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Tripura Board 9th Syllabus 2024

Tripura Board 9th Syllabus 2023: The Tripura Board is responsible to design and develop the syllabus and evaluate the same. The syllabus of Class 9th is shown below divided subject-wise. The TBSE 9th Syllabus is available on the official website of the Tripura Board. We have also mentioned an overview of this syllabus down below. Getting a TBSE Class 9th Syllabus is mandatory if the student is preparing for the examination even if it is advised to the candidates that they should have a deep understanding of the syllabus when the school session starts. It provides an overview of what they are going to learn in class 9th and which topics interest them.

The syllabus is divided into categories and the candidates who are going to appear in the Class 9th Exam must have the latest TBSE Class 9th Syllabus subject-wise.

Tripura Board  9th Syllabus

Tripura Board 9th Syllabus 2023 (Subject Wise)

Tripura Board 9th Science Subjects:

Our Environment


Force & Laws of Motion


Work & Energy


Matter and its Properties

Atoms & Molecules

Structure of the Atom

Cells and Tissues

Diversity in Living Organism

Natural Resources

Improvement in Food Resources

Falling ill

Tripura Board 9th Mathematics Subject's:

Number System


Coordinate Geometry

Linear Equations in Two Variables

Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

Lines and Angles



Geometric Constructions

Heron’s Formula

Surface Areas and Volume



Area of Parallelograms

Tripura Board 9th Social Studies:

Food security in India


The French Revolution and its Impact

Forest Society and Colonial Rule

History and Sports

Democracy and Constitution

People as Resource

India- Size, and Location

Physiographic features of India

Rivers and Lake of India

Tripura Board 9th English Subject's: 



Supplementary Reading




Project and ASL


Tripura Board 9th Hindi Subjects:



Supplementary Reading


Letter of Amplification


Project-Internal Assessment







Tripura Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023 is devised in such a way that it covers the entire course structure, unit-wise marking weightage, projects, assignments, question paper practice, etc. All the subjects are compulsory and students get no choice between them.

Download Tripura Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023 must follow the steps below:

Candidates can follow the steps mentioned below to download the Tripura Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023 from the official website of the Tripura Board.

Step-1 Visit the official site of the Tripura Board of Secondary Education. 

Step-2 Scroll down the homepage till you spot ‘Syllabus”.

Step-3 A new window will appear with different class options. 

Step-4 Choose your class (Class IX).

Step-5 Once clicked, a new window will appear with the TBSE Class 9th syllabus available in pdf format. 

Step-6 Click on the subject you want the syllabus for the TBSE 9th Syllabus.

Step-7 Download the pdf for future use. 

Students must keep in mind that the Tripura Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023 is important since it helps you plan and divide your time between different subjects while preparing for the exams. Let’s discuss the importance of the Tripura Board 9th Syllabus.

Importance of Tripura Board 9th Syllabus 2023:
  • The syllabus acts as a tool for both students as well as teachers. It helps the teacher or instructor to prepare and organize the study session about the classes. It describes the structure, study sessions, review sessions, and other important stuff required for a student to learn from the study material provided.
  • It conveys a clear idea to the student about the content of the course and the information or knowledge that students will receive after completing the course or subject.
  • It ultimately includes the information that will facilitate the academic progress of a student.
  • The TBSE 9th syllabus also provides the weightage allotted to different chapters and units which will help candidates to build a strategy on how to prepare for the examination and what topics to focus on more. Having a clear understanding of weightage will also help the candidate to decide how much time to allot to each section.
  • The TBSE Class 9th syllabus is designed by the course or subject experts to help students understand the course curriculum thus providing a roadmap to success in academics.

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