Distance/Correspondence B.Sc & M.Sc Course Details

About Distance BSc & MSc Course:

The perfect study of the design, construction and the use of a computer is what defines the course of computer science. This degree focuses on comprehension of the basic principles which makes computing tools, operating systems, compilers as well as translators along with hardware of computers. Representation of data, data structures and the design of algorithms for programming languages and machine systems. Design and development of hardware, software tools to develop applications of computers. All these describe what are our main focus is. Elements of Non-computing, which determines the success of computing systems like human interface and also considered within the design and process of developments. 

Distance Bsc Course:

The Bachelors of science is an undergraduate level degree. In Science, courses are offered on several specializations after passing graduation in science stream. There are more job opportunities in this research field and non-research fields. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Distance Education teaches the core knowledge of the Branches which science holds and they are like Physics, Chemistry, Botany and many other different subjects. Now the question is which course is perfect for the further for building a career, so that students may go through with their interest, background study stream either a career based selection or they may also consult with the education department by Education connect.

They will find many Experts for selecting the course of your best Distance BSc career and educational area. Distance Education makes every student pursue this course like Computer Science, Zoology, Information Technology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Software applications. All course are affordable for every science student in a distance mode. All the students must have passed class 12th through science mode or equivalent, they will be eligible for b.Sc courses. 

Distance Msc Course:

Master of Science is a Postgraduate Academic Master Degree which you may complete through distance education which is awarded for a course or program in a subject which is scientific. Sometimes this course may also be called as M.Sc. or M.S. which will be explained in full form of Masters Degree in Science. This is a basic of two years course with four Semesters and it depends on Colleges or Universities. M.Sc may be joined in different subjects. Master of Science (M.Sc) Degree Course involves lectures, examination, and a short research period. Masters Degree in Science is provided across the country in numerous Universities or colleges. Distance Learning M.Sc courses are also one of top-level way to earn this degree by the number of Distance Education Institutes.

Difference between distance B.sc and distance M.sc Course

BSc Distance Education Courses:

B.Sc is abbreviated from Bachelor’s degree of science, this is an undergrad degree. It is a great start for all the science students who wants to have a bright career in different fields of science. It provides dedicated and detailed aspects of science through many practices and researchers as well. 

  • Duration: Duration of B.sc is of 3 years to 6 years
  • Eligibility: Students should pass 10+2
  • Distance B.Sc Fees: Fee demand will be up to the university to university 
  • Approx fees will 12 thousand per year to 20 thousand per year
Fees Approx 


12th (Science Stream)

3 years 

INR 20,000 –  INR 30,000 / YEAR

B.sc Digital Media 

12th (Science Stream)

3 years

INR15,000 –  INR 45,000/ YEAR

B.sc Economics

12th (Science Stream)

3 years

INR10,000 –  INR 20,000 / YEAR

B.sc Electronics

12th (Science Stream)

3 years

INR12,000 –  INR 35,000 / YEAR

MSc Distance Education Courses:

This is a postgraduate degree which is called the master’s degree in science. Science is having many branches summarizing this course. This is why there are many different types of degrees for science professionals also. This includes chemistry, applied physics, botany, microbiology and many others with them too. 

  • Distance M. Sc CS Fees: Fee demand upon the university to university Approx fees will 18 K/ Y to 25 K/Y
  • Duration: M.Sc courses Duration will be for 2 Years to 5 Years
  • Eligibility: for M.Sc course student Should be passed 50% at Graduation level

Fee Approximate 

M.Sc Geography 

B.Sc or Equivalent

2 Years 

INR 10,000 –  INR 20,000/ YEAR

M.Sc Information and Technology 

B.Sc or Equivalent

2 Years 

INR 20,000–  INR 45,000 / YEAR

M.Sc Mathematics

B.Sc or Equivalent

2 Years 

INR 15,000 –  INR 30,000/ YEAR

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