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Rajasthan Board 9th Syllabus 2024

The Rajasthan Board 9th Syllabus 2023 is going to be provided by the officials of the school or institution. It is also available on the official website of the Rajasthan Board.  We have provided it down in this article below. It is divided into categories where each subject consists of topics within the chapters or we can say units, we have provided an overview down below, however, the schools will provide the complete syllabus.

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus Overview:

It is designed and developed by the subject experts of the Rajasthan Board. It is important as it provides a brief overview of the course curriculum. It consists of around eight subjects that have a choice in one subject that is language-based. 

Below we have provided the syllabus subject-wise.

Rajasthan Board  9th Syllabus

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023: Mathematics

Number system



Coordinate Geometry


Statistics and Probability

Vedic Mathematics


Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023: Science


Matter- Its Nature and Behaviour

Organization in Living Work

Motion, Force, and Work

Our Environment


Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023: Social Science (History and Civics)

Ancient Civilizations of the World

Main Philosophies of the World

Ancient India and the World

Social Reforms & Religious Renaissance

Main Events of the World

Nationalism in India

Glories of Rajasthan

Political Development in India

Constitution of India

Local Administration

Foreign Relations


Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023: Social Science (Geography, Economics, Commerce, Disaster Management, Road Safety)

Physical Features of India

Rivers and Lakes of India

Climate of India

Natural Vegetation and Soils of India

Economy and Economic Management

Agriculture in Indian Economy

Business and Commercial Activities

Book-Keeping: Accountancy

Calamities and Management

Road Safety Education

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus: Hindi

Rajasthan Board  9th Syllabus

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus: English




Text Book: Insight

Supplementary Books


The same divisions are also applicable in the Third-Choice subjects of Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Gujarati.

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus: Information And Technology


Beauty and Wellness

Health Care

IT and ITes


Tourism and Travel


Electrical and Electronics

Apparel Made UPs and Home Furnishing

Micro Irrigation Technician (Agriculture)

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus: Computer Applications


M.S Office


Internet Uses

E-Governance Uses

Practical Record



The syllabus for Physical education, Music, and Dance may be different from school to school. Hence the basic things that are tested in the Physical Education Paper are practicals and certain sport-related questions and answers.

Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus (Marking Scheme):

Usually, the paper for each subject is marked with a total of 100 marks. The 100 marks are divided among practical and written, with 20 marks for practicals and 80 marks for the written exam respectively. 

The grade distribution is shown in the following table:














Below Average



Very Good


The annual examination for class 9th is held for 80 marks, which tests 100% of its Syllabus. The remaining 20 marks will be accorded to students in internal assessments such as practicals and project work.

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Importance of Rajasthan Board Class 9th Syllabus 2023:

  • A syllabus sets a standard that a student can expect in the duration of the course. it gives an overview of the topic and the concept based on which students will start preparing for the examination.
  • It is a contract between teachers and students which contains ideas and functions that are used for the assessment and performance of the student.
  • The syllabus can be used as the planning to which help the destructor for teachers to organize classes and study sessions.
  •  it conveys a clear idea of the content and the knowledge that the student will gain after going through the books or course curriculum that is provided by the board.
  • It includes information that will facilitate the academic success of any student it provides an outline for a student. 
  • It will also help the students to understand exam patterns by knowing the weight is allotted to 2 different units or chapters which will help students how to prepare for the important topics that hold more marks so students can decide how much time they should give to the particular topic.
  • The syllabus is exclusively designed by the board experts and it will help students understand the course curriculum thus providing a roadmap for their academic success. 

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