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WBJEE Syllabus 2023

WBJEE Syllabus: In this article, we have mentioned the detailed syllabus for WBJEE 2023. Use this syllabus to prepare for a better study plan.

WBJEE Syllabus 2023

WBJEE Subjects Syllabus 2023

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Physical World, Measurements, Units & dimensions Atoms, Molecules, and Chemical Arithmetic Algebra
Kinematics Atomic Structure Sets, Relations, and Mappings
Laws of Motion Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry Logarithms
connected systems; The motion of the center of mass; Friction The Periodic Table and Chemical Families Arithmetic Progression G.P., H.P
Gravitation Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Complex Numbers
Bulk properties of matter Coordination Compounds Permutation and combination
Viscosity Solid State Polynomial equation
Thermodynamics Liquid State Principle of mathematical induction
Kinetic theory of gases Gaseous State Matrices
Oscillations & Waves Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics Binomial theorem (positive integral index)
Electrostatics Physical Chemistry of Solutions Statistics and Probability
Current Electricity Ionic and Redox Equilibria Trigonometry
Magnetic effect of current Hydrogen Coordinate geometry of two dimensions
Magnetics Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements and their Compounds Coordinate geometry of three dimensions
Electromagnetic induction & alternating current Chemistry of Metals Differential calculus
Electromagnetic waves Chemistry in Industry Calculus
Optics I (Ray optics) Polymers Integral calculus
Optics II (Wave Optics) Surface Chemistry Application of Calculus
Particle nature of light & wave-particle dualism Environmental Chemistry Differential Equations
Atomic Physics Chemistry of Carbon Compounds Vectors
Nuclear Physics Compounds -
Solid-state Electronics Haloalkanes and Haloarenes -
- Alcohol -
- Aromatic Compounds -
- Application Oriented chemistry -
- Introduction to Biomolecules -
- Principles of Qualitative Analysis -
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