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Distance BSc Course - Admission, Fees, Colleges, Syllabus, Eligibility & Career Scope - College Disha 2024

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Distance BSc Course - Admission, Fees, Colleges, Syllabus, Eligibility & Career Scope - College Disha 2024-here

Details of B.Sc Distance Education:

Bachelor of Science or B.Sc is a 3-year undergraduate degree course offered by many colleges and universities across India. This course is meant for the students who want to study the science stream after completion of the Class 12 Board exams.

B.Sc Course is available in the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics mainly. Besides, there are other subjects in which a student can complete the B.Sc degree. These include Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anthropology, etc. For admission to the B.Sc courses, it is necessary that the candidate should have a Science Stream in their Class 12 Board exams.

Distance B.Sc is an undergraduate training program in the field of Science that is provided by different colleges and Universities via the correspondence mode. Students who had taken up the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology as subjects in their Class 12 Board exams can opt for this course.

Distance B.Sc Course is taken up by those students who aspire to do their graduation in Science but cannot attend a regular course due to many factors like time, money, and commuting issues. The duration of the Distance course is 3 years. However, the course duration can be extended to a period of 5 years in many of the colleges that offer the program. The training is offered online and the course materials are also available online.

Distance B.Sc Course is not only suitable for the students but also for the working professionals. There are many working professionals who cannot attend full-time graduation courses due to professional commitments or personal reasons. The distance Training programs are suitable for these candidates as they can enroll in a distance course and keep their jobs at the same time.

After completing the B.Sc in distance mode the student becomes eligible for numerous job options in the related fields. Distance B.Sc training also provides good career choices for working professionals as they can upgrade their resumes and get well-paid jobs.

Distance/Correspondence B.Sc. overview:

The distance B.Sc program is important for both students and working individuals. Let us analyze the reasons:

  • Distance training is suitable for those candidates who cannot enroll in a regular course due to several reasons like money, time, and low marks in the Board exams.
  • The course modules are comprehensive and the students can get a thorough knowledge of the subject they choose.
  • The timings of the Distance B.Sc Course are flexible and are useful for students who cannot attend regular classrooms.
  • The candidates pursuing Distance B.Sc can do higher studies by joining the postgraduate programs. A postgraduate degree will pave way for good career prospects and also make the candidate eligible for jobs as lecturers and professors.
  • Distance B.Sc from well-known colleges and Universities are UGC recognized.
  • Working professionals can take up the Distance B.Sc program and complete their graduation in the desired Science subject.

Eligibility Criteria of Distance B.Sc Course:

The Distance B.Sc eligibility has minimum requirements. The chief criteria for admission to the distance B.Sc program are the following:

  1. The Candidate should pass Class 10+2 from a recognized Board.
  2. The candidate should have a Science stream in their 10+2 Boards.
  3. The candidate should have English as a compulsory subject.

The distance B.Sc eligibility also states that candidates from any state can apply for the program.

There is relaxation for the candidates who want to join the Distance B.Sc IT course. The distance B.Sc eligibility for the candidate to the IT program includes:

  1. The candidate should pass Class 10+2 from a recognized Board.
  2. The candidate should have a Science stream in their 10+2 Boards.
  3. The candidate should get 55% in the 10+2 Board exam
  4. The candidate who has a Diploma in IT can also apply.
  5. Age is not a bar for the candidate.
  6. English is a compulsory subject in 10+2 Boards

List of Specializations of B.Sc Distance Education:

Distance B.Sc is offered in specialized science streams in various colleges. The students opting for the Distance B.Sc program can select the course of their interest. The exams for the Distance course are taken online and follow the objective pattern so that the students can take the exams from the comforts of their homes.

Let us now check a few important Distance B.Sc courses offered by the different colleges:

  • B.Sc(Hons) Botany
  • B.Sc(Hons) Zoology
  • B.Sc(Hons) Chemistry
  • B.Sc(Hons) Physics
  • B.Sc(Hons) Home Science
  • B.Sc(Hons) Geography
  • B.Sc(Hons) Mathematics
  • B.Sc(Hons) Home Science

Other important Distance B.Sc courses are:

  • B.Sc Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
  • B.Sc Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  • B.Sc Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • B.Sc Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science
  • B.Sc Mathematics, Physics, Electronics
  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • B.Sc Geology
  • B.Sc Industrial Science
  • B.Sc Applications in Computer Science
  • B.Sc Livelihood and Sustainable Development
  • B.Sc Environmental Science
  • B.SC Electronics
  • B.Sc Economics
  • B.Sc Medical Imaging

Top 13 Distance Education BSc Colleges in India:

Distance B.Sc course is the most sought-after course by the students who aspire to complete their graduation degree in Science but cannot apply for the regular courses due to several problems.

Aspiring students who want to study science can join the Distance B.Sc colleges that are UGC approved and follow a well-structured study pattern. Distance B.Sc colleges offer courses that are as good as the regular B.Sc colleges.

The course modules in distance colleges are designed by experts and the mode of learning is online which makes it easy for the student to apply for the course. The fee structure for these colleges is very reasonable. This makes it easy for students to take up the course.

Here is a list of Distance B.Sc colleges and the courses offered:

Name of the College Location Courses Offered

Amity University


  • B.Sc IT

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


  • B.Sc Programme
  • B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Management

MATS University


  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • B.Sc Biology
  • B.Sc Mathematics

Lovely Professional University


  • B.Sc IT

Calicut University


  • B.Sc Mathematics

Mysore University


  • B.Sc IT

University of Madras


  • B.Sc Mathematics
  • B.Sc Psychology

Aligarh Muslim University

Uttar Pradesh

  • B.Sc Computer Science

Netaji Subhas Open University


  • B.Sc Botany
  • B.Sc Zoology
  • B.Sc Mathematics
  • B.Sc Chemistry
  • B.Sc Physics
  • B.Sc Geography

University of Mumbai


  • B.Sc IT 

Kakatiya University


  • B.Sc Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science
  • B.Sc Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  • B.Sc Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Tamil Nadu Open University

Tamil Nadu

  • B.Sc Computer Science 
  • B.Sc Mathematics
  • B.Sc Botany
  • B.Sc Chemistry
  • B.Sc Geography

C.V Raman University


  • B.Sc Biology
  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • B.Sc Mathematics

Duration of BSc Distance Course:

Distance B.Sc is an undergraduate course that can be pursued by the students after Class 12. This course is important for students who want to pursue a career in the field of Science. Many renowned Universities and Colleges offer this course. Since this course is through the correspondence mode the students can learn it at their own pace. There is no need for students to attend physical classrooms.

The aspirant for the course should have the Science stream in Class 12. The Distance B.Sc duration is 3 years and consists of 6 semesters. However there is some relaxation in the time of the course provided by some universities and in such cases, the Distance B.Sc Duration can be extended to 4 years.

The students who have enrolled in the Distance B.Sc training course in those Universities can complete the course within a time period of 4 years.

Since the Distance B.Sc training is self-paced and online many working professionals are also taking admission to this course. 
Let us now check the syllabus for some of the most in-demand courses in the Distance B.Sc training course.

The subjects which most of the Distance B.Sc aspirants take up are:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Zoology
  • Information Technology
  • Home Science 
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Botany

Let us now check the syllabus for the above-mentioned Courses:

Subjects Topics


  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Wave optics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Quantum mechanics and Application
  • Application of Analog system
  • Electromagnetic theory
  • Solid State Physics

Information Technology

  • Computer programming
  • Programming languages
  • Analysis of Programming
  • Internet technology
  • Database management
  • Theory of electronics


  • Algebra
  • Differential Equation
  • Vectors
  • Theory of probability
  • Geometry
  • Linear Programming
  • Numerical methods
  • Mechanics


  • Allied Physics and Chemistry
  • Analysis of water chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry and its concepts
  • Thermodynamics and solutions
  • Heterocyclic compounds
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Green Chemistry


  • Invertebrates
  • Animal Physiology
  • Genetics
  • Cell Biology’
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Immunology

Home Science

  • Family Resource Management
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Human development
  • Food science
  • Meal management
  • Family clothing

Computer Science

  • Basics of computer programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Object-oriented programming
  • HTML programming
  • Linux
  • Python Programming


  • Cell Biology
  • Plant anatomy
  • Biology and diversity of seed plants
  • Ecology
  • Economic Botany
  • Plant embryology
  • Genetics

BSc Distance Course Fees in 2024:

The course fees for the distance B.Sc program are highly affordable. The Distance B.Sc course fees are much less than the regular courses. The main reason that many students opt for Distance B.Sc training is the low fee structure.

The Distance B.Sc course fees range from INR 20000 to INR 40000 per annum. This is much more affordable and low than the B.Sc courses offered by regular colleges. The low fee enables many students to enroll in the Distance B.Sc training course easily.

The low fee amount is also suitable for the working professionals who have to rely on their salaries for paying the Distance B.Sc course fees.

Below are some of the popular colleges offering distance B.Sc training and their course fees:

Name of the College Course Fees
Amity University INR 1,13,300
IGNOU INR 12,600
MATS University INR 32,700
Lovely Professional University INR 8,900 per semester
Calicut University INR 18, 650
Mysore University INR 66,000 (Ist Year)
University of Madras INR 10,000- INR 37000
University of Mumbai INR 18,575
Netaji Subhas INR 14,500
Aligarh Muslim University INR 28,875
Kakatiya University INR 23,600
C V Raman University INR 55,500
Tamil Nadu Open University INR 52,380

From the above table, we can get an idea about the Distance B.Sc Course fees for the different colleges. The findings indicate that the fee structure for most of the colleges offering the correspondence B.Sc program is affordable and much less than most of the regular courses.

Career and Scope After Distance Learning Courses in Science:

The range of career opportunities for Distance B.Sc students is enormous. The Distance B.Sc training program helps the student to understand the logic behind the different laws of nature. A B.Sc student learns several theories in science and their applications.

A Distance B.Sc course helps the student to grasp the different laws of science and understand the reason behind the formulation of those laws.

Let us now discuss the Career and scope of the Distance B.Sc in detail:

  • Distance B.Sc training is available in various domains. The Distance B.Sc course is available in different subjects like Physics, Maths, Botany, Environmental Science, Information Technology, etc. The vast range of the courses offered allows the student to select an area of their choice and pursue the distance graduation course in the chosen field.
  • After Completion of the Distance B.Sc, the student can go for higher studies and enroll in the postgraduate program. This will help the student to gain specialization in a particular field and open up several well-paid job opportunities.
  • A student of Distance B.Sc can complete the post-graduation and enroll in the Ph.D. Program. After completion of a Ph.D., the candidate will get the job of lecturer or Professor in renowned colleges and Universities.
  • The career and Scope of Distance B.Sc candidates are vast. The Distance B.Sc graduate student can also pursue B.Ed from a recognized University. The student who is equipped with a B.Sc, B.Ed degree will get a job as a Science teacher in Educational Institutions.
  • Students after completion of the Distance B.Sc can also venture into different fields like journalism, Computer technology, hotel management, hospitality, healthcare sectors, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Students can also apply for management degrees after completing graduation in Distance B.Sc. and many candidates who have completed the Distance Course successfully apply for the MBA training. Management courses are of utmost importance nowadays as companies always prefer employees with an MBA degree.
  • Online Technical Certificate courses add to the Career and scope of Distance B.Sc graduates. Students can enroll in courses like Big data, Tableau, Python, Java, and .Net. These short-term courses add new skills and expertise to the resume of the candidates and make them eligible for jobs as data scientists or data analysts in various organizations.
  • Career and Scope of Distance B.Sc in present in both Government and Private Sectors. The students can prepare for the Civil Services Examinations like IAS, IFS, and IPS. He or she can also apply for jobs in PSU and Banks.
  • The candidates can also join Private Organizations that are working on several research-based projects.

Below are some of the job profiles of the Distance B.Sc training course:

  • Research assistants
  • Wildlife enthusiast
  • Healthcare Official
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Biological Technician
  • Pharmacologist
  • Software developer
  • Computer analyst 
  • Biochemist
  • Anthropologist
  • Mycologist
  • Toxicologist
  • Bacteriologist
  • Virologist
  • Radiologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Teacher
  • Forensic researcher
  • Project Assistant 
  • Clinical Assistant

After Distance B.Sc Course:

Distance B.Sc is a very popular undergraduate course among students who are interested in pursuing the field of science. Distance B.Sc is opted for by the students who cannot join the regular B.Sc course. It is an online training course where the students can attend virtual classes and the course materials are also available online.

Regular doubt clearing sessions by the experts make the course one of the most wanted courses by the students. There are contact classes at regular intervals and the students can also submit their assignments online. After the Distance B.Sc Course, the candidate can either join the post-graduate program to complete higher studies or apply for jobs in various streams.

Distance B.Sc is also beneficial for working professionals. The working professionals can retain their jobs and join the Distance B.Sc course at the same time. There is no need for working individuals to leave their jobs as they can take the course from the comforts of their homes.

After the Distance B.Sc course, the working individuals can upgrade their resume with added skills and expertise. This will help them get promotions in the company that they are working for and also become eligible for other well-paid jobs in established organizations.

Distance B.Sc is very affordable and costs much less than regular B.Sc training. Students and working professionals who find the regular B.Sc courses expensive can apply for Distance B.Sc. 

Career opportunities increase manifold after the Distance B.Sc course and the candidates can apply for lucrative jobs in both Private and Government Sectors.


Distance courses have gained enormous popularity in recent times as the most accessible and affordable mode of education. Digital transformation and the advent of several online platforms have made Distance Education the most sought-after model of training among students as well as working individuals. Distance training course in B.Sc helps the aspirants to complete the undergraduate program in Science from their desired University at their convenient time and pace.

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