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CCC Syllabus 2023

CCC Syllabus: If you are going to appear in the CCC Exam in any of the particular years for the written test, you have to see the CCC Syllabus for the exam which is released by the national institute of electronics and information technology.

The following CCC Syllabus is as follows:
  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Windows (Introduction)
  3. Spreadsheet (MS Excel)
  4. E-mail, Chatting
  5. Web Browser and World Wide Web
  6. Computer Communication and Internet
  7. Making Small Presentation (MS- PowerPoint)
  8. Elements of Word Processing (MS Excel)
  9. Basic DOS Commands
CCC Syllabus with Subjects

1. Introduction to computer




2. Introduction to GUI Based Operating System




3. Elements of Word Processing








5. Computer communication and Internet




6. WWW and web browsers




7. Communication and Collaboration




8. Making small presentations




Grand Total




➦ You are required to visit the official website to see and download the complete syllabus for the respective course which is beneficial in exam preparation. Once you got your respective syllabus, download it on your local computer for future references.

➦ NIELIT conducts various kinds of courses that are related to basic computer literacy. The main objective of this CCC Syllabus is to do aware applicants of the content on which the paper is based.

CCC Syllabus 2023

Details of CCC Exam Syllabus:

The course is designed to impart theoretical and in-depth knowledge of computers, software/packages for a person to use computers for professional as well as day-to-day use. Here we are providing detailed information regarding the CCC Exam Syllabus. Candidates can also get the CCC Syllabus in pdf format by visiting the official website.

CCC Syllabus 2023

Duration of the CCC Course Theory: [25 hrs + Practical: 50 hrs. + Tutorial: 5 hrs]

CCC Syllabus 2023

CCC Syllabus 2023

CCC Syllabus 2023

CCC Syllabus 2023

CCC Subjects:

The CCC Subjects are divided into eight modules and below is the detailed information about the CCC Syllabus.

CCC Syllabus in Modules:

Introduction of computer basics:

About Computers:

  • History of computer
  • Characteristics of computer system
  • Computer basics application

About hardware and software:

  • Hardware
  • Computer programming language
  • Representation of data
  • Data processing concepts
  • Software application
  • Software
  • System software
Module-2: Operating system

Basics of operating system

  • Linux operating system
  • Windows operating system

User Interface

  • Taskbar
  • Running application
  • Icons
  • Start Menu

The setting of the operating system

  • Change the and time of the system
  • Change the display properties
  • Add and remove windows components
  • Mouse properties changes
  • Model question and answers
  • Types of files
  • Add and remove printers
  • File management 
  • Directory management
  • Summary 
Module-3: Elements and word processing

Basics of word processing

  • How to open Microsoft word
  • Menu bar
  • Icons below the bar

How to open and close documents

  • Opening documents
  • Page setup
  • Print preview
  • Printing of documents
  • Save
  • Save as

Tax creation and manipulation

  • Document creation
  • Editing Text
  • Alignment of Text
  • Text selection
  • Cut
  • Copy and paste
  • Font and size selection

Text formatting-

  • Numbering
  • Changing the
  • Paragraph indenting
  • Bullets

Table Manipulation

  • Draw Table
  • Cell width height changing
  • Alignment of text in all
  • Summary
  • Model questions and answer
  • Delete row and columns
  • Insertion of the row and column
  • Border and shading
Module-4: Spreadsheet

Basics of spreadsheet

  • Objectives
  • Introduction

Elements of electronics spreadsheet:

  • Addressing of the cells
  • Printing of the spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet opening
  • Saving workbooks

Manipulation of cells

  • Creating text
  • Column
  • Cell height and width
  • Number of data series
  • Entering text
  • Numbers and dates
  • Editing worksheet
  • Inserting and deleting rows

Function and chart

    • Summary
    • Model question and answers
    • Using formulas
    • Functions
  • Charts
Module-5: Internet, www and web browsing introduction
  • Introduction
  • Objectives

Computer network basics

  • Local area network
  • Wide area network 

Internet and its services

  • Concept of internet
  • Basics of internet architecture
  • World wide web
  • Website
  • Communication on the net
  • Internet services

The ways to prepare your computer for internet access:

  • The rent service provider (Dial-up and Wi-Fi)
  • Techniques of internet access

Web-browsing software:

  • Web-browsing software
  • Configuring web-browser

SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • Popular search engine
  • Search for content
  • Printing web pages
  • Model question and answer
  • Accessing the web browser
  • Using favorite folder
  • Downloading the web page
Module -6: Communication and collaboration:

Basics of communication and collaboration:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives

Basics of E-mail:

  • Electronics mail
  • Email addressing
  • Configuration of email client

How to use email:

  • Opening email client
  • Mailbox
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • New email sending procedure
  • Replying an email message

Instant messaging collaboration:

    • Using smiley
    • Internet etiquette
    • Summary
  • Model question and answer
Module-7: Presentation of application

Basics of application of presentation:

  • Introduction
  • Powerpoint presentation opening process
  • Presentation saving process
  • Objectives
  • Using PowerPoint

Preparation of slides:

  • Word table
  • Inserting other objects
  • Resizing objects
  • Scaling of the object
  • Excel worksheet
  • Adding clip art pictures


  • Text presentation
  • Working with the color objects
  • Working with line style
  • Adding movie and sound
  • Adding header and footer

Presentation of slides:

  • Printing slides
  • Handouts
  • Setup of presentation

Slide show:

    • Automation of slide show
    • Summary
    • Model question and answer
    • Transition and slide timing
    • Running a slide show
Module-8: Application of digital financial services:
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Emergencies
  • Future needs
  • Large expenses

Social security schemes:

  • Pradhan mantra Suraksha yojana
  • Pradhan mantra Jeevan Jyoti yojana
  • Atal pension Yojana
  • Pradhan Mantri mudra yojana
  • National pension scheme
  • PPF

Here are the following list of benefits of the CCC Syllabus are given below:

  • CCC syllabus available users to acquire confidence in using computer techniques.
  • It includes the basic elements of computers and terminology. 
  • Also, it requires candidates to understand data, information, and file management as well. 
  • The CCC Exam Syllabus includes the uses of e-governance applications, use systems to improve skills and learn new techniques, etc.
  • Candidates can create documents using Word processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software. And this helps them to apply for a job.
  • Also, CCC Syllabus includes understanding computer networks, using the internet, content search on social media, and use of email.

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