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FDP Certificate - Check Course, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Career & Institutes 2024

Update on 18 May, 2024


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FDP Certificate - Check Course, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Career & Institutes 2024-here

FDP Certificate Course: The Faculty Development program helps in enhancing the pedagogical knowledge and skills of the teachers in the field of Technical and Management Education so that they can adopt more advanced ways of teaching and keep themselves upgraded with the latest technological developments. The FDP(Faculty Development Program) Certificate is awarded to those candidates who have successfully completed this training course and have learned the new techniques of teaching methodology.

The All India Council of Technical Education conducts the online Faculty Development Program to upgrade the concepts and communication abilities of the teachers who are employed in the Departments of Engineering, Management, and allied fields in the different colleges of India.

Highlights of FDP Certificate Course

Name of the Course Faculty Development Program (FDP)
Duration of the Course Minimum duration - 1-week maximum duration- 4 months
Mode of the Course Regular/Online
Eligibility for the Course Minimum 2 years of teaching experience postgraduate
Regular FDP Course Details Conducted by top colleges Direct admission
Online FDP Course Details Conducted by AICTE under NPTELDuration - 2 weeks
Career opportunities after FDP Course Professors/Lecturers/Business professionals, Research Associates

Overview of FDP Certificate:

The Online FDP Certificate is provided by the National Program of Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) for the career advancement of faculty members. There are a total of 141 courses for Faculty Development that are offered by NPTEL, and this helps to upgrade the knowledge of the faculty members who are employed with the various Engineering and Management colleges.

The Faculty Development program is also conducted as a full-time course offered by the top Management and Technical colleges in India. The course duration for FDP for regular candidates will be between 1 week to 4 months depending upon the modules of the course.

The FDP Certificate program includes the latest techniques of education policy, management skills, communication abilities, and the technological environment that is conducive to a competitive teaching platform.

The Faculty Development Program can be taken by the teaching staff of the colleges employed in  Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Hotel Management, Applied Arts, and Town Planning.

The main benefit of the FDP online training is that it can be taken from anywhere across the country. There are various phases and time limits of the FDP Certificate course and it may vary from a few weeks to a few months. Besides enhancing the technical skills of the candidates, the objective of the FDP Certificate is to empower the faculty members on moral values, attitudes, and improvement of behavior.

FDP Course Duration and Eligibility:

Given below are the eligibility criteria for the FDP program:

  • Candidates who want to enroll in the FDP course should have a postgraduate degree in the relevant discipline.
  • Candidates must have a teaching experience of 2 years.
  • Besides teaching experience, the candidate must have research papers and publications to his/her credit.
  • The age limit of the candidate must not exceed 45 years.
  • The FDP candidates are selected on a first come first serve basis.

FDP Course Duration:

Online FDP course duration

  • The FDP course duration on the online platform will be a period of 2 weeks. Candidates who have enrolled for the FDP course approved by NPTEL can start the course within 6 months of receiving their offer letter.
  • The course module will consist of weekly assignments apart from an exam conducted on the completion of the course.
  • The FDP course duration and the online platform helps many aspiring candidates to enroll for this course from anywhere thus reducing the traveling constraints.
  • The FDP Certificate is awarded to the candidates jointly by AICTE-NPTEL on the successful completion of the training program.

Full-time FDP Course Duration

The FDP course duration for the full-time course will be a few weeks to a few months depending upon the Institute offering the course. The FDP course is offered by the top colleges of India to improve the teaching standards of the faculty members.

Let us see the FDP course duration offered by the top colleges in India:


Name of the colleges

Duration of FDP course


Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

4 months


Indian Institute of Management, Indore

5 weeks


Indian Institute of Management, Vellore

2 weeks


Indian Institute of Management, Trichy

1 week


Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

1 week

FDP Course Fees:

  • The FDP course fees for the top colleges offering the course vary between INR 12,000 to INR 2,20,000.
  • The average fees for the FDP courses in the Engineering domain are INR 6000 to INR 70,000.
  • The average course fees for the top colleges in the Management domain vary from INR 80,000 to INR 2,20,000.

Given below are the course fees of the top Management and Technology Institutes of India:


Name of the colleges

Average course fees


Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

INR 2,18,000


Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

INR 14,000- INR 23,000


Indian Institute of Management, Trichy

INR 20,000- INR 24,000


Vellore Institute of Technology

INR 3000

FDP course fees for online training:

The AICTE offers a free online training program for the Faculty Development program of the Engineering colleges. However, candidates who register for the course have to pay an application fee of INR 650. The course fee for the NTPEL-approved FDP course is free as compared to the high fees charged by the top institutes of the country.

The FDP online courses offered by the AICTE are available on the Swayam platform and can be taken by candidates from any corner of the country.

Admission Criteria for FDP Course:

  • The admission of the candidates to the Faculty Development Program depends upon their work experience.
  • The applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria can apply for the FDP training course.
  • The colleges offering the FDP course will review the applications of the candidates and select the most deserving candidates for the training.
  • Aspirants shortlisted for the FDP training have to undergo a physical interview as a part of the selection process.
  • Interested candidates for the Faculty Development Program can apply directly to the website of the respective college to which they want to take admission.

Scope of FDP Certificate:

The candidates who enroll in the Faculty Development Program have very promising professional prospects. Candidates with an FDP Certificate have lucrative job opportunities in the field of teaching as well as in the service domain. The scope of the  FDP Certificate is that it adorns the CV of the individual with added skills to give his/her career the necessary boost.

Given below is the scope of the FDP Certificate course:

  • Candidates with the FDP Certificate can apply as Professors in renowned Institutes.
  • They can also enroll in higher studies like M.Phil or Ph.D. programs in their respective domain areas.
  • The scope of the FDP Certificate is that the candidates can apply for jobs in reputed Government and Private Institutes.
  • The FDP Certified candidates also become eligible for high Management positions in reputed Institutes.
  • The candidates also get promotions and salary hikes in their respective fields.

Job fields and Areas after FDP Certificate:

Candidates who get the FDP Certificate after completing the course become eligible for good career opportunities. The FDP Certificate program is aimed to improve the skills of the teachers in Higher Education Institutions. The features of FDP make it appropriate to introduce an advanced methodology of teaching for the students studying in Engineering and Management colleges. This Certificate helps Faculty member to upgrade their research and pedagogical skills and enhance the quality of teaching in Higher Institutions.

An individual becomes eligible to work in varied job fields and areas after FDP Certificate:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Banking sector
  • Coaching Institutes
  • Industries
  • Research laboratories

Job Fields and Areas After FDP Certificate:

Assistant Professors-  Assistant Professors are post-graduate degree holders

whose main role is to teach the students, assist the Professors and conduct research work. They also work for the different committees of the University and act as a guide for the students. 

Associate Professors- They have a Ph.D. degree and their main job is to teach the students, conduct research work, design the curriculum and prepare the lesson plan for the courses.

Researcher- The work of the researcher is to compile the data of the research work and prepare the necessary documents. A Researcher also designs the study curriculum, teaches the students, examines reports, and improves the methods of teaching.

Post Doctoral researcher- The main job of a postdoctoral researcher is to design new protocols for research and conduct experiments accordingly. They also improve the efficiency of scientific research in Educational Institutions and train the students, fellow researchers, and laboratory staff.

Professors- The Professors have a Ph.D. degree and have specialization in a particular field. They play very important roles in the teaching Institutions. They teach the students, conduct research work, and publish research papers, journals, and books.

How is FDP Certificate beneficial for the educators?

  • The young educators get a chance to improve their ways of teaching by inculcating new methodologies which is useful for the students.
  • The course has a very short time span and gives better exposure to the teachers of Higher Education Institutions by including the latest pedagogical aspects of teaching.
  • FDP helps the Professors and Lecturers in different Institutions teach entrepreneurial values and skills to the students.
  • FDP Certificate helps in the overall professional development of the faculty in Educational Institutions teaching Management, Technology, and allied subjects.


The main objective of the Faculty Development Program (FDP) is to improve the teaching and research skills of teachers in Higher Educational Institutions. The course helps to upgrade the teachers on the latest developments in teaching pedagogies and behavioral skills. The main objective of the course is to improve the standards of teaching in Colleges and enhance the communication abilities of the faculty members.

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