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Maha TET Exam Pattern 2023

Maha TET Exam Patten: Maharashtra TET exam pattern is provided by the Maharashtra State Council of Examination i.e. Maharashtra TET 2023. It is the format of marks distribution according to the syllabus that is given for the Maha TET Exam.

There is an almost different Maha TET Exam Pattern for both the exams (Paper I and Paper II).  Here we have provided you with the highlight table of Maha TET exam pattern 2023 below:  

Maha TET Exam Pattern 2023

Maharashtra TET Exam Pattern 2023

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Maha TET Maha TET Exam Pattern 2023Exam Mode:

 Paper 1/2:  As per the rules of Maharashtra TET the exam will be conducted offline. At the respective examination venue which is allocated to you by the Maha TET. It is finalized that the Maha TET exams are going to be held in the respective schools/institutes only to keep everyone safe from this deadly virus. So that students should start their preparation for the Maharashtra TET Exam 2023.

Name and Number of Subjects For Maharashtra TET Exam 2023:

Paper I (Primary)There are 5 subjects for the primary section. The students who are appearing for Paper I (Primary)then they should know about the subjects. The subjects which are the parts of the primary section are ( Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics, Environmental Studies) are the 5 subjects are included in the Primary session (Paper I).

Here language 2 includes the basic language that is (English and Marathi) students can give their Maha TET Exam Pattern 2023 either in English or in Marathi it depends on the appearing aspirant and in language 1 it includes all the languages like English, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, etc. comes under language 1. 

Paper-II (Upper Primary):  6 subjects are part of the upper primary session. This upper primary section includes(Child Development and Pedagogy, Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) are the subjects of Paper 2 (Upper Primary).

Although it is the same,  that in language 2 there are the main languages i.e English and Marathi. In language 1 it includes many languages like English, Urdu, Kannad, Sindhi, Telugu, etc. languages it is the choice of the appearing candidates that at what language they have to give Maharashtra TET exam 2023. 

Maha TET Exam Schedule & Duration:

Paper 1 and Paper 2:  The duration of both the exams are the same so there is no change in the time limit. Students have to be careful during the examination that every single second is important for them while giving the Maha TET Exam 2023.  Either the student is appearing for Paper 1 or Paper 2 they will get 2 hours 50 minutes only to complete their Maharashtra TET exam 2023 within the time limit given by the conducting body of Maharashtra TET/ Maha TET. 

Total Questions and Type of Question in Maha TET Exam:

Paper 1 and Paper 2:  In Maha TET Exam Pattern 2023 there are different sets of questions for both the paper i.e. (Primary, Upper Primary). Once you receive the Maharashtra TET exam question paper then you will see that the question book with different types of questions and the structure or you can say the Maharashtra TET Exam Pattern of Maharashtra TET exam 2023 is in MCQs format i.e.

Multiple-Choice-Questions which carry 1 mark for each correct question. Although there is no negative marking. Both the question paper contains 150 questions which are divided into sections of both the papers.

Maharashtra TEt Exam Total Marks/Marking Scheme:

Paper 1 and Paper 2: It is quite normal that if the Maharashtra TET question paper contains 150 questions and that of 1 mark for the correct answer without any negative marking then the total marks that both the exam (Paper 1 and Paper 2) carries is 150 marks. There will be provided by the 1 question along with the 4 answers from that 4 you have to choose any 1 correct answer.

If the option you have chosen is correct then you’ll get +1 and if the option you have chosen is wrong then you’ll get 0. Basically in the Maha TET exam 2023, the marks that you score exam depend on whether the answers you have chosen are correct or not. 

Maha TET Questions in Exams:

Paper 1: Questions that are coming in the Maharashtra TET exam paper 1 is based on the topics that are prescribed syllabus of Class 1st to 5th. The Syllabus is given by the conducting body of Maharashtra TET 2023. The Maha TET exam syllabus of Paper 1 is given below in detail but the questions that will be present in the question book will be from the prescribed syllabus.

In those 5 main subjects from 5, only a few topics will be chosen for the Maharashtra TET examination 2023.  For example: in the language 1 exam the subheads of language 1 will be (Language 1> Grammar > Inference) this is given in Maha TET Exam Syllabus 2023 which is prescribed by the Maharashtra State Council of Examination. 

Paper 2:  Questions that are coming in the Maharashtra TET exam paper 2 is based on the prescribed syllabus which is given by the Maharashtra State Council of Examination of class 6th to 8th.

The syllabus of paper 2 is given below with details but the questions that are going to be asked in the exam will be from the prescribed syllabus only no questions will be asked out of the given syllabus. Basically, for paper 2 there are 6 subjects in those 6 subjects there are some selected subheads for the examination of Maharashtra TET exam 2023.

The difficulty level of the Maharashtra TET examination:

Paper 1 and Paper 2:  The difficulty level of Maharashtra TET Exam 2023 will be like class 12th level. Appearing aspirants have to take care of time management, avoid careless mistakes, and just be focused on their exams. Although you have to choose only the correct option, you still have to be confident about your answer.

As you know in the Maha TET exam 2023 there is no negative marking but if you choose the wrong answer then you’ll lose the chance of gaining +1 marks as well. Make sure that every appearing individual must meet the score limit to get passing marks in the examination and get the certificate of Maharashtra TET exam 2023. Once you reached the score boundaries then after the certificate you will be eligible to become a teacher of (Primary or Upper Primary) in the state of Maharashtra.

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