SBI PO 2019: Tips and Tricks
  1. Start Reading General Awareness daily. Never start preparing for General awareness after the prelims exam is over. This could be your biggest mistake. The appearing candidates need to start studying general awareness 6 months before the SBI PO 2019 Main Examination. The applicants must focus more on Economy, Banking and Financial Awareness for the Exam.
  2. Revise your lessons daily. You can use the monthly bolts as well give General Awareness quizzes which will help you in memory of what you studied. Read the Monthly Bolt in Hindi.
  3. For Quants Preparation, have your basics of all the Quants topics very clear. In SBI PO Exam, most of the questions are asked from Data Interpretation section so it is advisable to practice quick calculation tricks. You can learn it through youtube tutorials.
  4. Learn tables, Square roots, cube roots and mug it up like you mug up the lyrics of a film song. These will help you save a lot of time while solving the Quants Section.
  5. Reasoning Section is again about a lot of practice of each and every topic so that as when a question appears in-front of you, you can solve it in no time.
  6. Solve a 3–4 sets of puzzles and seating arrangement questions daily so that you are in a habit of solving them. Practising daily will also help you solve them in lesser time which again will help you immensely during the real exam.
  7. English is all about your comprehension of the questions asked. And the ability to understand the questions will come only when you are in a habit of a lot of reading. It is always advisable to read a lot of articles, newspaper editorials etc.
  8. Reading will help you increase your vocabulary as well as will help you in Reading Comprehension questions. Start reading English newspaper editorials daily.
  9. Practice a few Reading Comprehension questions daily for the English Section.
  10. Take a lot of Mock Tests before the exam. Take these Mock Tests as if you taking the real exam. Treat the first Mock Test (Prelims and Mains) as a diagnostic attempt. Examine your weak and strong areas of Quants, Reasoning, English and GA.
  11. After examining curve your preparations as per the analysis. You can also take topic tests and sectional Tests for the above sections for better preparation.
  12. Do not take the GA section lightly. Prepare daily for this section as this section will help you increase your overall marks and will sail you through. Also, give adequate importance to all the sections during your preparations.

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