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BSc Statistics - Check Course Admission, Fees, Duration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Colleges, and Jobs 2024

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BSc Statistics - Check Course Admission, Fees, Duration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Colleges, and Jobs 2024-here

BSc Statistics Course: BSc Statistics is a 3-year Undergraduate course that deals primarily with statistics, probability, and permutations. Students who are thinking of pursuing a BSc Statistics must have completed 10+2 in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

To get admission in this course, at least a 50 percent mark from a recognized school in India is mandatory. Admission is granted based on merit and the performance of the candidates in the entrance examination conducted by various colleges throughout India. Some of the top entrances to this course include GSAT, BHU UET, IISER IAT, etc.

BSc Statistics Course: Highlights

Degree Type Bachelor's Degree
BSc Statistics Course Duration The course Tenure of b sc statistics is 3 long Years
BSc Statistics Course Age Criteria Minimum 17 years & above
Qualification for BSc Statistics Course Minimum of 50% in 10+2
Required Subject Mathematics is a mandatory subject
BSc Statistics Course Fees INR 12,000 - 1.5 L per annum
Alike Options of Study ‣ B.Sc (Economics), ‣ B.Sc (Mathematics), ‣ B.Sc + M.Sc
BSc Statistics Course Approx Salary Offered INR 6-8 L per annum
BSc Statistics Course Job Profiles ‣ Data Analyst, ‣ Data Scientist, ‣ Senior Business Analyst, ‣ Statistician, ‣ SAS Programmer, ‣ Operations Manager, ‣ Senior Software Engineer, ‣ Analytics Manager, ‣Biostatistician, ‣ Research Analyst, etc.
Placement Possibilities ‣ Tata Consultancy Services Limited, ‣ Robert Bosch, ‣ Cognizant, ‣ Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ‣ Accenture, ‣ Wipro Technologies Ltd, ‣ Fractal Analytics, ‣ Zensar, ‣ Frost and Sullivan, ‣ Sciformix, ‣Deloitte, etc.

BSc Statistics Course: Overview

Some of the top admission entrances to this course are GSAT, BHU UET, IISER IAT, etc. The annual average fees charged for studying the BSc Statistics Course range from INR 12,000 - 1,50,000.

The average fees depend on the institution, the overall grade, placements, etc. A course provides thorough knowledge of Statistics subjects such as Estimates, Probability, and Statistical Methods, Survey Sampling, Numerical Analysis, etc.

The degree holders may expect a salary range from INR 4.5-8 LPA after successfully completing BSc Statistics. A significant number of jobs are available in both the government and private sectors, such as Risk Analyst, Statistician, Actuary Director, Research Professional, etc.

Some of the top recruiters in the field and exploring areas such as banks, financial institutions, R&D companies, etc, Federal Bank, Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Deloitte, HDFC Bank, Google, etc.

Even candidates may choose to study M.Sc. and achieve a higher degree in Statistics and M.Sc Actuarial Science as well  However, students are also exposed to numerous study opportunities after successfully completing this course. A Lot of candidates like to visit foreign nations for research purposes.

Basic Points of BSc Statistics Course

  • BSc Statistics also known as BSc Statistics Course is an undergraduate science-Statistics course.
  • Statistics is the field of study, research, and analysis of the collection, organization, interpretation, and representation of data.

The enlisted are some of the top BSc Statistics colleges which provide the course:

  1. St. Xaviers College, Kolkata
  2. Christ University, Bangalore
  3. University of Delhi, Delhi
  4. Bareilly College, Bareilly

Banasthali University, Jaipur

  • The course provides a worthy candidate for several job opportunities.
  • One of the fields that may be of interest to a student is mathematical statistics, which is concerned with the subject's theoretical basis.
  • The eligibility criteria for the course is to complete the former education of the (10+2) Secondary and Higher Secondary with at least 50 percent marks.
  • Data collection preparation is an important part of the course, too.
  • It teaches competencies such as survey design and experiments.
  • The key emphasis of the BSc Courses in which the study Statistics is to teach permutations, probability, and, of course, statistics to the students.
  • The course is favorable for those aspirants who have sound logical reasoning skills & can apply theory to a wide area of situations.

The enlisted are some of the areas which were included in the BSc Statistics syllabus:

  1. Descriptive Statistics I
  2. Probability Theory
  3. Descriptive Statistics
  4. Probability Distribution
  • Bachelor of Science or BSc Statistics delivers a sound knowledge of programming & documentation skills.
  • The course introduces the successful applicant to many Governments and research positions. 
  • The eligibility criteria for the course are for the corresponding subjects to complete the (10+2) secondary and higher secondary with at least 50 percent.

BSc Statistics Course Details

Here are some of the references to help you understand what the BSc Statistics Course is all about:

  • BSc Statistics Course is an Undergraduate course that helps students to understand, learn, and use statistical and mathematical skills to make a good career.
  • The course involves seminars, instruction on flying and simulation, tasks, etc. aimed at providing classroom, and even practical training.
  • BSc Statistics Course illustrates the fields of probability and predictive methods, evaluation of surveys, numerical analysis, etc.
  • This course plays an important role in getting into the fields of risk evaluation and management.
  • Computer science and mathematics are the two most important aspects of the curriculum of the BSc Statistics course.

Scope of BSc Statistics Course

  • BSc Statistics opens up a variety of career opportunities in the banking sector, which can be highly lucrative.
  • The successful candidate can work on issues such as market inflation and control of the same with the government and directly with the economy. It comes as no surprise this can be quite an exciting line of work.
  • With this degree, there are also more job opportunities.

Several of the BSc Statistics job opportunities are listed below:

  1. Market Research expert - Statistics
  2. Subject Matter Expert - Statistics
  3. Assistant Professor - Statistics
  4. Content Writer - Statistics
  5. Trainer - Statistics
  • The government continually needs updated data on things such as the population of humans & animals, biodiversity reports, etc. It is this line of work that happens to be the most likable for a BSc in Statistics degree holder.
  • A BSc Statistics graduate is an essential lead to a master's & a Doctorate in the same field of education.

Advantages of Studying Bachelor of Science in Statistics

There are several benefits to pursuing a BSc Statistics Course, some of which are listed below:

  • The students will acquire relevant skills such as data interpretation, pattern detection, inference deduction, etc.
  • BSc Statistics Course is the right path for improving individual problem-solving skills
  • This course makes the students use rational forms to formulate hypotheses and apply the same to solve job-sector problems.

Students can explore numerous job roles in industries such as:

  • Banks,
  • Financial institutions,
  • R&D companies, etc.
  • Pursuing BSc Statistics makes an applicant qualify for an average salary which may be between INR 6 and 8 LPA.

Some of this field's top recruiters are:

  • Federal Bank,
  • Cognizant,
  • IBM,
  • UBS,
  • L&T,
  • Infosys,
  • Wipro,
  • Deloitte,
  • Future First,
  • HDFC Bank,
  • Google and so on.

Advanced Courses for BSc Statistics

  • M.Sc Actuarial Science
  • M.Sc Library and Information Sciences
  • M.Sc Quantitative Economics
  • MCA Course
  • Masters in Maths
  • Masters in Statistics
  • MBA Program
  • P.G. Diploma in Statistical Methods with Applications
  • Specialist Development Program in SQC
  • JRF and SRF Rules
  • Junior/Senior Research Fellowship

Eligibility Criteria for BSc Statistics

The BSc Statistics eligibility requirements that the students must meet are as follows:

  • The students must have completed Class 12 with at least 50 percent including all required subjects from a recognized school.
  • Candidates would need to apply for the course with one of the main subjects including Mathematics.
  • Some of the colleges are offering the course in a combination of more subjects such as computer science, statistics, and math.

BSc Statistics Course Entrance Exams

Some of the B.Sc Entrance Exams for statistics are:

  • GSAT: This is an annual national-level examination for admitting aspirants to various GITAM University UG and PG Science programs.
  • BHU UET: This is an admission examination for undergraduate students in various UG courses at Banaras Hindu University.
  • IISER IAT: It is managed by the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research for admission to science & research courses.
  • DSAT: It is an entrance test at the university level conducted by Dayanand Sagar University (DSU) for various courses in UG and PG.
  • SUAT: Every year Sharda University conducts this test to take admission to various UG and PG courses.

BSc Statistics Course Entrance Exams Preparations

Broadly, there are three segments in almost all the entrance exams, that are:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

The exam pattern will usually be in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with multiple answers but one will be correct.

The main subjects about which they ask questions are physics, chemistry, and mathematics, one must be careful with their 10+2 syllabus of the respective subjects.

The students have to prep on a regular basis so they can pass the entrance test.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing for the entrance exams of BSc Statistics:

  • It is mandatory for students to familiarize themselves with the subjects that will be asked in the exam, such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Aspirants can refer to the books of famous authors and practice taking more mock tests so that aspirants can get a better understanding of their preparation.
  • It is recommended that the students always concentrate on the challenging areas so that no significant subject is skipped.
  • All aspirants appearing for the entrance examination need to remain both inspired and cool. This will help them further their preparation in a more encouraging manner.

BSc Statistics Course Admission

Refer to the points below to secure a seat in the top BSc Statistics Course colleges under the DU, BHU, etc.

  • Make sure to perform well in the 12th Board exams. In Mathematics an extraordinary mark is required.
  • Stay alert and check the detailed admission procedure when the application form is being filled in.
  • Start planning for entrance exams well, if your dream college provides admission on that basis.
  • Entrance planning must be performed thoroughly and in advance, without missing any component.
  • Begin developing yourself for group conversation and personal rounds of interviews.

Keep yourself known with all the latest important dates like:

  •  Application process, 
  •  Application deadline, 
  •  Entrance exams, etc. 

BSc Statistics Course Fees

The structure of the BSc Statistics fees is quite flexible. The fees range from INR 12000 per annum to INR 1.5 Lakh per annum. This fee structure varies from one college to another college.

It is advisable for the students to go through the fee structure of the college before applying for the same. It is also noticed that the fees charged by private colleges are much more than the fees charged by public colleges.

BSc Statistics Duration

The BSc Statistics Duration is of 3 long years and this course is a full-time course. In order to impart the lessons of this course in a more systematic and effective method, the entire curriculum is bifurcated into 6 semesters that happen to be of 6 months each.

BSc Statistics Course Colleges

The enlisted tables show some of the top BSc Statistics Course Colleges across India:

Name of the Colleges City/Place Approx Total Fee (INR) Salary (INR)
Fergusson College Pune 18,025 5 LPA
St. Xavier’s College Mumbai 8,187 8 LPA
Mount Carmel College Bangalore 45,000 9 LPA
Christ University Bangalore 69,000 9 LPA
Ramnarain Ruia College Mumbai 8,450 5 LPA.
St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad 12,000 8 LPA
Chandigarh University Chandigarh 69,000 10 LPA
Lovely Professional University Chandigarh 59,200 12 LPA
NIMS University Jaipur 45,000 15 LPA
Elphinstone College Mumbai 6000 5 LPA

BSc Statistics Course Syllabus

  1. BSc Statistics Syllabus for first-year contains subjects such as Analytical Solid Geometry, Probability & Statistics, etc. While the second year will introduce subjects such as real analysis, mechanics, abstract algebra, etc.
  2. BSc Statistics subjects vary from college to college, but in almost all colleges the majority of the components of the course remain the same.

The table below is the overview of the BSc Statistics Syllabus semester-wise:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Demoivre’s theorem Differential Calculus
Equations theories, The fundamental theorem of algebra, and its consequences. Review of Differential Equations
Inequalities Review of integration and definite integrals
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Statistical Methods Index Numbers
Measures of location (or the central tendency) & dispersion Demand Analysis
Probability Theory Utility and Production Functions
Random Variables Mathematical Finance
The expectation of the random variable and its properties Time Series
5th Semester 6th Semesster
Sample Surveys Numerical Analysis
Basic sampling methods Inverse interpolation
Stratified random sampling Numerical integration
The fundamental theorem of algebra and its consequences General Linear models

BSc Statistics Course Reference Books

Enlisted are some of the BSc Statistics Course books to assist the aspirants to get a better understanding of the complex BSc Statistics Course subjects.

Name of the Books Author Name
Fundamentals of applied statistics S.c Gupta & V.K Kapoor
A Brief Course in Mathematical Statistics Elliot Tanis & Robert V. Hogg
Introduction methods of numerical analysis S.S Sastry
Theory and Analysis of Sample Survey Designs Daroga Singh and Fauran S. Chaudhary
Introduction to Statistical Theory Charles J. Stone, Paul Gerhard Hoel, and Sidney C. Port

Job and Placements After BSc Statistics Course

Jobs for BSc Statistics:

  • Market Research expert - Statistics
  • Subject Matter Expert - Statistics
  • Assistant Professor - Statistics
  • Content Writer - Statistics
  • Trainer - Statistics
  • Analysis and Statistics Manager
  • Online Statistics Tutor
  • Consultant - Statistics
  • Actuary Manager - M.Sc. Statistics
  • Assistant Manager of Human Resource
  • Assistant Manager - Research and Marketing
  • Credit Risk Strategist

Employment Venues for BSc Statistics

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Banking Sector
  • Transportation Sector
  • Government Jobs (state or central)

BSc Statistics Course Salary Jobs and Career Options

BSc Statistics Course graduates are able to obtain good placements immediately after completing their studies within the same sector. There are plenty of BSc Statistics Course Jobs available in both the private and government sectors.

Such fields of primary recruitment include:

  • Banks
  • Finance institutions
  • Educational institutes
  • R&D firm
  • Insurance companies
  • Trading companies

Some of the famous companies hiring BSc Graduates are:

  • Federal bank
  • Cognizant
  • IBM
  • UBS
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Deloitte
  • HDFC Bank
  • Google

The table below shows some of the BSc Statistics Course employments that can be considered by the BSc Statistics Course graduates, along with the Approx Salary Scale:

Profiles Job Roles
Financial Analyst They work within a company's accounts department and their function includes the planning, management, and review of accounting information.
Data Analyst They are responsible for gathering all sorts of data for an organization and storing, validating, converting, and displaying the data gathered in a more presentable way.
Financial Accountant They guarantee that accounting and financial processes are carried out in the correct manner.
Analyst-Broking They provide stockbrokers, fund managers, stock market traders, etc. with valuable knowledge.
Credit Control Executive Such experts determine the qualifying ability of a borrower for a loan and even look after current customers' debts.


Dear Students, here in this blog we have tried to provide you with all the details regarding the BSc Statistics course and we really wish that this information would help you in deciding your career path and you will be able to take the right and the calculated decision of your life.

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