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • NIFT Delhi - National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID), Pune
  • United world Institute of Design (UID), Gandhinagar
  • Industrial Design Centre (IDC IIT BOMBAY), Mumbai
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kannur

Career Options After Graphic Designing:

Following your completion of your Graphic Designing Course, you can pursue a career in one of the following fields.

  • Web Designer
  • Photo Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Publications Designer
  • Video & Film Editor
  • Graphic Design Instructor
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Art Designer
  • Architecture & Engineering Drafter
  • Flash Animator
  • Layout Designer
  • UI Designer

The following companies require graphic Designers, and you can work for any of them.

  • Advertising agencies
  • Web Design Studios
  • E-learning companies
  • TV & Multimedia production houses
  • Graphic design studios
  • Website development studios

Job Profile of Graphic Designer:

Nowadays, graphic design is a long-coveted career. There are numerous work opportunities available.

some of the most popular job profiles and descriptions are mentioned below:

Graphic Designer:

  • The graphic designer interacts with the client, considers their needs, visualizes the concept, and then creates a design that effectively communicates the client's message while still satisfying the aesthetic and informative demands of the audience/consumer.

Multimedia Artist:

  • After learning about a client's needs, a multimedia designer creates engaging videos, images, and sound. They work in the fields of web design, advertisement, marketing, television, and film. It's a hybrid of high-tech and fine arts.

Art Director:

  • The art director is in charge of a group of artists and their work. They set the timetable and vision for the project. Their role is to ensure that a creative director's concept is properly represented. They look over and approve the work of the artists they supervise.

Product/Industrial Designer:

  • Their task is to design the product and its packaging around the product's philosophy and purpose. They also track rival products and designs to ensure that their product does not fall behind in the market.

Film/Video Editor:

  • Their task is to edit all of the multimedia shots to give the audience a complete experience. They work for the client after learning about their needs. They can make a series of shots appear to be one continuous operation. To enhance the visual experience, they create the desired feel and eliminate all unnecessary gibberish.

Motion Graphic Designer:

  • They use different technologies to create 2d and 3d animated motion pictures or text. They create immersive graphics and conceptualize storyboards. They work in ads, subtitles, and advertisements, among other things.

Layout Designer:

  • The layout designer collaborates closely with the web designers to ensure that the website is visually pleasing. They are experts in the layout of a website as well as the color palette. They work hard to create a user-friendly interface that flows easily. They write for publications such as magazines, journals, studies, and websites.

Web Developer:

  • A web designer is in charge of a website's design, coding, and programming. They comprehend the client's requirements and create a user-friendly website for a company. To be a successful web developer, they must know about web design and programming.

Graphic Designer Salary:

The average salary for a Graphic Designer in India is about Rs.2.5 lacs per year. You can get a high-paying job if you have strong experience and creative skills in Dreamweaver and Adobe After Effects.

A graphic designer's average annual salary in the United States is about $40,000. Graphic designers who are more talented and innovative would be able to earn more money in this area.

Is Graphic Design a good career?

Graphic design is useful in a variety of situations. Most companies will benefit from a great graphic designer's expertise, and since the majority of the work is done digitally, remote options are plentiful.

That means you aren't restricted to working in specific locations and can even earn a good living from home.

Scope of Graphic Designing in India and Abroad:

Graphic Designers are in high demand, thanks to the world's rapid digitalization and the ever-expanding internet. Almost all fields, including publishing houses, advertising companies, marketing firms, or brand marketing firms, need a graphic design graduate's assistance to succeed in their profession.

Your pay scale may be swoon-worthy if you're a highly-skilled specialist with a fresh mind full of ideas. Fresh and creative graphic design graduates are in high demand, and one may also work as a freelancer.

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