CSJM Kanpur University Entrance exam tips and tricks

Tips & Tricks for CSJM Kanpur University Entrance Exam 2019:

Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University CSJMU 2019 admission test is scheduled on 8-10 June 2019. In the current year, lakhs of students have enrolled for this admission test. For securing a seat in CSJM, aspiring students need to do hard work and dedication for an entrance exam. Along with it, they also need to follow the right path or system for reaching the goal. A perfect study schedule and preparation tactics will help a lot in improving your score in the result. Keeping all these scenarios in mind, here we have written some preparation tips for all aspiring candidates of the CSJM Entrance Exam.

Tips and tricks for CSJM 2019 Entrance Exam:

While students go for preparation of CSJM Admission test keep in mind all the below points:-

  1. Go through the syllabus: When you start your preparation, first check the complete syllabus and then prepare your study schedule accordingly.
  2. Make a proper time table: During the exam preparation, time management is one of the important things. So students should manage time for each subject during the exam preparation. Aspirants have to follow the time table strictly if they really want to crack the examination.
  3. Build a study plan: Students should create a study plan and give proper time to each section or subject.
  4. Make proper notes for each subject: Scholars have to make notes for all subjects from basic to advanced. These notes will be helpful in the last days for revision purpose.  
  5. Take a regular break: During the study, students should also take a regular break. Have your favourite snack, listen to your favourite music or do any of your favourite activity and freshen up your mind during the break.
  6. Solve previous year papers: Previous year solved papers are the play a vital role to make your preparation strong. You should solve at least three years of the previous question after completing each subject.  
  7. Revision: After completing a topic/section, revise topics daily before moving forward to another topic. To check your potential for an exam, you can also take a test of your own in order to revise the previous topics you have studied.
  8. Drink plenty of water: Stay relaxed and drink 8-9 litre water every day.
  9. Have a healthy diet: Pupils should take a healthy and timely diet as it gives you a healthy mind which is undoubtedly needed for a fruitful preparation.
  10. Sleep well: Students should take proper rest and sleep along with a proper diet. Proper sleep is more crucial for a youthful brain and body.

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