B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course || Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Colleges, Scope, Job & Salary
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B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course || Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Colleges, Scope, Job & Salary

05 May,2020


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B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course:

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management is an undergraduate program pursued under the commerce stream that focuses more on financial & economical management of the Tourism & Travel sector. This course duration is 3 years and is divided into 6 semesters. It can be taken up by students who have a keen desire in financial and business management studies with a specialization in tourism & travel management. 

The course ensures that the students perform well in specialized areas such as-

  • eco-tourism, 
  • finance 
  • accommodation management, 
  • revenue management, etc.

Which are essentials for a tourism & travel service company to establish themselves in the market? The tourism industry is the 3rd highest revenue-generating field in the country & hence there will be endless scopes for the graduates of this course. Job possibilities for graduates of this course are abundant in both the government sector as well as in the private sector, due to the significance of this sector in the national economy.

The B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Subjects course also prepare students for communication skills & customer-related service skills, management in the area of tourism. The curriculum is such as :

  • Principles   of   Tourism
  • Environmental  Studies
  • Financial   Accounting
  • Management   of   Travel   Agency
  • Tour   Operation   Management

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course at a GLANCE

Degree Name 

Bachelors degree


Bachelors of Commerce Tourism & Travel Management

Duration of the course

Course tenure of Bachelor of Commerce B.Com Tourism & Travel Management is 3 Years.

Age Limitations

There are no prescribed age limitations

Minimum aggregate Percentage marks

50% minimum aggregate

Subjects Required in intermediate level




Business Mathematics  /  Statistics   / Economics

Approx. Fees Incurred

INR 7K - 80K per year

Similar course Options of Study





Approx. Salary Offered

INR 4 L per annum

Employment Profiles

Travel Executive, 

Tourism Trainer,

 Travel Content Writer,

 Regional Manager, 

And among others

Placement Opportunities sectors 

Hospitality management, 

Tour management, 

Travel agencies,

 and such

With a pioneering & industry-driven curriculum, this course aims to deliver the students with:

  • analytical & policy-making skills.
  • skills of sustainable tourism management.
  • tourism-related expertise within both commercial business enterprises & the public-sector tourism industry.
  • communication skills & customer-related service skills.
  • management expertise in relation to the discipline of tourism.
  • skills in the exploration of theories & business models that comprise tourism management.
  • ability to operate effectively in the tourism & leisure industry.
  • professional know-how with the operations of travel agencies, etc.

This course in Tourism Administration is a combination of theoretical & practical components of study.

Students enrolled in this course are offered the opportunity to participate in various cultural and sports activities where they can learn to create interpersonal & communication skills relevant to tourism administration.

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management: About

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management  course has been designed to offer to eligible candidates:

  • basics in dealing with navigating the Tourism & Travel industry.
  • advanced understanding of issues related to business & resource management.
  • advanced lessons in the tourism industry and effect on the world economy.
  • understanding the political impact of tourism.
  • professional know-how with the incorporation of information technology into the hospitality industry.
  • The backdrop of how to properly manage all aspects of:
  1. Travel
  2. lodging
  3. food services
  4. Event planning.

The course aims to prepare its students for job roles such as:

  • Hotel   Manager
  • Event   Planner
  • Airline   Manager
  • Travel  Agent, and others such. 

Students are taught advanced lessons in:

  • Significance of leadership in the workplace.
  • Strategic decision making in business operations.
  • business & financial decisions those employed in the tourism industry must make.
  • The financial importance of tourism.
  • The impetus of global issues on the tourism industry
  • management of traditional & typical business programs.
  • Topics of interest such as:
  1. construction
  2. business  financing
  3. sales  management
  4. currency  exchange
  5. politics
  6. sociology
  7. economics
  8. environmental  concerns
  9. international tourism management.

B.Com Tourism & Travel management course shares noval thoughts of the travel industry on the changes faced by the management in the same industry thus provide the students with a wide range of managerial skills & competence in the field. It enables the students with various management etiquettes and ethics in the field of tourism management & ensures that all principles are followed sequentially. It also encourages students to venture into entrepreneurship and start their own tourism & travel agencies based on the management knowledge they obtain from this course.

Reasons to choose B.Com Tourism & Travel Management?

  • The tourism industry is one of the top revenue-generating industries in a country. A country's economy also takes a great leap as the revenue generated from the tourism industry helps in improving the country's cross-cultural development & hence the economical status of a country.
  •  India has a vast scope in tourism & travel and so far has managed to generate crores of revenue from tourism.

Students who are wanting to explore and manage a proper tourism organization can opt for this course. Every nation and all the states in those countries focus on their tourism ministries as tourism helps in the economic growth of the nations, So there is always a steady leap in job opportunities in the industry. Also, many subjects that are pursued during this course provides greater insights into opportunities. 

The Job scopes for this course are always higher and abundant, owing to the fact the tourism is indeed expanding. With experience in the job, graduates can earn around INR 12 L per annum & as an executive will manage-

  •  transportation & hotel accommodations, 
  • research, and book flights, and 
  • provide travelers with directions & destination information.

Some of the known B.Com Tourism & Travel Management scopes include:

  • Travel Executive
  • Tourism  Trainer
  • Travel  Content  Writer
  • Travel  Sales  Consultant
  • Executive  Assistant

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course Eligibility:

The minimum eligibility criteria to get admission in B.Com Tourism & Travel Management course is 50% in 10+2 exams from a recognized board, most preferably commerce stream students.

However, due to recent expansions in the sector, this course is also open to even science and humanities stream students. They must have a valid score & must fulfill the cut-off conditions required by the college. For some private universities, candidates are required to appear in the entrance examinations conducted by the examinations body of the university and secure good ranks.

Eligibility for B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course:

Enlisted are the minimum criteria of eligibility that interested candidates need to fulfill in order to apply for this course.

  • 10+2 completed in any stream from a recognized educational Board.
  • A minimum aggregate marks of 50% (45% for SC/ST/OBC candidates) at the 10+2 level.
  • Good communication & interpersonal skills.

B.Com Tourism and Travel Management Course Admissions:

Usually, the B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course admissions are merit-based while most institutes and colleges offering the course, admit students based on performance in a relevant entrance test, which is conducted mostly at the institutional level, followed by a round of personal interviews. 

The admission merits are decided by adding up scores of entrance examination and 10+2 scores.But some universities and colleges have their own entrance exam for admissions. A few institutes also provide direct admission to aspirants on the basis of the aggregate score at the 10+2 level in a related stream.

  • Candidates desiring admission to the program are required to fill out admission applications of the colleges they want. 
  • The candidates are required to register themselves on the official website of the college or provide the precisely filled hard copy of the registration form within the deadline date.
B.Com Travel &Tourism Management: Process of Admission

Most of the institutes and colleges offering the course admit students based on- 

  • performance in relevant entrance tests, conducted mostly at the institutional level,  which is followed by a round of personal interviews. 
  • The round of interviews is conducted to assess the candidate’s general aptitude for the course. 
  • A merit list is then released by the concerned institute for qualifying students’ admission to the course.

A few institutes also avail direct admission to candidates on the basis of the aggregate score at the 10+2 level.

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course Duration:

The B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course Duration is of 3 years and this program is divided into 6 semesters. Each academic year consists of 2 semesters. The entire syllabus of the program is bifurcated into theories and practical knowledge throughout the entire curriculum.

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course Fees:

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course fees may be different based on the university or college the student is willing to get enrolled in. Often, the course fee varies because of the materials & lecture timings provided by the university towards course completion. The approx. course fees levied by various public & private universities ranges from INR 7K - 80K per annum. 

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course Colleges & Institutes:

Some of the top B.Com Tourism & Travel Management course colleges & institutes offering in the country with the corresponding locations & fees charged by the respective colleges are listed below.






INR 25,000

Career   College


INR 20,000

C.E.T. College of Management Science & Technology


INR 40,000

C.H.M.M. College  for  Advanced   Studies


INR 13,000

Christ   University


INR 1,80,000

DAV   Centenary   College


INR 15,000

Guru   Nanak   Khalsa   College


INR 10,000



INR 9,000

Jyoti  Nivas   College


INR 90,000

University   of   Kerala


INR 9,000

University   of   Kalyani

West Bengal

INR 15,000

St. Joseph’s  College  of Commerce


INR 1,50,000



INR 20,000

Savitribai   Phule   Pune University


INR 2,700

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course Syllabus:

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management  Course Syllabus is as follows-

Semester I




Language 1


English -1


Methodology  Perspective  of  Business  Management


Financial  Accounting


Principles  of  Tourism


Indian  financial  system


Indian  financial  system

Semester 2




Language 2


English -2


Advanced finance accounting


Informatics  &  Cyber  Laws


Fundamentals  of  Tourism  Business


Retail  management


Tourism  product


Environmental  public  health

Semester 3




Language 3


English -3


Functional  Application  of  Management


Financial  Management


Tour  Operator  Organizations


Public  Relations


Quantitative  Techniques  for  Business 2


Tourism   Marketing

Semester 4




Corporate  Communication


Advanced  Corporate  Accounting


Business  Communication  &  Office Management


Banking  Theory  &  Practice


Tourism  Marketing  Personal Selling


Hospitality  Management


Cost  Accounting

Semester 5

SI. No.



Entrepreneurship  Development


Indian  Financial  Markets


International  Business


Management  of  Travel  Agency


Tour  Operation  Management


Project work


Taxation in Tourism and Travel

Semester 6

SI. No.



Business   Regulations




Applied   Costing


Management   Accounting


Tourism Development & Regulations


Project work


MICE   Tourism

B.Com Travel & Tourism Management Scope:

The job scope for pass out students of the B.Com Tourism & Travel Management course is very abundant owing to the massive growth in tourism and travel industries which consists of both business expansion & new companies. The tourism industry is one of the promising revenue-generating industries and will be always an undying industry owing to its major contribution to cross-cultural development.

There won't be any sort of job struggles in this field due to its contribution to the economic growth of a country.  There are numerous and enormous job roles in which the graduates can work on &  improve organization stability & improve marketability. The course also promotes entrepreneurship in which graduates can venture into their own Tourism & Travel companies/agencies.

The graduates of the B.Com Tourism & Travel Management course have various job opportunities that are available in different sectors that are related to-

  • Tourism management, 
  • Commutation management, and business administration.

The jobs that are famous are listed below: 

  • Travel  Executive
  • Tourism  Trainer
  • Travel  Content  Writer
  • Travel  Sales  Consultant
  • Executive  Assistant
  • Operations  Manager
B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Scope-

The Travel & Tourism sector is growing at a fast pace of development in India. The government is increasingly providing much importance to the tourism sector. Many plans & initiatives have been designed & developed by the government keeping this sector in mind, owing to its potential to not only employ numerous Indian nationals but also help generate more revenue. With a rise in the importance of this sector, the industry is going to need an increased number of qualified and eligible Tourism & Travel professionals.

The field of Tourism & Travel mainly involves:

  • management  of  tourists
  • Travel  management
  • Hospitality  management
  • tour  management etc.

Famous areas of employment open to such professionals include:

  • Airlines
  • Tourism  Boards
  • Government-run   Hotels
  • Government  Tourist  information  offices
  • Transportation  services
  • Travel  agencies
  • Travel  consultancies
  • Tour  operations
  • Travel & ticketing websites
  • Visa & travel document service firms
  • Tourist   Resorts
  • Tourist  information offices
  • Hotels,  Cruise lines,  etc.

B.Com Travel & Tourism Management Job Options:

The pass outs of the B.Com Tourism & Travel Management course have various job opportunities that are available in various sectors that are related to Tourism management, Commutation management, and business administration. 

In the public sector, graduates can find employment with Directorates & Departments of Tourism of the center & the state, while in the private sector one can secure a job in a

  • travel agency,
  • hotel, 
  • airline, 
  • transport agency, or 
  • cargo company.

The good thing about this industry is that one can always move up the career staircase fast & establish his own agency after a few years as this industry is a comparatively new one & hence lacks experienced individuals.

B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Jobs:
  • Travel  Executive
  • Tourism  Trainer
  • Travel  Content  Writer
  • Travel  Sales  Consultant
  • Executive  Assistant
  • Operations  Manager
  • Senior  Executive  Assistant
  • Travel  Consultant
  • Field  Sales  Executive
  • Content  Writer
  • Travel  Coordinator
  • Travel  Agent
  • Regional  Sales  Manager
  • Travel  Counselor
B.Com Tourism and Travel Management  Course Private Jobs:
  • Thai  Airlines
  • Travel  agencies
  • Travel  consultancies
  • Tour  operations
  • Travel & ticketing websites
  • Visa & travel document service firms
  • Tourist  Resorts
  • Hotels,   Cruise lines,   etc.
B.Com Tourism and Travel Management  Course Government Jobs:
  • Tourism  Boards
  • Indian  Airlines
  • Government  Tourist offices
  • Hospitality  management
  • State  government  travel  agencies

Tourism & Travel CAREER OPTIONS:

1)Tourism Department: Tourism & Travel department facilitates reservation, sales, marketing, & tour planning. They have dedicated travel guides & information assistants to assist tourists. Information assistants are selected through a competitive exam which is held by the Staff Selection Commission to provide information concerning destinations & plan tours.

2)Travel Agencies:  Agencies facilitate travel & other services for vacations or business purposes such as elaborate information about travel destinations, hotel ratings, the cheapest & the fastest mode of transport, visas, foreign exchange, etc.

3)Hotels: The hospitality sector requires professional individuals in all sectors for jobs related to the front office, operations, housekeeping, food and beverages, accounting, management, & public relations. Here a course in hotel management is always useful for aspirants wishing to enter into this field.

4)Airlines: This sector of the Tourism & Travel industry needs ground staff & the airlines’ staff who must be equipped with a degree in hotel management or Tourism & Travel. There are various career profiles as -

  • traffic assistants, 
  • reservation & counter staff, 
  • air hostess & flight pursuers, 
  • sales, & 
  • marketing staff.

5)Tour Operators: Tour Operators are responsible for organizing tours & managing travel & stay of their clients. They carry out tours to well-known tourist attractions & some of them also facilitate the tourists indulge in adventure sports like river rafting & rock climbing. 

6)Holiday Consultants: This is a new career option in the Tourism & Travel industry. They not only supply all the required information but also trade in providing holiday packages. The other tasks they perform are making travel plans, booking the tickets, & providing other related details to concerned parties.

7)Banks: As financial institutions act as the backbone for this industry, they need people to assist tourists & travelers on matters concerning the foreign exchange. Mostly, professionals with MBA degrees are preferred for this job. Banks also play an important job in hotel & ticket bookings for travelers.

8)Travel Executives: They manage transportation & hotel accommodations, research & book flights, & provide travelers with directions & destination information. They possess good knowledge of relevant flight regulations and required travel documentation. Travel Administrators should be-

  • exceptional organizers,
  • Communicators,
  •  multi-taskers &  
  • problem - solving.

9)Tourism Trainers:  These people work for tour & travel guide companies, visitors' bureaus, & hotels. They operate in there as -

  • Seasonal Workers, 
  • Cruise Lines, 
  • Independent Contractors, or 
  • full-time employees.

They may also lead- 

  • walking tours, 
  • national parks, 
  • driving tours or cruises through popular sites, 
  • historic neighborhoods, 
  • museums, or
  •  other regional points of interest.

10)Travel Content Writers: They earn money by selling their stories to-

  • various travel-related publications,
  • agencies, 
  • websites, & organizations.

These writers may work for different publications or companies, by -

  • submitting regular columns, 
  • writing like authors at the same publication, or 
  • writing a series of related articles.

 They also pen down about a variety of travel-themed topics, including different aspects of the-

  •  transportation & hotel industries,
  •  historical destinations, 
  • culture, 
  • ecology, 
  • profiles of different places, 
  • adventure, 
  • vacationing, and 
  • international current events.

11)Travel Consultant: He is a travel agent who has years of experience & who has also earned certification through a trade organization. Such professionals advise clients on interesting vacation destinations & attractions. They may also handle airline, hotel, and rental car bookings, & explain local customs & conditions to clients.


We have tried hard enough to provide you, aspirants, with all the relevant information regarding B.Com Tourism & Travel Management Course and we hope that this information will prove useful enough to you in deciding your career better.

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