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Maharashtra Board 12th

Maharashtra Board 12th 2023

Maharashtra HSC Syllabus 2023: Applicants can get it from the official website of the board in PDF format. By going through the syllabus students will be able to cover all the topics subject-wise. It covers the topics of all three-stream i.e arts science and commerce, so on. Understanding the syllabus is essential for candidates to make their study plan to clear the board exam with good grades. Maharashtra 12th syllabus 2023 helps students to make a better strategy for the Maharashtra HSC Exams. Students should complete the Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus a month before the board exams. It is advised to cover the complete Maharashtra HSC 12th syllabus to get good marks.

Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus 2023:

For making the preparation better students should download the syllabus that is given in a PDF format on the official website of the respective board. With the help of it, students can prepare their strategy for the 12th board examination. The commencement of the HSC exams will be done in February/March. So, knowing the importance of the syllabus we are here presenting the detailed description of it along with its subjects. Just have a look:

Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus

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Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus for Mathematics

Maharashtra HSC Syllabus Part I

Mathematics Logic




Trigonometric Function


Pair of a straight line

Three-dimensional geometry

Linear Programming Problems



Maharashtra HSC Syllabus Part II



Application of Derivative


Application of Definite Integral

Differential Equation


Probability Distribution

Bernoulli trials and Binomial distribution

Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus 2023 for Physics

Topic Name

Circular motion

Stationary waves


Kinetic theory

Rotational motion



Electromagnetic inductions


Electromagnetic inductions

Surface Tension

Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei


Wave theory

Magnetic effects of electric current


Current electricity

Interference and diffraction

Wave Motion

Stationary waves

Kinetic theory

Wave theory

Interference and diffraction


Magnetic effects of electric current



Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei

Electromagnetic inductions

Communication systems

Maharashtra 12th Syllabus for Chemistry

Topic Name

Halogen derivatives of alkanes (and arenas)

Solid State

Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

Solutions and colligative properties

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Chemical Thermodynamics and energetic

Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen



Chemical Kinetics


General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Chemistry in Everyday life

p-Block Elements

Coordination Compounds

d and f Block Elements

Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus for Biology

Topic Name
Unit 1- Genetics and Evolution
Genetic Basis of Inheritance
Unit 1 - Genetics and Evolution
Origin and the Evolution of Life
Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
Unit 2 - Biotechnology and its application
Biotechnology: Process and Application
Unit 2 - Biotechnology and its application
Genetic Engineering and Genomics
Unit 3 - Biology and Human Welfare
Enhancement in Food Production
Microbes in Human Welfare
Unit 3 - Biology and Human Welfare
Human Health and Diseases
Animal Husbandry
Unit 4 - Plant Physiology
Unit 4 - Human Physiology
Excretion and osmoregulation
Control and Co-ordination
Unit 5 -Reproduction in Organisms
Reproduction in Plants
Unit 5 - Reproduction in Organisms
Human Reproduction
Unit 6 - Ecology and Environment
Organisms and Environment -I
Unit 6 - Ecology and Environment
Organisms and Environment-II

Maharashtra 12th Syllabus for Political Science

Topic Name

Part 1-Indian Constitution

Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles, and Fundamental Duties.


Executive: President

Part 2- Politics in India

Patterns of Party Competition

Political and Social Movements

Maharashtra Board 12th Syllabus for Book-Keeping and Accountancy

Topic Name

Introduction to Partnership

Single entry system

Partnership Final Accounts

Bill of Exchange (Only Trade Bill)

Reconstitution of Partnership

Company Accounts

Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Analysis of financial statements

Accounts of “Not for Profit” concerns

Accounting for shares

Maharashtra 12th Syllabus for Economics

Topic Name

Introduction to Micro Economics

Consumers behaviour

Analysis of Supply

Types of Market & Price determination

Factors of Production

Introduction to Macro Economics

National Income

Determinants of Aggregates


Commercial Bank

Central Bank

Public Economics

Maharashtra HSC Syllabus for Sociology

Topic Name

Formation of Indian Society

Segments of Indian Society

Social Institutions in India

Major Social Problems in India

National Integration

Social Change in India

Social reformers in India

Globalization and Mass Media

Maharashtra Board 12th: Exam Pattern:

  • A student appearing for the HSC Board exam will have to take two languages as compulsory subjects
  • The minimum passing marks required for each subject is 35%.




The Maharashtra Board 12th 

80 marks

20 marks


100 marks

The Maharashtra Board 12th Subject



Geology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, agriculture science and technology and animal science and technology,

70 marks

30 marks


100 marks

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