NEET-PG is a highly competitive exam which needs full concentration, devotion and focus. Cracking this entrance exam is not easy at all. Therefore, it’s very important to frame out a tact and ace up yourself to crack the exam.

Everyone aims to do his/her best as competition is quite high. But there is always “Survival of the fittest”. For this, you first need to be confident and have faith in yourself and study hard to be a winner.

Set Your Goals-
  • Spend a good amount of about 10-12 hours per day studying subject wise.
  • Take subject wise tests after completing each subject.
  • Try to finish all the course before September first week.
  • Start a quick revision, it should take around a month. Then you will get a good time to study your weak topics and prepare well.
  • Then get back and revise the final third time, this time try to complete the whole syllabus in 15 days.
  • In the last days study what you think is your weakness.
Prepare Notes-
  • Studying through notes will help you in revision and having a quick glance before the actual exam. It is always easier to go through the notes rather than picking it up from the book while revising.
Clear Your Queries-
  • Don’t let your conceptual doubts persist.
  • Do not shy away from asking doubts from companions or teachers.
  • You can ask unlimited doubts to your teachers and those experts in the same.


It is well said that PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT and the applicant preparing for the exam should practice so well that nothing surprises them during the exam.


Revision is the most important step in your preparation. Revising the subjects time to time will keep you well prepared and will clear your concepts. Use your notes, and never refer to new sources while you are revising.

Tricks for clearing NEET-PG exam:

Some tricks that will also ease and help to clear your exam are as follows:

  • Revise the syllabus at least 3 times before the exam.
  • Don’t start studying new topics one week before the exam. That crucial time is just for revision and practice.
  • While answering the questions during the exam, read all the options provided, don't hurry up.
  • Be sure and then mark your answer. Go through all the options and then mark the answer.
  • Last but not the least trick is to be confident. Always be confident about what you have read and what you are going to write.

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