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Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Course - Check BTh Course Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Subjects, Colleges, Admission, Career & Scope 2024

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Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Course - Check BTh Course Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Subjects, Colleges, Admission, Career & Scope 2024-here

Bachelor of Theology course (BTh) Course: Theology is the study of God, religion, and spirituality. The word Theology comes from the 2 Greek words “Theos” which means God and the word “Logos” which means word. So Theology is the knowledge of the unique attributes of God and Religion. Theology is basically a deep insight into Christianity and spreading the message of God through the teachings of the Bible.

The BTh course is the Bachelor of Theology course which is a three-year undergraduate course in various Theological disciplines. This course focuses on the life and the teachings of Jesus Christ and helps the students gain spiritual knowledge and prepare them for the Christian Ministry. A Bachelor of Theology involves the study of the Bible, the history of the church along with Christian ethics and traditions. This course also highlights the area of pastoral education and the preachings of Christianity.

The BTh graduates become efficient Christian Ministers and help in shaping the cultural and spiritual thoughts of their people by spreading the message of Christianity. Students opting for this course also learn the skills of pastoral activity and the significance of leading a simple life.

Importance of BTH Course:

The BTh course is significant for those candidates who want to learn the aspects of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The course focuses on Christian beliefs and practices in an Evangelical environment. Given below is the importance of the BTh course:

  • It teaches the importance of Christianity and the origin of the churches.
  • The course focuses on the teachings of the Bible and their significance.
  • The course lays the foundation for pastoral leadership among the students.
  • The course emphasizes hermeneutics and exegesis which is the explanation and interpretation of the Bible. It also involves the application of the Bible in different religious contexts.
  • The course is beneficial for the students who want to learn the different aspects of spirituality and the ways to lead a simple way of life. 
  • The course involves the study of nature, the divine, and their influence upon society.

Eligibility criteria of the B.Th Course 2024:

The candidates who want to enroll for the BTh course must have the following eligibility criteria:

  • Qualified Class 12th from a recognized Board.
  • Qualified Class 12th Board exams with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • Candidates who have completed the Diploma in Theology course from ATA ( Asia Theological Association) are also eligible to apply for this course.
  • Candidates must complete 22 years of age.

BTH Course Admission Form 2024:

The admission criteria of the BTh training course are on merit or on admission tests that the specific Institutes may conduct.

Given below are the Admission Criteria for the BTh course:

  • Admission to the BTH Course is based on the merit of the candidate.
  • Some Institutes also conduct their own tests that are either written or oral for admission of the candidates to the BTh course.
  • After the written admission tests, the candidates also undergo an interview process.
  • The Registration process for the BTh course is mainly online.
  • The offline Registration process for BTh Admission is also common for certain colleges.
  • The Admission process is based on the marks obtained by the candidate and also on the character Certificate of the candidate.
  • The Admission process becomes easier if the candidate also possesses a letter of recommendation.
  • Candidates applying for the Bachelor of Theology course must submit their original documents during the interview.

BTH Course Colleges:

Given below are the list of the renowned BTh course Colleges in India and their location:

Anderson Theological College, Zunheboto, Nagaland

About: Anderson Theological College belongs to Sumi Baptist Churches Association and offers the Bachelor of Theology course. This college is recognized by the Evangelical and Biblical Theological Board of India. This college is accredited by the Government of Nagaland and is approved by the Institute of Missiology (IIM).

Discipleship Bible College, Dimapur, Nagaland

About: Discipleship Bible College teaches quality Theological education and is one of the oldest colleges in Nagaland. The college focuses on the growth and developmental aspects of humanity irrespective of caste and creed. Students are trained in self-help, self-support, and spiritual excellence that will help them meet their day-to-day needs. The students of this college come from different social and ethnic backgrounds and have varied career objectives.

Trivandrum Bible College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

About: Trivandrum Bible College is run by the New Life Ministries and teaches the fundamental doctrines and scriptures of missionary work. The course equips the students to learn to face the challenges and problems of life and overcome them with spiritual knowledge. This college also boasts of a well-equipped library and an advanced electronics lab.

Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, Maharashtra

About: Union Biblical Seminary specializes in Biblical studies and has experienced faculty members and a well-organized campus. Besides the Bachelor of Theology course, this college also offers Post Graduate programs in Theology and Divinity.

Berean Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Bangalore, Karnataka

About: Berean Baptist Bible College and Seminary is an Associate of the Asia Theological Association and offers both bachelor's Degree and Masters's Degree courses. The college upskills its students in Christian faith and spiritual excellence. Students learn the fundamental principles of the Christian faith and are trained as Pastors, Christian leaders, and Evangelists.

Bharat Bible College, Dabilpur, Hyderabad

About: The Bharat Bible College offers Theological and Ministry training through the various study programs that it offers. This college also trains its students in Christian Ministry and as Missionaries of the Christian church. The college has played an important role in evangelization and the establishment of churches in India.

Bethlehem Bible College, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

About: Bethlehem Bible College has a well-organized campus with excellent sports facilities for the students. The college focuses on the overall development of the students by balancing studies with extracurricular activities. This college has a good placement cell and upskills students in differential activities.

Grace Bible College, Churachandpur, Manipur

About: Grace Bible College lays emphasis on spiritual and theological learning that helps in the overall development of the student. The students learn to improve Christian culture and enhance their moral, physical and devotional growth. The college offers a peaceful environment for the all-around growth of the student.

Bethel Bible Institute, Salem, Tamil Nadu

About: The Bethel Bible Institute is a center for Theological studies and Missionary training that had originally started in Tuticorin. The college trains candidates for ministerial formation and as missionaries, pastors, and social workers. The students get overall training in pastoral ministry and evangelism.

Mission India Theological Seminary, Nagpur

About: The Mission India Theological Seminary was established by Dr. Saji K Lucos and aims to make individuals capable of spiritual and academic knowledge. The college offers theological, biblical, and contextual education.

BTH Course Duration and Fees:

The BTh course is an undergraduate course in Theology and this course is offered by different colleges all over India. The BTh course duration is of 3 years and the fee ranges from INR 10,000 to 1 Lac per annum.

The career opportunities of the Bachelor of Theological course are vast and many colleges offer placement opportunities to the students after completion of the course. Given below are some renowned colleges with their BTh course duration and fees.

Baptist Theological College, Nagaland

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 45000

Berean Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Karnataka

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 21,000

Bethel Bible Institute, Tamil Nadu

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 79,998

Maranatha Bible Training Institute, Chennai

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 7500

Grace Bible College, Manipur

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 19,200

Clark Theological College, Nagaland

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 1.79 Lac

Bharat Bible College, Telangana

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 69,000

Mission India Theological Seminary, Nagpur

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 83,100

Discipleship Bible College, Dimapur

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 29,000

Hindustan Bible Institute and College

Duration- 3 years

Course fees- INR 20,000

BTH Course Subjects:

The Bachelor of Theology is an undergraduate course having a duration of 3 years. The BTh course subjects related to Biblical studies, history of the church, Pastoral care, and Christian Education. The BTh course subjects include Theological studies and the elements of spirituality. Given below are the Theological subjects in the different colleges that offer the courses:

  1. World Religion
  2. Topics of Theology
  3. Hermeneutics
  4. Systematic Theology
  5. Spirituality
  6. Christian thoughts
  7. Apologetics
  8. Religion and philosophy
  9. Social issues

BTH Course Syllabus:

The different Institutes offering the BTh course design the syllabus in such a way that the curriculum focuses on the understanding of spirituality, philosophy, and ethics of the Christian religion.

Besides this, the BTh course syllabus also focuses on improving various skills of the students like time management, problem-solving, and interpretation of information.

Bachelor of Theology Course: 

1st Semester:

  • English I
  • OT Survey I
  • Life of Christ
  • Bible Geo and Christ
  • Personal and Child Evangelist and mission

2nd Semester:

  • English 2
  • OT Survey 2
  • Book of acts
  • Teaching methods
  • Comparative religions

3rd Semester:

  • English 3
  • OT Survey 3
  • Theology I
  • NT Survey
  • Epistles

4th Semester:

  • English 4
  • Theology 2
  • Greek Grammar
  • Sunday school and VBS
  • Prison Epistles

5th Semester:

  • Hermeneutics
  • Theology 3
  • Isiah and Jeremiah
  • Homiletics
  • Greek Grammar 2

6th Semester:

  • Theology 4
  • Greek Grammar 3
  • History of fundamental
  • Homiletics 2
  • History of Israel 2
Job Fields of BTH course:

The job fields and salaries of a Graduate in Theology are many. Those candidates who want to start a career directly in Theology can become either of the following:

  • Ministers
  • Missionaries
  • Clergy members
  • Religion professors
  • Priests
  • Teachers at religious schools
  • Youth pastors
  • Theology Instructor
  • Military Chaplain
  • Hospice Chaplain

Those individuals who do not want to start a career in the religious field also have many options open to them:

  • Social workers
  • Nonprofit workers
  • Counselors
  • Journalists
  • Historians
  • Teachers
  • Journalists
  • Ethicists
  • Healthcare worker
  • Relief worker
  • Humanitarian workers
  • Diplomats 
  • Social workers
  • NGO workers
  • Anthropologists
  • Archivist
  • Mediator
  • Youth worker
  • Police Officer
  • Civil Service Administrator
  • Counselor
Salary of BTH Course:

Hospice Chaplain

Job description- They provide spiritual and moral support to critically ill patients and those who are at the end stage of their lives. They also offer funeral services or memorial services for the family of the deceased. They also help in maintaining a record of the spiritual services that they offer and assist in the development of the services.

Salary - INR 5,31,000 per annum

Relief Worker

Job description- Relief workers work in emergency departments and handle sensitive situations. They also support the volunteers and maintain the budgets of relief operations. Relief workers implement emergency activities and analyze the effectiveness of these activities.

Salary- INR 3,00,000 per annum

Religious Teacher

Job description- These professionals inculcate healthy religious values among the students. They also deliver religious lectures in class and conduct exams to test the students.

Salary- INR 7,00,000 per annum

Military Chaplain 

They are the priests in the army who lift the morale and the spiritual sensibilities of the members. They also supervise the volunteers in the army, establish a relationship with counselors, and clergy members and take part in interdisciplinary meetings. The Military Chaplain must be a commissioned officer in the army and should complete a Graduation in Bachelor in Theology.

Salary- INR 5600 to INR 8000 per month. Military Chaplains are also entitled to allowances and other benefits.

Children Pastor

They encourage others to embrace Christianity and teach pastoral care to the young people of the church. They also train the different teams of the church to work with young people.

Salary-INR 6.5 Lac per annum

Pastoral Counsellor

They are mental health professionals who help counsel families, individuals, or couples. Pastoral counselors are experts in delivering therapies and problem-solving strategies for the emotional and psychological wellbeing of an individual. They work for religious organizations and are experts in the techniques of counseling.

Salary- INR 1,65,000 per annum

Healthcare worker

Healthcare workers help maintain the health of individuals and children. They guide people and promote better nutrition, maintenance of hygiene, and improvement of health. These workers work as per the requirements of their employers.

Salary- INR 2 Lac per annum.

Theology Instructor

A Theology Instructor is employed by Churches or nonsecular colleges and helps in the overall personality development of the student. The Theology instructors are devout members of the religious sect and they specialize in Church history, religious studies, and philosophical ideas. These Professors must have a Masters's Degree in Theology and they work for the overall development of the children. These instructors can work with other members having different religious beliefs.

Salary - INR 4,00,000 Lacs per annum

Scope of the BTH Course:

The BTh is an undergraduate degree program having a duration of 3 years. This course deals with understanding religion, the functioning of the church, and in-depth knowledge of spirituality. Candidates opting for this course also become skilled to train others on the importance of Christianity and how to lead a simple way of life.

The  Future Scope of the BTh course is numerous and Graduates in Theology become eligible for a wide range of job opportunities in different fields. A Theology student can become a Minister, Pastor, social worker, or Religious Teacher. Other than the conventional fields, the Theology Graduates can also get jobs as Journalists, Anthropologists, Police Officers, and Civil servants after gaining added skills in the relevant field.

Given below are some of the scopes of the BTh Course:

Social worker: Theologists can become social workers and fulfill their responsibilities toward society by preventing social injustice, solving social problems, and spreading the knowledge of the importance of human relationships.

Lecturers and Professors: Theology Graduates can go for higher education in relevant fields. After completing a Masters's Degree or Doctorate Program, the candidates can become Research Associates or College Professors and gain a secured job.

Pastors or Christian Ministers: As Church Pastors the main work of the Theology candidate is to assist the Church members on different occasions like Baptism, weddings, or in cases of crisis. Church Ministers and Pastors play an important role in serving Sunday sermons, planning missions, or developing programs for the youth members of the Church.

Theology Instructor: The main scope of the  Instructor is to guide and mentor others in Philosophy, religion, and concepts of Theology. They impart knowledge of Christian Traditions, and beliefs and guide individuals to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills.

Other fields: The scope of the BTh course is present in several other fields too. Candidates who have Graduated in Theology become eligible to work as healthcare professionals, founders of an NGO, Government officials, historians, Journalists, Police officers, Relief workers, and Archivists.


The BTh course teaches the diversity and spiritual aspects of the Christian religion. The design of the course helps the candidate to gain expertise in Pastoral Ministry and the importance of spirituality. Theology students who have completed the BTh course can also work as journalists, government servants, politicians, or police officers. The BTh Graduates who have completed higher studies in the relevant fields become eligible to join as Lecturers or Professors in Educational Institutions.

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