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Delhi Board 9th Syllabus 2024

Delhi Board 9th Syllabus 2023: The syllabus is the set of chapters and topics which you will study in a particular class. This is prepared by the board and regulates all the schools affiliated with the board. Students should collect the syllabus at the beginning of the academic year and finish the syllabus on time because the question paper is prepared from the syllabus.

Delhi Board 9th Syllabus Overview:

It is available on the official website of the board. Students can easily get the syllabus. Also, the board publishes books that contain the complete syllabus. These books have every topic but the explanation is brief. So, you have to study from the books of another writer. The reference books will give you a deep explanation of every topic which is helpful in your future education.

The board designs the syllabus because secondary education is the foundation of higher secondary education. The syllabus of the secondary and higher secondary is similar. The difference is that the higher secondary classes syllabus is the deep explanation of the secondary classes. You can not perform well in the higher secondary classes without studying well in the secondary classes.

Delhi Board  9th Syllabus

Delhi Board 9th Syllabus 2023

It contains chapters that are important for students. The syllabus is prepared by the board. The main motive of preparing the syllabus is to make students capable of competing in national exams. The syllabus is listed below:



  • Literature:
  • The fun they had
  • The sound of Music
  • The Little Girl
  • A truly beautiful mind
  • The Snake and the mirror
  • My childhood
  • Packing
  • The reach for the top
  • The Bond of Love
  • Kathmandu
  • If I were you
  • Poem:
    • The road not taken
    • Wind
    • The rain on the roof
    • The lake isle of the inn is free
    • A legend of Northland
    • No man is foreign
    • The Duck and the Kangaroo
    • On killing a tree
    • The snake trying
    • A slumber did my spirit seal


  • The lost child
  • The adventure of Totto
  • Iswaran the storyteller
  • In the kingdom of fools
  • The Happy Prince
  • Weathering the storm in Osama
  • The Last leaf
  • A house is not a home
  • The accidental tourist
  • The beggar
  • Road safety


  • Punctuation
  • Articles
  • Tenses
  • Reported Speech
  • Voice
  • Prepositions
  • Modals
  • Suffixes
  • Correct Spelling
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Transformation of Sentences, Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
  • Dialogue writing
  • Report writing


  • Application, Business letter/job Application
  • Description of events/incidents
  • Paragraph/article writing on current affairs
  • Conjunction
  • Report Writing
  • Messages
  • Advertisements
  • Notice


  • Number System
  • Polynomials
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Linear equation in two variable
  • Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
  • Lines and Angles
  • Triangles
  • Quadrilateral
  • Circles
  • Construction
  • Heron’s Formula
  • Surface Area and Volume
  • Statistics
  • Probability


  • Matter-Its nature and Behaviour
  • Organization in the living world
  • Motion, Force, and Work
  • Our Environment
  • Food, Food Production

Social Science

India and the Contemporary World:

  • The French Revolution
  • Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
  • Nazism and the rise of Hitler
  • Forest Society and Colonialism
  • Pastoralists in the Modern World

Contemporary India:

  • India
  • Physical Features of India
  • Drainage
  • Climate
  • Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
  • Population

Democratic Politics I:

  • What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
  • Constitutional Design
  • Electoral Politics
  • Working of Institutions
  • Democratic Rights


  • The Story of Village Palampur
  • People as Resource
  • Poverty as Challenge
  • Food security in India

Computer Science

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Computer Softwares
  • Introduction to MS Window
  • MS word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

How to Download the Delhi Board Class 9th Syllabus:

It is available on the official website of the board. Therefore, you can easily download the syllabus by visiting the website. This is the simplest and quickest way to get the syllabus. Another way to get the syllabus is through offline mode. You can get the complete syllabus in the books published by the board. This method is complicated because the syllabus is not mentioned directly. You have to read all the topics of the books.

  • Visit the official website of the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Delhi (
  • Check the examination option in the top menu bar on the homepage.
  • You will see an option related to the Delhi Board Class 9th Syllabus. Click on the option.
  • You will be directed to another page. Here you see a link related to the curriculum on the top menu bar.
  • Click on the link and choose the revised curriculum option.
  • Choose ‘revised secondary curriculum’ and a list of types of subjects will appear.
  • You can click on the subject for which you want to get the syllabus.

Books for Preparation:

The correct Delhi board class 9th syllabus 2023 is not sufficient to score good marks, the correct study material is equally important. You should have books that provide you with deep knowledge about every concept of the syllabus. So, you can score good marks in your board exam and also be prepared for your higher education.

While selecting a book you should give priority to simple language, good explanation, and a good number of examples. This will strengthen your basic knowledge of the subject which is mandatory for scoring good marks. It is the foundation of your higher education, so it is very important to have a good knowledge of the basics.

Some of the Top recommended books for class 12th are as follows:


Physics for class 9th by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur (S.Chand Publication)


Mathematics for Class 9th by R.S. Aggarwal, A Textbook of Mathematics for class 9th by Ratna Sagar


BBC Literature Companion English, All in one for English by Arihant


Super simplified Science Biology for Class 9th by S. Dinesh Publications


Chemistry for class 9th by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur (S.Chand Publication)

Social Science

Evergreen Self Study in Social Science for 9th Class

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