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AIPMT Syllabus 2024

AIPMT is an All India based Pre Medical Test for the admission of the candidates to the Government and the Private Medical Colleges across India. The AIPMT/NEET syllabus is based on the recommendations of the Medical Council of India. The subjects of AIPMT 2024 are Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and follows the CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus.

AIPMT Syllabus

AIPMT Syllabus:

Candidates who have applied successfully for the AIPMT 2024 exam can download the syllabus from the official website. Knowledge of the syllabus is very important for the candidates to score well in the exam. The AIPMT syllabus has contents from Class XI and XII.

Given below is the AIPMT syllabus 2024 for all the subjects. 

AIPMT Physics Syllabus:

Contents Class XI Syllabus Class XII Syllabus
Units Physical world and measurement Electrostatistics
Kinematics Current electricity
Work, energy and Power Magnetic effects of electric current & magnetism
Laws of motion Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
Gravitation Electromagnetic waves
Thermodynamics Optics
Kinetic theory of gases Dual nature of matter and radiation
Motion of system of particles and rigid body Electronic devices
Waves and Oscillation Atoms and nuclei
Properties of bulk matter -

AIPMT Chemistry Syllabus:

Contents Class XI Syllabus Class XII Syllabus
Units Basic concepts of Chemistry Solid State
Structure of atoms Solutions
Chemical bonding and molecular structure Electrochemistry
Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics
States of matter- Solids, liquids and gases Surface Chemistry
Equilibrium Solutions
Redox reactions Principles and processes of isolation of elements
S-block elements and p-block elements P block elements
Principles and techniques of organic Chemistry D and f block elements
Hydrocarbons Chemistry in everyday life
Environmental Chemistry Coordination compounds
- Haloalkanes and haloarenes
- Biomolecules
- Alcohols, phenols and ether
- Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
- Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
- Polymers

AIPMT Biology Syllabus:

Contents Class XI Syllabus Class XII Syllabus

Diversity in the living world

Structure and function of Cells

Structure and organization of plants and animals

Plant physiology

Human  physiology


Genetics and Evolution

Biology and Human warfare

Biotechnology and its Applications

Ecology and environment

Books for AIPMT (NEET) Preparation:

Subjects Physics Chemistry Biology
Books NCERT Physics for Class XI and XII NCERT Chemistry for Class XI and XII NCERT Biology for Class XI and XII
Objective Physics by D C Pandey Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon Biology by Pradeep Publication
Concepts of Physics by H C Verma Elementary problems in Organic Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS by M.S Chauhan Trueman’s Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2
- Modern A B C of Chemistry for Class 11 and 12 MTG Objective NCERT at your fingertips

Tips to Prepare for AIPMT Exam:

  •  Prepare a time table including all the subjects of the NEET exam that is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Manage time in such a way that you can pay equal attention to all the subjects.
  • Study all the chapters without missing out any. After completing each chapter practice all the questions related to the chapter. Revise chapters from all the subjects at regular intervals to prevent any last minute backlogs.
  • Study the NCERT syllabus thoroughly and solve sample question papers for better practice. It is important to have a thorough knowledge of all the topics to score good marks in the exam. It is important to solve as many problems as possible from all the chapters to understand the weak areas and focus accordingly.
  • Always keep a positive attitude as this will improve concentration. It is necessary to avoid stress before and during the exams. Keep some spare time for yourself and engage in activities that will provide mental relaxation.
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