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Artificial Intelligence Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration - AI Course 2024

Update on 22 May, 2024


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Artificial Intelligence Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration - AI Course 2024-here

This is one of the most popular courses among the top trending courses now a day. The course is necessary for different sectors ranging from the health field to security.

As the requirement is across various fields the demand for the courses is increasing for pursuing a better career and job. The courses available are less known to the people. This is due to the early growing stage of the subject. People are not yet completely aware of the kind of studies and the prospect of a job.

The AI course is offered by different colleges from different parts of the world. It is in recent years that students are recognizing Artificial Intelligence courses and are motivated to learn about the AI course.

Details of AI Course - Artificial Intelligence Course

To have a clear idea of the course and prospects it is important to know about Artificial intelligence. It is a process executed by the computer which aims to initiate human intelligence.

The procedure in which the machine or the computer will produce or work like a human brain. In other words, intelligence will be entirely similar to a human brain that will be found in the machine. The system is beneficial and expands in various sectors where human thinking is necessary.

Thinking, self-reasoning, and learning are the main part of Artificial Intelligence. As it behaves like humans, so speeches, recognition, and visual ability have also been profitable factors for machines. The development in the subject of AI is increasing day by day and hereby the upgrades in courses are non-stop.

Here the increase in demand is due to the instant and correct response by a machine. It has helped in rapid growth and helped different industries to move swiftly.

A few of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

  • Research and Data analysis.
  • AI has played a great role in research and data analysis. The formation of models and algorithms for the data is possible through Artificial courses. 
  • Automation.
  • AI helps to have better service automation in transport, consumer dealings, and also in the department of communication for businesses.
  • Working on repetitive tasks

In marketing sectors, sales, and HR-related work fields the repetitive task is for the AI or the computer. It saves the involvement of a manual that is not necessary for the tasks.

The effectiveness of AI has increased the efficiency of work and its execution in all fields as it is in use. Finally, it can complete the work with almost no errors.

It cannot be assured about human minds. Machine intelligence and learning are improving the speed and capacity of businesses.

List of Top AI Courses

  • Blockchain Course
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Course
  • Cloud Computing Course
  • DevOps Course
  • Machine Learning Course
  • Virtual Reality Course
  • Data Science Course
  • Cyber Security
  • IoT Course
  • Digital Marketing Course

These are a few pieces of information about artificial intelligence that is motivating growth and development.

So, the demand for AI learners is increasing, and AI courses are related to the requirements in the industries.

artificial intelligence course, AI Course

Artificial Intelligence Course Fees

Pursuing the Artificial intelligence course is possible as it has similar fees as other engineering courses. The artificial intelligence course fees depend on the kind of subject and the program the candidate will select for studying.

Different kinds of subjects are available and the fee structure depends on it accordingly. All colleges may not offer the same subjects or programs. So, it is important to learn properly about the courses and then look for admission.

Due to the gaining popularity, the courses are in all technology institutions. But before enrolling it is vital to properly research for future job opportunities. Technology colleges of India are offering different levels of programs and courses. Hereby after deciding on the course to pursue it is then the fee structure is important to check.

Though the fees may vary from college to college the average fee structure suggestions are below:

Levels Degree AI Course Fee structure
Certificate AI courses Certificate in artificial intelligence 22,000 to 70,000
Diploma AI courses Diploma course 45000 to 80,000
Graduate AI courses B. tech graduate 1.05 lakh to 1.6 lakhs
Post Graduate AI courses (Science) MSc 64,000 to 1.02 lakhs
Post Graduate AI courses (tech) Mtech 1.05 lakhs to 2.5

Programs for different subjects vary but a candidate must select any course depending on the kind of job expectation. Wide scopes are present but it is always necessary to select the courses on the field of interest.

Make proper research about the requirements, and if it will be the kind of study that the candidate will like to pursue. What will be the scope? As we already know that a graduate will have a greater scope compared to a certificate course pursuer.

But it does not mean that the certificate courses will have no scope. Depending on the intensity of the knowledge and skills the jobs are applicable. So, a certificate course will simply provide an idea about the studies and skills.

Elaborate and deep learning is possible in the courses of graduation and master's degree. Hereby their placements are possible in top organizations. The fee structures always depend on the provided courses by institutions. As the certificate courses are available for a short duration it requires the least fees.

The master’s and bachelor's degrees are long-term courses as per the syllabus. So, it requires a greater amount of fees to pay to the institution. AI Courses have different fee structures as per different colleges as the subjects also differ accordingly. So, do not confuse it with the Artificial Intelligence Course Fees structure.

Though, it is necessary to find the available subjects that the candidate wants to pursue and the fees in different colleges. Best faculties, study materials, and the atmosphere are also other factors apart from the fee structure that matters.

The Artificial Intelligence Course Fees for online classes are different. The subjects may also vary as per the regular classes compared to the online AI classes. Candidates who want to pursue online AI courses have to check the fees with the institution or their websites.

AI Course Subjects and the AI Course Duration

There are different certificates, diplomas, and degree courses that a student can pursue. The AI course duration for all courses is different and offered by the technical colleges of India.

The major courses that are available in Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • The Eligibility for Artificial Intelligence Course to pursue the bachelor’s degree is after 10+2. In senior secondary, the marks to qualify are 70 percent with a minimum of 60 % marks in Physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The minimum qualifying mark for mathematics is 50 %.
  • Candidates have to qualify for the National JEE entrance test, SUAT is an online test or the UPSEE from all India ranks. The duration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses varies at different levels. UG degrees are of four-year whereas a PG degree is of 2-year. However, the AI Course duration of certification courses is of 3 months to 1 year.
  • The program consists of different courses that include innovative machine learning also known as deep learning and artificial learning. The main aim of the program is to teach the students to solve problems related to robots and machines. Developing applications, and software and identifying the issues. Optimize the functions of the robot and discover innovative ideas for machine learning.

Colleges to Pursue AI in India

There are government colleges in India that provide AI courses. It is always suggested to look for government colleges in terms of education and cost. But if the rank on an Indian basis is not satisfactory then it becomes a necessity to try private colleges.

Top Trending Courses like Artificial Intelligence Courses Online on Coursera, Udemy, edX, etc are available in India. Some prestigious Universities like IIT and many other engineering colleges also provide Certificate courses too.

Among all these, Coursera AI Course and Google AI Course are commonly opted for by students and professionals just because of their limited time span and also because of their cost-effectiveness.

Both private and government colleges of engineering and technology provide the top education in ML and AI. To access to pursue a career, graduation is the basic requirement.

Certificate courses and diploma courses are also offered by the colleges both offline and online. 

To pursue the certificate and diploma course; the Artificial Intelligence Course eligibility is to major in mathematics or statistics. This will help the candidates to get job opportunities in the healthcare sector. Candidates can pursue the courses both online and offline. 

For degree courses, the candidates have to join regular classes. As no online courses are offered to regular candidates.

BTech in AI Course Duration & Syllabus

The Btech in AI course duration is a five years course with 8 terms each divided into a semester. Candidates who take interest in the programs should have a look at the syllabus.

The AI course subjects that one will learn during the years are as follows:

Term 1:

  • The beginning is with an introduction to computer science and engineering 
  • Develop the capacity of programming for problem-solving

Term 2:

  • Learn the programs and applications of python
  • Get an idea about the multimedia and animation lab

Term 3:

  • Learn to work with Database management systems
  • The main principles of computer operating systems
  • Learn to program in an advanced Java programming lab
  • Pattern recognizing

Term 4:

  • The computing cloud an introduction
  • Software Project planning and management
  • Web designs
  • Language processing
  • Retrieval 
  • Neural Networking

Term 5:

  • Computational Theory
  • Testing methodologies and the engineering for software
  • Linux Programming
  • Data Algorithms
  • Graph theory and application
  • Statistical technical’s
  • Machine learning

Term 6:

  • Compiler designing
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Android Application Development
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Software Project Management
  • Web Designing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Information Retrieval
  • Neural Networks

Term 7:

  • Web Technology
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Wireless Network
  • Mobile Computing
  • Software Testing
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Introduction to Deep Learning

Term 8:

  • Distributed System Concepts & Design
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems

MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

MSc is a post-graduate program that needs two years of duration to complete. The design structure of the artificial and machine learning course is on the advanced study of machine learning and robot programs.

Both theoretical and practical studies in the master’s course help to develop the foundation stronger. 

AI Course Duration, AI Course Subjects for M.Sc

Candidates who want to pursue MSc can easily come from the 5 years of B tech courses in AI and machine learning. Other than this the eligibility for the Artificial Intelligence Course postgraduate need to complete graduation in computer science with at least 50 percent or above in aggregate. 

Artificial Intelligence Syllabus for candidates who want to pursue MSc is as follows:

➦ 1st Semester

  • Advanced Engineering Math
  • Algorithm & Logic Design
  • Parallel Computing
  • Soft Computing
  • Language & Automata Theory
  • C Programming
  • Neural Network Lab


  • Artificial intelligence fundamentals
  • Machine learning
  • Human languages technologies
  • Distributed systems: paradigms and models

➦ 2nd Semester

  • Advanced Statistics
  • Advanced-Data Structure
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • Computer Graphics & Animation
  • Object-Oriented Programming in JAVA
  • OOP through JAVA
  • Robotics Lab

Artificial Intelligence Syllabus 2024:

  • Intelligent systems for pattern recognition
  • Smart applications
  • Computational mathematics for learning and data analysis
  • Algorithm engineering

➦ 3rd Semester

  • Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Operation Research
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Advanced-Data Structure Programming
  • Practical Machine Learning


  • Intelligent systems for pattern recognition
  • Smart applications
  • Computational mathematics for learning and data analysis
  • Algorithm engineering

➦ 4th Semester

  • Project to complete


  • Social and ethical issues in computer technology
  • Robotics
  • Semantic web
  • Cloud Computing
  • Discrete Event Simulation

Mtech AI Course Duration, AI Course Syllabus

Candidates can pursue Mtech in Artificial intelligence after graduation in B tech. The AI duration is 2 years for a Master's after the bachelor's degree from a recognized college.

The eligibility for Artificial Intelligence is 60% in aggregate in graduation in computer science and engineering or Information technology.

Candidates pursuing a bachelor's in Electronic engineering can also apply for Mtech after qualifying for entrance to LPUNEST. GATE is another entrance test on an Indian basis to study Mtech in the top colleges. 

The AI course subjects with Artificial Intelligence Syllabus are as follows:

Mtech in AI 1st Year Syllabus

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Problem Solving Methods Embedded Systems
Automated Reasoning Agent-Based Intelligence Systems
Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems Image Processing & Machine Vision
Computational Intelligence Soft Computing
AI & Artificial Neural Networks Modeling and Simulation of Digital Systems
Signal Processing AI-Based Programming Tools
- Seminar on Assigned Topics

Mtech in AI 2nd Year Syllabus

3rd Semester 4th Semester
Natural Language Processing Natural Language Processing
Speech Processing/Bio-Metric processing Speech Processing/Bio-Metric processing
Machine Learning Machine Learning
Cognitive Systems Cognitive Systems
Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction
Interface Technologies Interface Technologies
Summer Internship Summer Internship
Summer Internship Seminar Summer Internship Seminar
Project I Project II

Eligibility Criteria of AI Certificate Courses and Syllabus

Candidates with mathematics or statistics honors with a bachelor’s degree can opt for learning the PG diploma course. A student with one year of working experience in programming can also apply.

The course and syllabus contain Deep learning, learning about industrial projects and tools. Learning skills about reinforcement learning, and the application of software, are part of the 20 programming tools syllabus. Apart from it languages and libraries are also part of the course in PG diploma courses, the duration is of 1 year.

Certificate courses are available, the eligibility for the courses is the completion of 10 + 2, with PCM. The duration of the courses is 6 months or less. If you are a working person or want to pursue a course parallel to another, online class opportunities are available. This will help you in completing the course while working in a job.

Candidates seeking better job opportunities with a background in computer science can easily study the PG diploma and diploma courses. The courses are online which will help you in completing the course conveniently.

The classes are on a part-time basis, so you can easily find a few hours anywhere and join the class.

Scope of AI Course

When candidates are looking for a better scope of AI in jobs there are many in India. After the completion of their courses, different organizations and sectors will be open to including them.

But before allowing applying for the jobs it is important to learn about the opportunities.

➦ Machine learning Engineer

Wide opportunities are open for machine learning engineers in technical sectors. The main job is to design the Artificial algorithms use in complex data. The expansions of the engineers are in different IT sectors and businesses. All small and large businesses need the data sets for their faster executions. Government organizations and private also need machine learning engineers.

Due to the increasing demand for the implementation of data sets, through the proper algorithms, or computer languages. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have requirements in almost all sectors.

➦ Data Scientists

There are two main responsibilities of data scientists. They collect the data sets to design them for processing, collecting, and analysis. It is a common problem that machines with programs or suffers from various problems.

This will keep the machine non-functional if not fixed, the data scientists use their skills to build a model design showing and solving the problems.

Apart from it, the data visualization of artificial Intelligence techniques is another important skill of data scientists. They are mostly in the field of healthcare and investigation departments.

➦ Data Analyst

Ranging from the education sector to top private sectors and the government sectors need data analysts. Understand the different types of data sets and implement them as per requirement. The expert will have the ability to analyze the problems and fix the pattern with the proper development of designs.

➦ Data Architect

The responsibilities of a data analyst are to develop solutions for any issues. Discover the problems in the machines and solve them accordingly. Data architects are responsible to provide the solutions through structural and installation solutions.

Developing designs, and structures along with the maintenance of the entire database of a company are the jobs of a data architect. They can work as freelancers after gaining experience in the field. They are recruited in the HR sectors, IT sectors, and different brand businesses.

➦ Healthcare and Defense

The healthcare department needs great support from deep learning and Artificial intelligence. The Scope of AI in neurological, surgery, and psychological Healthcare related sectors is the maximum.

Apart from it, the rise of digital health care is crucially increasing the importance of AI and machine learning skills. The defense needs machine learning for the top-notch security of the country. The scope of AI in defense ranges from data architects to machine learning engineers. 

➦ Gaming and Robotics

After completion of deep learning of machines and AI the wide sector of gaming and robotics are open for the candidates. It is one of the exciting sectors that students enjoy that is related to programs, applications, and the development of human-like behavior in machines.

Robotics is necessary for surgical departments. Other sectors that need AI and Ml are the finances and banking services, marketing, and retail and e-commerce departments.

Public relations are another sector that needs AI and ML, without its response the work execution is almost impossible. As it has the capacity through the programs to develop automated responses as per the queries. Managing rush hours are the main support for the departments.

There are a few Top companies hiring Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotics professionals:

Top Company for Artificial Intelligence
Amazon Google
Cruise Automation Facebook
Microsoft NVIDIA
Universal Robots Boston Dynamics

The reason it has greater opportunities:

Prospects are not limited rather it is increasing yearly with the new programs and implementation of the data. The skills that will help in the job roles are Programmers, developers, and Engineers.

But in each criterion, it is vital to complete the Artificial Intelligence courses. Top colleges of technology provide the courses and programs.

As there is a requirement in different sectors, and there is a shortage of skilled professionals. So the scope of AI professionals is increasing which can be justified by the new skilled learners in deep machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

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