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Biochemical Engineering Course

Update on 18 Jul, 2024


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Biochemical Engineering Course-here

Biochemical Engineering Course

B.Tech Biochemical engineering course is a graduation course. Biochemical engineering is composed of biological engineering and chemical engineering. So, in this branch of engineering we will study the development of different organic components like biofuel, food , pharmaceuticals, etc using the biological organisms and processes.

After this course, you can either apply for a job or for a Post-graduation course. The main post graduation course after B.Tech Biochemical Engineering course is M.Tech Biochemical Engineering course. In this course, you will learn all the concepts in detail which you have studied in the graduation course.

Biochemical engineering is made up of chemical engineering. So, you will also learn the principles of energy and mass transfer and various inorganic processes. You can also make your career in chemical engineering. Industries which are related to biological engineering are pharmaceutical industry, food technology, biofuel, etc. These are some best industries for a Biochemical engineering graduate to make his career.

The Course is recently become popular because of the high demand of professionals in the related fields. Pharmaceuticals, biofuels, food technology, biotechnology, etc are sectors which require such professionals who have good knowledge of the subject. And provide them with a good salary package and career opportunities.

How to Take Admission in B.Tech Biochemical Engineering course?

B.Tech Biochemical engineering course is provided by various colleges. The admission procedure is different for different institutions. Some institutions take admission on the basis of your marks in an entrance exam. While some of them conduct their own entrance exam. So, you can take admission in a college according to your suitable admission procedure.

Direct admission: In direct admission, It is not necessary to qualify an entrance exam. The college only takes admission according to the minimum eligibility criteria. Most private colleges arrange direct admission. The fees structure through such admission procedure is generally high.

Entrance Exam: Another way to take admission in B.Tech Biochemical Engineering course is through cracking an entrance exam. These entrance exams are held every year and conducted by universities and government bodies.

Some of the popular Entrance examinations are as follow:

  • JEE Mains
  • JEE Advance

Eligibility, Duration and Fees Structure in B.Tech Biochemical Course

You can only take admission into this course if you fulfill the Eligibility for B.Tech Biochemical engineering. Eligibility criteria are the minimum requirement you need to meet to take admission into a course in a particular institution. These requirements are generally set by the regulating university.

The eligibility criteria for B.Tech Biochemical Engineering course are as follow:

  1. You should get at least 60% marks in your 10+2 from an institution affiliated from a recognized board.
  2. You should choose Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in your 12th standard as the main subject and English is a compulsory subject.
  3. For lateral entry, the candidate should have completed their diploma in the related stream.

B.Tech Biochemical engineering course duration is 4 years. Every year consists of 2 semesters which means 8 semesters in B.Tech Biochemical Engineering course. The duration of this course for diploma holders is only 3 years because they are directly promoted to the second year. In the first year, students usually study the same subjects.

B.Tech Biochemical Engineering Course syllabus

The syllabus of biochemical engineering contains subjects which are related to biomedical and biotechnology. It is not necessary that every college has the same syllabus. However, the core subjects remain the same but other subjects may be different.

The syllabus given here is just to give you an idea about the biochemical subjects:

1st Year 2nd Year
Professional Communication Biomedical instrumentation
Engineering Physics Biomechanics
Engineering Chemistry Basic Medical Instrumentation
Engineering Mathematics – 1 Artificial Organs
Environmental Studies Biomedical Signal Processing
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Clinical Engineering
Technical Communication Bio-MEMS
Engineering Mathematics – 2 Biomaterials and Components
Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering Anatomy and Physiology
Fundamentals of Computer Biomedical Image Processing
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Bio Transducers and Electrodes
Engineering Drawing Biochemistry and Biophysics
3rd Year 4th Year
Medical Physics Computers in Medicine
Telemedicine Probability and Statistics
Digital Signal Processing Artificial Neural Networks
Health Technology Management Medical Informatics
Control Systems in Medicine Tissue Engineering
Pattern Recognition Psychology and Sociology
Medical Imaging Techniques Numerical Methods
Microcontrollers in Medical Applications Rehabilitation Engineering
Management – 3 Laser in Fibre Optics in Medicine
Management – 4 Physiological System Modeling
Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Speech Signal Processing Major Project

Top Colleges for B.Tech Biochemical Engineering Course

This course ensures your career in different fields like pharmaceuticals, biomedical, biotechnology, etc. So it is advised to study all the subjects carefully and learn all the related techniques. So that you can make your future bright.

College plays an important role in education. The faculty of a college is responsible for teaching the subject. If a subject is not taught properly, you may miss some important concepts. This will trouble you in your career. So, it is very important to choose the right college which teaches you all the subjects properly.

Another factor you should consider while choosing the college is the fees structure. Private engineering colleges are very expensive and they don’t assure the placement. It is better to choose a college which give you good knowledge of the subject and placement in affordable fees.

College Name Fees Structure
K P Group of Institutions, Agra 3,31,000 Rs for 4 years
Swami Vivekanand subharti University, Meerut 3,15,600 Rs for 4 years
IIMT University, Meerut 4,03000 Rs for 4 years
Naraina Group of Institutions, Kanpur 3,04,000 Rs for 4 years
College of Engineering Science and Technology, Lucknow 3,54,000 Rs for 4 years
G L Bajaj Group of Institutions, Mathura 3,34,000 Rs for 4 years
Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology, Lucknow 3,56,836 Rs for 4 years
Integral University, Lucknow 6,00,000 Rs for 4 years
Sunder Deep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad 3,84,000 Rs for 4 years
Galgotia University, Greater-Noida 5,32,412 Rs for 4 years

Career and Scope of B.Tech Biochemical Engineering Course

As B.Tech Biochemical Engineering course is related to different branches so it has career opportunities in different fields. A graduate of Biochemical engineering can apply for Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Biomedical, etc. So, this sector has great employment options.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical industry is related to the production of medicines. It requires knowledge of chemistry and biology. Generally the subjects you study in Biochemical engineering are similar to those of B.pharma. Because of this reason, after the B.Tech biochemical engineering, you can make your career in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology is the branch of science in which we study the production and processing of various products using the biological organisms and processes. The application of Biotechnology is in different fields like agriculture, environment, medicine and industry, etc. The principles of biochemical engineering are also related to biotechnology. So, a disciple of biochemical or biotechnology can make his career in any of the fields.
  • Biomedical: Biomedical uses the principle of biology and medicine to solve the problems related to health like diagnosis, therapy, treatment, etc. This field also involves the design and working of various equipment required in this field. Recently, the demand for professionals in this field has increased. So, this field has great career opportunities.

A biochemical professional can find a job opportunity in various private and government sectors. He is eligible for different job roles

  • Chemical Administrator
  • Process Engineer
  • Research Analyst
  • Technical Consultant
  • Biochemical Professor
  • Environmental Manager
  • Project Engineer

Salary Package After BTech Biochemical Engineering Course

Biochemical engineering is a field related to the biological and chemical process. So, the importance of practicals has increased. A student should have both theoretical and practical knowledge.

This sector is an emerging sector. It has great job opportunities in this field. Also, biochemical companies provide good salary packages. However, it is not necessary that everyone gets the same salary package.

A student who has a good understanding of the subject and required skill set will definitely get a good salary package. Because this field is more concerned about practical knowledge. Also, he will easily get a promotion.

Some Top Recruiters for Biochemical Engineer are as follow:

Company Name Annual Salary
Piramal healthcare 2.8 - 5.1 lakhs
Wockhardt Limited 2 - 4 lakhs
Biocon 2.6 - 4 lakhs
Bharat Serum 1.9 - 3.8 lakhs
Indian Immunologicals 2.2 - 4.9 lakhs
TransAsia Biomedicals 2.6 - 4 lakhs
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited 2.4 - 4.6 lakhs
Shantha Biotechnics Limited 2.9 - 5.2 lakhs
Novozymes 3 - 5.7 lakhs
Panacea Biotec Limited 2.5 - 4.8 lakhs

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