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UIDAI Exam Result 2024

UIDAI results will be announced by the NSEiT which is the Training and Certification Agency chosen by UIDAI. The UIDAI Exam Results will be announced once the UIDAI Exam is conducted successfully. 

Since this is an Internet-based test that happens in a supervised environment at various specific test centers, as soon as the candidates finish their exam, their result is automatically generated and shown by the system without any delay. The candidates get their Scorecard immediately after submitting their answers for the UIDAI Test.

UIDAI Exam Result 2024:

  • UIDAI Exam Result is announced on the official website in the form of a scorecard containing the candidate’s details, marks obtained, rank, and qualifying status.
  • Candidates have to obtain 77+ marks for the supervisor post, 61 to 76 marks for the operator post, and 19 + marks for the operator CELC post.
  • Candidates qualifying for the UIDAI Exam 2024 are considered eligible for the further recruitment process.

UIDAI Test Result:

The candidates after finishing their UIDAI Exam, not only get their scorecard but also get to know their status which means whether “Qualified or Failed”. 

The candidates get a beautifully designed certificate after “Qualifying” for the UIDAI Exam 2024. The certificate is issued by NSEiT Limited.  

There is no ceiling cap on the number of times an individual can attempt this test so he/she should try until getting passed in the UIDAI Exam and every time an individual takes a re-test, he/she has to pay a Retest fee of INR 235.41 including GST.  Getting “Qualified” in this Testing & Certification Exam conducted by NSEiT is really important for the candidates because nobody can carry out the task of Enrolment Operator/Supervisor/Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator without getting a valid certificate. 

The candidate should note that this Certificate is valid for a period of a maximum of 5 years only from the date of its issue. If any of the candidates who are already certified as an “Operator or CELC Operator” is willing to become a Supervisor, then he/she has to attempt this UIDAI Exam again with a minimum score of 77 or more out of 110 to get certified as a Supervisor.

UIDAI Exam Result 2024

UIDAI Exam- Quick Highlights

UIDAI Exam Information
UIDAI Exam Registration Form
UIDAI Exam Dates
UIDAI Exam Pattern
UIDAI Exam Syllabus
UIDAI Exam Admit Card
UIDAI Exam Answer Key

UIDAI Exam Result - Overview of UIDAI Exam

Exam Mode


Maximum Marks in UIDAI Exam 

110 Marks for Supervisor/Operator 

35 Marks for Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator (CELC Operator)

No. of Questions

110 Questions for Supervisor/Operator 

35 Questions for Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator (CELC Operator)

Duration of the Exam

110 Minutes for Supervisor/Operator 

50 Minutes for Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator (CELC Operator)

Negative Marking


It is requested from the candidates that they should save and download their scorecard on time as it acts as evidence that they have appeared in UIDAI Exam 2024.

The candidates who are eagerly waiting to appear in UIDAI Exam 2024 in the coming weeks, can check their results after finishing the UIDAI Exam.

Important Point to note after getting the Certification

  • The candidates must note that even after getting the “Supervisor Certificate/Operator Certificate/ Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator Certificate ”, they are not allowed to start the Enrolment/Staff Work without getting engaged with UIDAI’s Empanelled Enrolment Agencies (EAs).  

Details printed on the UIDAI Exam Result:

The UIDAI Exam Result of the candidate may include the below-mentioned information Candidate’s Name, Candidate’s Mother Name & Father’s Name, Candidate’s Roll No., Date of Birth, Nationality, Category to which the Candidate belongs to, Marks or Scores Obtained.   

What are the details written on the NSEIT Certificate obtained after “Qualifying” the exam?

The following details will appear on the UIDAI Certificate which the candidate can download using the

    • Name and Photograph of the Candidate
    • His/her Registration Number
    • Level of the Exam - Operator/ Supervisor/ Child Enrolment Lite Client Operator
    • UIDAI Exam Date
    • Certificate Number
    • Educational Qualification
    • Date & Place of Issue of Certificate

 The following type of questions may appear in the UIDAI Exam:




Option A

Option B

Option C

Option D



Chapter 1: Introduction to UIDAI and Aadhaar 

Who among the following had established UIDAI bypassing Aadhaar Act, 2016 

State Government 

Government of India 


Enrolment Agency 



Chapter 1: Introduction to UIDAI and Aadhaar 

When was UIDAI established as a Statutory Authority under the Ministry of Electronics and I.T.?

28th January 2009

29th September 2010 

12th September 2015

12th July 2016



Chapter 1: Introduction to UIDAI and Aadhaar 

Which organization is responsible for issuing UID?

Election Commission 

Planning Commission 





Chapter 1: Introduction to UIDAI and Aadhaar 

Why was UIDAI Created?

To provide robust technology to eliminate duplicate and fake identities 

To provide an identity that can be verified and authenticated in an easy, cost-effective way

To make another identification document 

Both 1 and 2 



Chapter 1: Introduction to UIDAI and Aadhaar 

When was the Aadhaar Enrolment/ Update Regulation 2016 published in the official gazette?

28th January 2009 

29th September 2010

12th July 2016 

12th September 2017 


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