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Hotel Management Course: Diploma in  Hotel Management course is a course program that is solely focussed upon enriching the students with professional hotel management and the other relevant substantial skills. The course pattern is inclined towards training the respective students with a significant amount of skills in the stipulated time period that can make them capable of performing well in their career as well as exploring new ventures. 

The various duties that the hotel management comprises is the managing and handling of the hotel administration, housekeeping, marketing, hospitality, etc. Therefore, the syllabus and the course pattern also revolves around the respective aspect itself. This article contains significant information regarding Diploma in hotel management courses, included subjects, eligibility, colleges offering the respective courses, specializations that come under such courses, placements offered by such colleges, etc. The students who often get confused about what should I do after senior secondary or secondary education can refer to these respective details in order to get an insight into choosing the right option for their career.  

Why should we choose a Diploma in Hotel Management Course?

There are various factors that have a substantial contribution towards a Diploma in Hotel management course. There are several advantages that are associated with the Diploma in Hotel Management Course. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A diploma in Hotel management course consists of the subjects and syllabus fabricated in such a way that inculcates field related skills inside the students alongside invigorates them with an understanding related to making a significant career in the respective field.
  • The hotel and hospitality have been a fast-growing sector that has the ability to provide a substantial amount of opportunities to the students inclining towards career-making in this respective field. 
  • Diploma in hotel management course syllabus is so designed that directs the students on the path of learning field-oriented skills and being trained significantly under the guidance of excellent faculties in the top colleges of the nation. 
  • The fact that the students can start being on the right track for making a career from a very young age after pursuing this course enables this course to be widely acknowledged and preferred as well. This will help them understand and get acquainted with various aspects of the field in a better manner and flourish and enhance gradually acquiring an expertise at the skills gained and knowledge learned at a  young age. 
  • Working and making a career in the Hospitality sector would leave minimal room for monotony in your life which is the major problem of most of the working sector.
  • There are various job opportunities that can enrich your career profile in order to surge its graph towards accomplishments and honor. If the student goes on to pursue a diploma course right after the 12th standard then he/she can gain substantial skill in a very less time through the designed subject for diploma in hotel management course. The short duration of courses is also one of the reasons that the students prefer such types of courses. 

What is the various specialization of courses under Diploma In Hotel Management Courses?

There are various options available for the students who are inclined towards pursuing their career in the field of hospitality. There are few specializations that come under the Diploma in  Hotel Management course offered by numerous colleges of the nation. The list of these specializations are given below:-

  • Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Front Office Operations
  • Diploma in  Hotel management
  • Diploma in Food and Catering Technology
  • Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Service
  • Diploma in Food Production

What is the Eligibility for Diploma in Hotel Management?

The eligibility criteria for the Diploma in Hotel Management course for most of the colleges is that the respective candidate is required to have pursued their senior secondary education( class 12th) from a recognised board or university with an aggregate mark of around 50% (may vary as per the institution). Some of the institutes also require the candidates to have studied English in their qualifying exam. The age limit for the candidates aspiring to be a part of the institutes offering diploma in hotel management course has a maximum limit of 25 years. There might be a change in the age limit criteria for most of the colleges varying from one to two years. 

Diploma in Hotel Management Course Admission:

There are various Institutes that offer a Diploma in Hotel Management and the process of admission of the students for the respective course depends upon their performance in the several entrance exams conducted for Hotel Management courses. Some of the colleges might also include criteria of personal interview along with their performance in the entrance exam in order to assess the candidate on various grounds. The students can consider the factor of substantial performance in the entrance exams as a significant gateway to the Diploma in Hotel management course.

Some of the entrance exams conducted by the various institutes for selecting students in the field of Hospitality are AIHMCT WAT, DTE HMCT, AIMA UGAT, JET Entrance Exam, BVP CET, etc. But the Diploma in Hotel Management course selection process by most of the institutes is merit-based (marks scored in the qualifying Exam). Some of the Institutes like JB Institute of Hospitality Management conducts its own entrance exam for selecting students for a diploma in hotel management, where the written test is followed by a Personal Interview round. 

Overview of the various colleges offering Diploma in Hotel Management course:

As there are diverse elements associated with the process of choosing the right college, it is extremely essential to find relevant information regarding the prominent aspects such as the eligibility, admission process, etc. of a particular college. The table given below will give significant details regarding all the information related to such aspects such as the number of colleges offering the Diploma in Hotel Management course, different specializations, average fee, average salary offered by the various recruiting companies visiting the college, syllabus, etc. 

Colleges/ University
Course Duration 
Average Fee 
Age Limit
Admission Process
Courses/ Specializations offered
Top Recruiting Companies

IHM Chennai

1.5 years

INR27,000- 53,000

25 years

The candidate is required to have cleared the senior secondary education (Class 12th) from a recognised Board/ University with an aggregate of at least 50% marks

The candidates are admitted into the institute either on the basis of their merit in the last qualifying exam + Interview Round

Diploma in bakery and Confectionery, Diploma in Front Office Operation, Diploma in Food and Beverage Service, Diploma in  Housekeeping, Diploma in  Food Production

Country Club, ITC, Cafe Coffee Day, Hyatt Regency,  Dominos, Jet Airways, Lemon Tree Hotels, etc. 

Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai

1.5 years

INR 60,000 (Approx)

Maximum up to 25 years

The candidate is required to have cleared the senior secondary education (Class 12th) from a recognised board/ University with English as a compulsory subject

The institute selects the students on the basis of the marks obtained by the students in the last qualifying exam.

Diploma in Food Production

Taj, Hilton, ITC, Hyatt, Starbucks, Mc Donald, etc. 

Diploma in hotel management Course Bangalore

1.5 years

INR 32,000

The age limit for the general and OBC category is 25 years and that for SC & ST is 28 years

The candidate is required to have cleared the senior secondary education (Class 12th) from a recognised board/ University with English as a compulsory subject

The institute selects the students on the basis of the marks obtained by the students in the last qualifying exam.

Diploma in  bakery and Confectionery and Diploma in Food production

KFC, ITC Fortune, Nestle, Taj, Hyatt, PVR, Reliance, welcome Group of Hotels, Godrej Nature’s basket, etc. 

JB Institute of Hospitality management

1 year

INR 65,000- 1.1 lakhs

18- 26 years

The candidate is required to have cleared the secondary education (Class 10th) for all the courses other than Culinary Arts and Bakery which requires senior secondary education (Class 12th) from a recognised board/ University with English as a compulsory subject

Written test + Personal Interview

Diploma in Culinary Arts and bakery, Diploma in Front Office Management, Diploma in Food and Beverage Service, Diploma in accommodation management, diploma in Hospitality Studies and Catering Technology, Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Studies 

Taj Hotel & Resort, The Leela Hotels, Crown Plaza Hotel and Resort, Radisson Blu Hotel, The Park Hotel, etc.   

NIMS, Jaipur

2 year (Diploma in Hotel Management) & 1 year (Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism

INR 84,000

25 years

The candidate is required to have cleared the senior secondary education (Class 12th) from a recognised Board/ University in any stream

Merit-Based (class 12th score)

Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism

Britannia, havells, Axis Bank, Essar, CITI bank, HONEYWELL, Birla Soft, etc.  

Diploma in Hotel Management Course Job Profile:

After pursuing a diploma in Hotel Management, the candidate has a handful of job opportunities flooding across their way. Among these opportunities are the diverse job options available for them. Every job position has its own requirement of skillset and the respective duties associated with it. Therefore, it would be helpful for a student if they become aware of the type of job opportunities that might be available for them after pursuing a  Diploma in  Hotel Management course. Getting aware of the required skillset and their respective duties will help them get an insight into each and every job type offered in the respective field. On a general basis, there are few skills that stand of utmost importance for the students who are aspiring to pursue this course. Some of them are given below:-

  • Customer service skill is one of the crucial skills that the students need to possess in order to flourish and be successful in this field. It is essential to ensure that your customer is satisfied with your service and being good on this part can bring lots of benefits in the hospitality sector. 
  • When you are dealing with a customer, this goes needless to say that there is an utter requirement of communication skill in order to manipulate to convince them. Having command on this skill can bring you varied advantages. 
  • As the customers in the hospitality sector come from different places, possessing different cultures as well, therefore, it is important for a student aspiring to make a career in the respective field to comprise cultural awareness. Being good at this skill can help you connect with customers which eventually will lead to an increased number of customers as well. 
  •  The hospitality sector is well acknowledged for its hectic schedule that the employees in this field are bound to follow therefore, it is important for you to learn to be a multitasker as it would aid you at ensuring an eligibility for diploma in hotel management course in order to flourish and enhance your career in the respective field.

The table given below will give you relevant information regarding the different types of job profiles, duties assigned in the job profile, and the skills that are required for the respective job position.

Job Profile
Respective Job
Skills Required

Front Desk Receptionist

Answer the various inquiries of the customers

Handle the phone calls and route the important call to specific people

Perform basic level clerical duties and schedule appointments and meetings

Greet warmly to the visitors and make sure to clear their queries

Well acquainted with office management and the relevant duties

Good at communicating with people 

Has a considerate cultural awareness

Possess the ability to perform multiple tasks at a time

Housekeeping manager

Maintaining and handling the housekeeping budget 

Make report and billing summaries

Supervising the housekeeping work and guiding them with work

Recruiting as well as training the newly hired housekeeping staff

Handling the daily activities and ensure problem-solving as immediate as possible

Should have an excellent managerial and leadership skill

Excellent communication

Possess basic accounting skills and good decision making skill as well

Carry a professional attitude 

Restaurant and foodservice manager

Prepare a weekly budget for the restaurant

Hire as well as train newly hired employees

Ensure the various food safety regulations to be followed

Develop the menu of the restaurant in order to attract more customers 

Ability to perform and juggle with m multiple tasks at a time

Ability to keep a check on the budget and manage it accordingly

Excellent Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skill 

Ability to give constructive criticism to the employees

Food and Beverage Manager

Maintain all the safety and cleanliness measures

Make budgeted guidelines for ensuring a good service

Supervise al the daily responsibilities with respect to the food and beverages

Have significant experience in managing food and beverage

Good communication as well as a leadership skill

Efficient at spotting as well as solving problems

Carry a professional attitude

Hotel manager

Supervise different types of works at various levels in the hotel

Manage and analyse the overall budget as well as make changes accordingly

Introduce and IMplement a good marketing strategy for promoting the services of the hotel

Allocate the responsibilities in order to get the best output

Excellent communication skill

Carry the ability to handle multiple tasks at a time

Expert at handling and solving problems

Good at decision making 

Significant leadership skill and a proper understanding of hotel guidelines and obligations


Collaborate with the kitchen management system and work accordingly

Make the dishes as ordered according to the menu

Focus on  eye-catching presentation as well as delicious taste to attract more and more customers as well as word of mouth

Ensure a clean kitchen and work in an efficient as well as safe manner

A good experience in cooking and handling the respective duties along with multitasking

An inclination towards cooking and learning the respective skills and new flavors

Ability to work for long shifts

Front Office Manager

Manage and anticipate any type of guest request and ensure customer satisfaction with an excellent service

Hiring and training all the front desk agents and ensure smooth functioning of the front desk operations

Arrange the schedules of the front office staffs and also supervise the workloads during various shifts

Excellent communication skill and hold a command in handling any type of complaints or complications

Should be good at decision making

Carry the ability to do multiple tasks at a time

Floor Supervisors

Inspect and ensure proper cleanliness in the guest areas

Monitor and analyse the performance on the establishment and the respective generated

Make a daily report on the establishments and keep a check on the respective performance

Ensure good communication with the customers

Ensures the booking and checking in of the guests

Possess good leadership quality

Excellent skill for resolving the complaint of the customers by incorporating your conflict resolution skills



Welcoming the customers and helping them with the seating. 

Delivering the drinks and beverages from the bartender as well as refilling the glasses

Assisting with the unloading of the stocks and locating it to be stored at the appropriate place 

Assisting with cleaning, closing tasks,mopping, etc. 

Must adhere to the particulars of being in the age for serving alcohols in the bars

Should have strong team working skill as well as provide good customer service. 

Possess a significant communication skill

Be, polite, friendly and patient

What is the scope of a career after Diploma in Hotel Management course?

Most of the students who aspire for flourishing in the field of Diploma in Hotel management, often get confused over finding the answer to what should I do after completing my senior secondary education (class 12th0. There are various factors associated with the course that make a substantial contribution to adding benefit to the students who are opting for the respective course. Here are some of the points given below that explains the scope of a career after Diploma in Hotel Management:- 

  • Due to varied specialization in the Hotel and Hospitality sector like Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management, Diploma in Front Office Operations, Diploma in  Hotel Management, Diploma in Food and Catering Technology, Diploma in Hotel management and Catering Technology,Diploma in Food and Beverage Service and  Diploma in food Production, there are several diverse options created for the students pursuing such courses in  numerous field.
  • The job profiles available for the students who are pursuing this course can be floor supervisors, front desk managers, etc. By learning more and more skills and flourishing in the respective sector, the students can head towards a bright future at a very young age. 
  • Hotel and Hospitality is a fast-growing sector and the chances of gaining success in this field with respect to skill learning and having a surge in career graph is significantly high. Therefore, these are the reasons that contribute to the students choosing this field in order to explore and grow simultaneously. 


The information and details present in the article will help the students to learn about the various aspects associated with a diploma in hotel management course. As the students go through a series of apprehension and confusion before choosing the right college for themselves, hopefully, the details present in this article will help them get acquainted with the relevant direction to follow and work rigorously towards making an efficient career.

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