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Meghalaya Board 11th 2022

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus 2022: The Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus is according to the new and revised syllabus of the NCERT and CBSE and the textbooks of the newly revised CBSE and NCERT Curriculum will be followed. The syllabus and the subject choices are the same as that of CBSE with three streams available to students in their class 11th, namely Science, Arts, and Commerce. English is a compulsory subject irrespective of the stream of the student. However, they can follow the steps below to view the syllabus online at the official web portal.

Steps to Download the MBOSE 11th Syllabus 2022:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Meghalaya Board.

Step 2: Head over to the bottom of the homepage.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Downloads’ section.

Step 4: Click on the '11th' syllabus’ link.

Step 5: A new window will open and the syllabus of the relevant class will be automatically downloaded.

Step 6: Open the ZIP file, and you will see the Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus, subject-wise.

We have provided the official Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus below for students to check it themselves.

Meghalaya Board  11th Syllabus

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus 2022 (Computer Science) Arts/Commerce/Science Streams

Computer Hardware

Data Representation

Introduction to Windows

HTML Fundamentals

Text Alignments and Lists

Hyperlinks and Anchors

Text Formatting and Fonts


Tables and Table Layouts



HTML Forms

Networks and Topologies

Introduction and Transmission

Network Devices and Security


The theory is graded at 70 marks and the rest of the marks (20 marks) are for practical. The activities to be conducted as Practicals are mentioned in the Computer Science textbook.

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus 2022 (Bengali) Elective Language

(Grammar) Transformation of Sentences, Correction of Words, etc

(Composition) Comprehension, Expansion of Idioms, Paragraph Writing, etc.

(Prose) Bonkim, Biral, Chandra, Rajbidrohi, etc

(Literature) Madhyamik Bangla, Sahitya Sankalan, Siksh Samsad, Ucchotoro, etc. 

(Poetry) Protarona, Chakraborty, Tagore, Sengupta, Lohar Byatha, etc.

(Drama) Sajghar by Akhil Niyogi

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Assamese) MIL

(Prose) Sahitya Saurav, Mor Mrigaya, Jibonor Santiparba, Badha Kavya, Asomor Loka Sanskriti, etc.  

(Poetry) Borgeet, Prakriti, Lachit Phukan, Naatghar, etc. 

(Grammar) Amplification and Sentence making, etc. 

(Unseen Passage) Phakara, Jojona, ETA Sabdat, Prakash Kara, etc. 

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus 2022 (Khasi Language)


Elementary Theory and Criticism 

History of Khasi Literature


Short Story

The chapters and other details will be provided by the schools and the textbooks prescribed for the students.

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Accountancy)

Introduction to Accounting

Theory Base of Accounting

Recording of Business Transaction

Bank Reconciliation Statements

Depreciation, Provisions, and Reserves

Bills of Exchange

Trial Balance 

Rectification of Errors

Financial Statements

Project Work

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Business Studies)

Nature and Forms of Business

Forms of Business Organisations

Public, Private, and Global Enterprises

Business Services

Emerging Modes of Business

Social Responsibility of Business

Business Ethics

Sources of Business Finance

Small Business 

Internal Trade

International Business

Project Work

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Economics)

Introduction to Economics

Collection, Organisation, and Presentation of Data

Statistical Tools and Interpretation

Introduction to Microeconomics

Consumers Equilibrium and Demand

Producer Behaviour and Supply

Forms of Market

Price Determination

Measures of Dispersion

Project Work

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Entrepreneurship)

Entrepreneurship- What, Why, How

An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving

Understanding the Market

Business Arithmetic

Resource Mobilisation

Project Work

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Biology)

Diversity of Living Organisms

Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals

Cell: Structure and Function

Plant Physiology

Human Physiology

Project Work/Practical

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Chemistry)

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Structure of an Atom

Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

Chemical Thermodynamics


Redox Reactions


s-Block Elements

Some p-Block Elements

Organic Chemistry (Principles and Techniques)


Environmental Chemistry

Project Work


Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Physics)

World and Measurement

Units and Measurements


Laws of Motion

Work, Energy, and Power

The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body


Properties of Bulk Matter


The behavior of Perfect Gases 

Kinetic Theory of Gases

Mechanical Waves and Ray Optics

Project Work


Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (English Core)

Reading Comprehension

Writing Skills

(Prose) The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, The Rattrap, Indigo, Poets and Pancakes, The interview, Going Places, etc. 

(Poems) My Mother at Sixty-Six, An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum, Keeping Quiet, A thing of Beauty, A Roadside Stand, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, etc. 



Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Mathematics)

Sets and Functions


Coordinate Geometry


Mathematical Reasoning

Statistics and Probability

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Political Science)

Constitution of India

Election and Representation

Rights in the Indian Constitution

The Executive

The Legislature

The Judiciary


Local Governments

Constitution as a Living Document

Political Theory

Freedom, Equality, Social Justice, Rights, Citizenship, Nationalism, etc

Socialism, Peace, and Development

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (History)

Introduction to World History

Early Societies


Changing Traditions. Three orders, Changing cultural traditions, etc

Paths to Modernisation, the industrial revolution, etc

Map Work

Project Work


Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Geography)

Geography as a Discipline

The Earth, Landforms, Climate, Water, Life of the Earth, etc

Physical Environment, Physiography, Climate, vegetation, etc

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Map Work

Practical Work

Meghalaya Board 11th Syllabus (Fine Arts)

Portfolio Making

Pre-Historic Art Painting

Art of Indus Valley

Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu Art

Temple Sculptures, Bronzes, and Artistic Aspects of Indo-Islamic Architecture

Project Work

The above-mentioned syllabus and subjects are just a brief attempt at describing the standard of the syllabus that students study in the Meghalaya Board class 11th Syllabus. There are many more subjects students can choose from, for example, Psychology, Informatics Practice, Initial Pages, Passing Criteria, Mass Media Studies, Biotechnology, Sociology, Agriculture, Fashion Studies, Multimedia Web Technology, Home Science, National Cadet Corps, Engineering Graphics, Legal Studies, Informatics Practice, Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India, Hindi, Physical Education, etc.

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