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Which is Better : MBA After Graduation or After Work Experience

Update on 2024-04-15

Which is Better : MBA After Graduation or After Work Experience

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Many graduates get stuck when they have to make this one decision in their life. They can’t choose between doing a job or pursuing further education. If you are also flustered by the same thought and can’t make the heads and tails of it, then you must thoroughly go through the two options that you are available with. You can visit a counselor or take advice from some elderly regarding what next step you should take in life. Whatever choice you make, is going to create a huge impact on the rest of your life. It is always recommended to gain some experience prior to going for post-graduation. This is so as an experienced person knows the backward and forwards of the corporate world.

A simple graduate just read the corporate theories but an experienced candidate has practically applied those theories. They all are well aware of real-life problems that are thrown upon them at work. So, if you plan to do your MBA after gaining some practical exposure in the corporate ambiance, then it will be easier for you to settle there and you will have a better understanding of the subjects you will study. Business schools give priority to students with experience.

Do you really wanna do this?

Predominantly, whatever we decide to do in life is either due to peer pressure or because our parents bind us with their decisions. Sometimes we don’t even want to go for further studies but we do so because we are just blindly following the crowd. What if you realize in the middle of your session that you are not meant for this or this is not your cup of tea? Therefore, it is important for you to do a thorough analysis before it is too late. Plus, what is the harm in gaining work experience before you step onto the master's road? There is no rush. Every person must go at his or her own pace. Some do it freshly after completing college. On the opposite side, there are some who feel that they are not totally prepared for it, so they will get some experience first.

Your work experience will be highlighted in your CV

Well, you must not forget the perks of being an experienced applicant. Making it into a highly-reputed management school is not just what a candidate needs to appraise. Your work experience holds a lot of weightage when you apply in B-Schools. This will give you a competitive edge over non-experienced candidates.  Plus, if you haven’t scored well in your academics, then 1-2 years of professional work experience can do justice to your profile.

We just complete our studies and do what is necessary to obtain a degree. We have done everything so far which includes learning, reading, and writing. We never wondered how the knowledge that we gained in academies will help us shape our future. We had no idea how the education that we have acquired so far is going to assist us in dealing with the actual problems. Well, you cannot do your MBA blindly like this. This course is going to determine your future. You should know where you are going and where it is going to lead you after this. We have to be careful about the decisions that we take at this point in time in life or else we might regret it at a later point in time.

In your MBA programs, you will encounter problems that people actually face in the work-life. If you have been working before, then it will be easier for you to apprehend the MBA subjects. Studying and comprehending subjects becomes less complex when you have an idea of their practical application.

Higher Remuneration

Candidates with good work experience are given more preference not only at the time of getting admission but also during placement. Well-established organizations give more preference to the candidates that have some previous work experience. I guess that is the whole purpose of doing an MBA.

We don’t pursue MBA courses just because we like to do it but we do it because ultimately each one of us wants to get sell settled and that can only happen if one gets hired in a top-notch company as they offer very handsome packages. However, someone who has good work experience can earn higher packages but even the fresh MBA grads are not far from hitting those packages as one day down the road they will catch up and may even leave the experienced grads far behind.

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