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What should we do after 10th Arts

Update on 2024-04-15

What should we do after 10th Arts - Courses, Eligibility, Fee & Jobs

Arts streams offer a lot of career opportunities and growth to students in India. This is a traditional field and yet that is the main reason this has a wide scope across many platforms. This stream is having parts like humanities, visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, etc.

If you are looking for a pathway to choose after your 10th (high school) in Arts then don't worry. There is no such thing as limited career opportunities especially in the field of Arts. We are going to shed some light on you so you can awaken your inner Artist and we will guide you to the best field that you will choose after reading this whole article.

In this article we will clear:

  • What should we do after 10th Arts
  • Which field is best after 10th Art
  • Which course is best after the 10th
  • What are the courses available after the 10th
  • What are the benefits of taking arts after 10th

But for that, you must read this whole article to enlighten your mind on different career opportunities available in Arts Courses so you can make better choices.

Which field is best after 10th Arts

To understand "What should we do after 10th arts?" you must first understand the major streams which will help you understand What are the courses available after 10th based on your particular subjects and help you decide Which field is best after 10th for you based on your interest and passion. There is a range of fields available after the 10th in Arts.

Let’s discuss the major streams:

  • History 
  • English 
  • Hindi 
  • Sanskrit 
  • Political Science 
  • Geography 
  • Sociology

Including the study of languages, history, philosophy, literature, ethics, and the arts. It deals with a wide range of courses such as History, Geography, Political Science Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Languages, Anthropology, journalism, Human Resources, etc. Check the list of arts courses.

Important Note: A lot of people will be giving you advice on Arts based on their perception about it but you should keep them aside and focused on your career to understand "Which course is best after 10th?" and "what are the benefits of taking arts after 10th?".

Subjects in Arts/Humanities:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Maths
  • Home Science
  • Informatics Practice
  • National Cadet Corps
  • Physical Education
  • Legal Studies

Here the subjects’ choices will be a lot but based on your interest you will have to choose any 5 subjects that fit best within your career path. To better understand the benefits of the Arts stream. one must take a glance at all the subjects they can have instead of choosing a field first, they must understand what the subjects provided are all about and after choosing your favorite subjects which field suits better for you.

After understanding your subjects you can see What are the courses available after the 10th. So overall you must choose the subjects based on the field that you want to pursue in future

For example- If you want to pursue a law student you can go for Legal Studies combined with History and Political Science.

Or you can take English and maybe do literature/mass media, get yourself into writing, journalism, scriptwriting, etc. It’s an exciting thing to do the work will be full of creativity and if you are passionate about it this will be very transformational for your thought process too cause you are going to learn and gain a lot of knowledge.

What are the courses available after 10th in Arts stream:

Arts offers you a huge list of options that will lead you to various career options mentioned below :

If you still can’t find which field is the best fit for you you can read below to help you decide further based on the benefits Arts stream give as a career path.

What are the benefits of taking arts after 10th:

Digital designers - The world is filled with computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Every business has an online presence and they all want really connect with their client in the design. The better the advertisement the better the business.

Psychologists and Counsellors - After 12th Arts, it’s easier for the student to enroll at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Psychologists are mostly posted as counselors at educational institutes, corporations, and hospitals. They are also employed to carry out various psychological studies and researches. In today’s competitive world there is a lot of competition so these Psychologists and Counsellors are in great demand.

Social workers - The students from the arts stream understand the inequalities and injustice in society better. Therefore, they make good social workers. An increasing number of Non-governmental organizations are hiring art students for project management and fundraising.

Data Science - It may sound surprising, but students from the Arts stream can make a great career in the field of Data Science too. The arts stream has subjects like Philosophy and Economics, which will enhance one’s logical and thought process in a big way. When one studies the philosophical theories, thoughts, and reasoning of great philosophers, it tends to improve their logical abilities. Data Science is all about logically analyzing huge chunks of data, and if one has an interest in computers then this is going to be the best career option.

Other - Apart from this you can start preparing for government jobs and choose these subjects.

  • You can go to Hotel Management.
  • You can also go for jobs related to museums(just wonder how amazing it will be there)
  • You can become a literature teacher.
  • You can become a geologist.
  • IAS and IFS jobs are more suitable for art student
  • There is an Affordable fee structure
  • Less tension than Engineering and medical
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Less competition
  • No Need for Coaching
  • You can do any postgraduate course after graduation in the arts so it does not matter what you study in your graduation.
  • So you see it have a lot of scopes.

All the benefits mentioned above will help you to have an emphasis on "What Should I Do After 10th Arts?" and "What are the benefits of taking arts after the 10th?". If you have read our What are the courses available after the 10th section and you can not decide which course to go for in then don't worry in most of the cases you can enroll for every stream after the 12th but it would be beneficial if you choose the subjects that you want to read after you complete your 12th.

Now coming to which field is best after 10th, it all depends on the level of interest you have in any particular field, search out your interests and what you are passionate about and which field most fit in with your personality, whatever you are going to choose, I believe you are going to be successful in it as you read this article we ensure you are serious about your future and towards the choices, you have to make now.

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