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Territorial Army (TA) Exam Syllabus 2024

The Territorial Army Exam for civilians will consist of two papers. Candidates who wish to serve in the Territorial Army will have to qualify for both of these papers to get recruited for his/her desired post. Paper, I will consist of Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics sections. Both of their sections will consist of 50 questions each.

On the other hand, Paper II will also have two other sections which will be English and General Knowledge. Both sections will have 50 questions in each. To qualify for the TA Army Bharti Exam 2024. It is imperative to understand the TA Army Exam Syllabus 2024 and TA Army Exam Pattern 2024.

Territorial Army (TA ) Exam Syllabus

Territorial Army Syllabus: Paper 1

The syllabus for the Territorial Army Paper 1 is tabulated below:

Section A: Logical Reasoning

Logical And Analytical Reasoning (Cube & Dice, Mirror Image & Water Image, Analogy, Classification, Embedded Figure, Paper Cutting & Folding, Pattern Completion) Statements And Contradictions
Statements With Conclusions Verbal Classifications
Relations Interpretation of Data
Clocks And Calendars Numerical, Letters, And Symbol Series

Section B: Mathematics

Number System (Division algorithm, Prime and composite, Divisibility testing of 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 & 11, Multiples and variables, Factorisation, HCF and LCM, Euclidean algorithm, logarithms) Unitary Method (Questions that are related to speed, time & distance, Time & Work, Percentage, Profit & Loss)
Statistics (Graphical representation-frequency polygons, Collection, and tabulation of statistical data, Pie charts, bar charts, etc. Measures of central tendency.) Arithmetic (Number system – natural numbers, integer numbers, rational numbers, and real numbers. Basic operations – addition, subtraction, division, square roots, decimal fractions.)
Trigonometry (Simple trigonometric identities. Use of trigonometric tables. Values of sine x, cos x and tan x, for x = 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° & 90°, sine x, cosine x, tangent x when O° < x < 90°,Simple cases of heights and distances.) Mensuration (Area of the square, rectangle, parallelogram, triangles & circles. Areas of figures which can bisect into the figures. Surface area and volume of spheres. Surface area & volume of cuboids, lateral surface, and volume of a right circular area of cylinders.)
Average Algebra (Basic operations, remainder theorem, simple factors, HCF, LCM, the theory of polynomials, the relation between its roots solutions of quadratic equations, and coefficients (only real roots to be considered).
Ratios And Proportions Time And Distances
Geometry (Parallel lines. Properties of angles at a point, Properties of Circle, including tangents and normal. Congruency of triangles, Similar triangles, The concurrence of medians and altitudes, Sides and angles of a triangle, Property related to angles, sides, and diagonals of a parallelogram, rectangle, and square) Simple And Compound Interest

The Territorial Exam will assess your ability to make logical conclusions and solve incomplete sequences. The sections like Logical reasoning will give a brief insight into your logical and analytical thinking to the authorities.

Territorial Army Syllabus: Paper 2

The syllabus for the Territorial Army Paper 2 is tabulated below:

Section A: General Knowledge

Countries And Their Capitals History
Art And Culture Indian Politics And Geography
Sports Literature
Tourism And Travel Science And Technology

Section B: English

Synonyms And Antonyms One-word Substitution
Vocabulary Spell Check
Omitting Idioms And Phrases
Editing Prepositions
Jumbled Sentences Active Voice And Passion Voice

TA Army Exam Pattern 2024:

TA Army Exam Pattern 2024: The Territorial Army has three stages for civilians. The written exam is part of PIB which is both qualifying and scoring in nature. The qualified candidates will be called for the SSB Interview for physical and mental examination. After SSB candidates will appear for a medical examination.

However, for the Ex-servicemen, the recruitment process differs. The ex-services man selection process for the Territorial Army recruitment involves only 2 stages i.e., the Army Headquarters Selection Board test and a medical examination.

If you want more information about the TA Army Recruitment Process and also want to know the TA Army Exam Pattern 2024, Check the detailed exam pattern of the Territorial Army and other details below.

Details of TA Army Exam Pattern 2024:

The maximum mark carried by the TA Army Exam 2024 is 200 marks. The duration of the exam will be a total of 4 hours. As discussed earlier the TA Army Exam will consist of two papers Paper I and Paper II. Paper, I will have two sections: Logical Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics and Paper II will have another two sections namely the General Knowledge section and the English Language section. Each section of Paper I and Paper II will have 50 questions and each question will carry a weightage of 1 mark. This means that each paper will have 100 questions in it and will carry a weightage of 100 marks in Total. All the candidates will be given a time of two hours to solve each paper.

The difficulty level of the Elementary Mathematics section will be moderate, the matriculation-level problems will be asked in Paper I. In the Logical Reasoning section, the candidates will have to answer the questions by using their aptitude to reason logically. In this section, your analytical thinking and aptitude will help you to solve the questions.

In the General Knowledge section Paper-II, Candidates will be asked about History, Current affairs, Sports, Literature, Science and Technology, Indian Art and Culture, Indian politics, and Indian Geography. On the other hand, the English section will assess your vocabulary. The difficulty level of the English section will also be moderate and a candidate who has a good command of general English can solve the questions easily.

The candidates can find the TA Army Exam Pattern 2024 in the table mentioned below:

Paper Name Section Name Total No. of Questions in the section Total No. of Marks per Section Total Marks carried by the Paper Total Marks of the TA Army Written Exam Duration of exam
Paper-I Logical Reasoning 50 50 100 200 Marks Paper-I -2 Hours
Elementary Mathematics 50 50
Paper-II General Knowledge 50 50 100 Paper II - 2 Hours
English Language 50 50

Language of the exam: Hindi and English

Marking Scheme: Negative Marking (half marks will be deducted for each wrong answer)

  • The total duration of the written examination for civilians is 4 hours.
  • The type of examination question is objective type, that is multiple-choice questions.
  • The mode of examination will be both English and Hindi.
  • Two written examinations are held for civilians- Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Paper 1 and paper 2 are split into two parts with 100 marks per paper.
  • The total marks for the written examination are 200.
  • There is a negative marking for each incorrect answer.

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