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IBPS Clerk Preparation Tips 2023

IBPS is a highly competitive exam that needs a lot of practice and attention. The candidates appearing in the exam must be aware of the total syllabus. The applicants can also take help from official study materials provided by the conducting body. They should also get the previous year's papers. Candidates must ensure that they must cover all the topics and prepare well for the exam.

IBPS CLERK Exam Tips & Tricks

Here we have mentioned some tips which will not only help you enhance your preparation skills but also help you to be quick with the entire syllabus and complete it on time.

Create a Study Plan

The first thing which the candidate has to do before starting preparation is to create the study plan. This helps them in engaging the right amount of time and attention to each subject and its sections. Creating a study plan helps the candidate in covering all the topics of the syllabus in a sequence with ease.

This will help the candidate in maintaining the stress level of the examination. A well-planned preparation always turns out to be a good and persuasive medium to churn out the best outcomes.


Candidates must have a lot of proper and equal time for every subject and every topic as everything is important. We never know what can come in the exam, so the candidate has to be prepared well.  If candidates aspire to finish their syllabus on time, then the best way to do this is to make an effective timetable and follow it on a regular basis.

The timetable will not only help them in completing their syllabus on time but will also help in managing the total time left for the preparation of the examination.

Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

It is very important for the candidate to perceive the exam pattern and syllabus of an examination that has been scheduled to take place in the near future. IBPS has described the exam pattern and Syllabus for IBPS Clerk 2023 clearly and now it expects all the test takers to know about it in detail.

Knowing the syllabus will help the candidate to understand what they exactly need to study for the exam. In contrast, the exam pattern will help them in defining the prescribed structure for better preparation.

Solve Practice Papers

Another good way of practicing is solving practice papers and previous years’ question papers. This will help candidates in practicing the questions section-wise and being familiar with the type of questions that have been asked previously. Solving previous years' question papers will help analyze the type of questions that might get repeated for this year's examination.

Revision Plan

This is one of the best ways to practice well for the exam that every candidate must follow. Without revision, the exam preparation is incomplete, as the revision helps in revising all the topics that have been studied and enhancing each section on a regular basis.

This also helps in identifying the sections that need improvement along with the sections that just need to be brushed up well. This must be done on a daily basis without skipping any sessions.

Subject-Wise Preparation for IBPS Clerk 2023

The candidate must keep in mind the syllabus and the subject while preparing for any national-level examination. Subject-wise preparation is an effective way to cover the syllabus and score well in IBPS Clerk 2023. Below we have mentioned subject-wise tips that can be considered while studying.

English Language:

  • The average time to solve this section must not exceed more than 20 minutes.
  • A clear concept of the language with an understanding of English grammar is a must for scoring well in this section.
  • Topics that must be practiced well are Theme Detection, Word Formation Passage Completion, and Sentence Completion as much as possible as these topics require more concentration, focus, and time.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to solve all the questions. Start with those questions which you find you can do easily and are confident at and then try hands-on others.
  • Topics, like Fill in the Blanks, Grammar, One-word Substitution, and Prepositions, can be mastered only with a good command of the language and regular practice sessions.
  • One of the best things to score well in the exam is to read the newspaper daily and also read education-based magazines to understand better usage of words and grammar.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • To solve the Quantitative Aptitude section, candidates can take up to 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Quantitative Aptitude is all about comprehending the motifs, abilities, and skills to resolve the questions.
  • Holding a good grip on mathematical formulas and theories is necessary for this session.
  • Topics like Average, Percentage,  Simplification, Ratio & Proportion must be given more time during the practice session, so that, solving these in the main paper may become quick and easy.
  • Data Interpretation and Analysis are topics that must be practiced more than other topics as they contain tricky and confusing questions. This can be enacted only with a rigorous amount of practice.
  • One way to clear this session is to study with good books and reference materials.
  • One can seek help from teachers,  seniors, or coaching centers and conquer the trickiness of Quantitative Aptitude.

Reasoning Ability:

  • Candidates can give approx 20 to 25 minutes to solve the questions of this section.
  • The more you practice Reasoning sums, the more grip you will have over the variety of questions.
  • Devote more time to tricky topics like Coding-Decoding, Verbal Reasoning, Puzzles, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Input-Output, Syllogism, Blood Relations, etc.
  • Try solving questions with a stopwatch on. This will help you increase your speed with tricky questions which in turn will help to solve the maximum number of questions in the examination.

General Awareness:

  • The maximum time candidates can allot to this section is 10 to 15 minutes.
  • To score well in this section,  all you need to do is to read as much as you can. Newspapers, magazines, and journals are good sources of information for the General Awareness section.
  • Study from general knowledge books and read each section in detail.
  • Divide your time equally for all the sections like Current Affairs, Static GK, and Banking Knowledge.
  • The more you read, the more you learn about these topics. Try to memorize important dates and events.

Computer Knowledge:

  • The maximum time one can give to this section is 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Candidates must read good computer books for a better understanding and clearer concepts. Basic knowledge of Computer Science is a must to cover this section.
  • Practical knowledge is equally important.
  • Have a good command over topics like MS Excel, MS Office, DBMS, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Windows, and most importantly INTERNET.
  • Learn shortcut keys used for quick work and results.

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