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IPU CET Syllabus 2021:

The IPU CET Syllabus 2021 differs for all subjects. The courses that students might appear to hold different question paper styles and subjects. The IPU CET Syllabus also provides the students with comprehensive details on how the exam pattern is divided and which subjects will hold more weightage than others. The pattern usually contains information such as the percentage or more precisely the weightage of different topics and subjects that will be examined in the exam.

It tells the students how the marks within the sub-topics are divided. Students can look at this information and see which topics hold more marks and prepare accordingly.

IPU CET Syllabus 2021: Course-Wise

Below we have tried to provide a brief overview of the IPU CET Exam Syllabus of some of the major courses and some of the major subjects which are tested in most cases, such as Mathematics, chemistry, etc.


The B.Tech IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes Physics- 33% Chemistry 33% and Mathematics 33%. The questions will be based on the concepts or topics in XI and XII classes. 

B.Tech Biotechnology:

The B.Tech Biotechnology IPU CET Syllabus Physics -20%, Chemistry-20%, Mathematics-20%, Biology (Botany and Zoology) or Biotechnology- 40%.


The BCA IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes English Comprehension- 15%, Mathematics-30%, Computer Awareness 30%, General Knowledge (IT and Science)- 25%, Aptitude relating to the field of Management and Communication skills- 25%. 


The B.ed IPU CET Syllabus 2021 includes Mental Ability and Reasoning-40%, Aptitude for teaching-20%, English Comprehension-15%, General Awareness-25%. 


The BBA IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes English Language and Comprehension- 25%, Logical and Analytical Ability-25%, General Awareness-25%, Aptitude relating to the field of Management and Communication skills- 25%. 


The B.Com IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes Logical and Analytical Reasoning-25%, General Awareness-15%, General English-25%, Data Interpretation-25%.

B.Sc Nursing:

The B.Sc Nursing IPU CET Syllabus includes Chemistry-20%, Physics-20%, Biology-40%, General Awareness about Health-Related Matters-10%,  English language, and Comprehension-10%. 


The BHMCT IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes English Language and Comprehension-25%, General Awareness-20%, Logical and Analytical Ability including Computer Awareness-30%, Knowledge of Accounts, Commerce or Arts- 20% 

MA English:

The MA English IPU CET SYllabus 2021 is divided into two parts, the first part assesses the student on Literature-60%, General Awareness and Culture-10%, English Language and Comprehension-30%. The second part contains essay-type questions for the students to attempt. 


The MACRIM IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes general knowledge and proficiency in English (Class 12th), Elementary Knowledge of Social Science and Understanding different faces of human behavior. 


MCA Syllabus 2021 includes Mathematics-25%, English language, and Comprehension-25%, Computer Awareness-25%, Logical and Analytical Ability- 25%.  


MBA Syllabus 2021 includes English Language and Comprehension-30%, Numerical Ability-30%, General Awareness-10%, Reasoning Ability including Data Interpretation-30%. 


The M.ed IPU CET Syllabus 2021 includes English and communication skills-30%, General Awareness, and Logical Reasoning-30%, Teaching Aptitude-10%.


LLB IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 includes English Language and Comprehension-25%, General Knowledge-25%, Reasoning-25%, Legal Aptitude-25% and General Legal Awareness and Understanding and Applications of Legal Principles.  


The LLM IPU CET Syllabus 2021 includes General knowledge including the English Language- 20%, Public International Law, Human Rights Law and Public Enforcement Law-30%, Current trends in Law-20%, Jurisprudence and Law of Torts, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law and Commercial Law and Family Law-30%. 

Some of the most commonly tested subjects include Math, Physics, Chemistry, hence below we have provided the brief syllabus of these subjects.

IPU CET Syllabus 2021 Math syllabus:

  1. Sets and Functions including Trigonometric Functions.
  2. In Algebra: students are tested in Mathematical Induction, Complex numbers, and Quadratic Equations. Linear Inequalities, Permutations, and Combinations, Binomial Theorem and Sequence and Series. 
  3. In Coordinate Geometry: students are also tested in Straight Lines, Conic Sections and Introduction to Three-Dimensional geometry. 
  4. Calculus: Students learn Mathematical Reasoning in this sub-topic. 
  5. Statistics and Probability: students learn about statistics and probability in this sub-topic.   

IPU CET Syllabus 2021 Chemistry syllabus:

Students learn some basic concepts of chemistry, they learn the structure of the Atom, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties. They also learn Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure. States of Matter in gases and liquid. They are assessed on Chemical thermodynamics, equilibrium, redox reaction, hydrogen, S-Block Elements which include Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, Organic Chemistry, hydrocarbons, and environmental chemistry. 

IPU CET Exam Syllabus 2021 Physics syllabus:

  1. Students are assessed on concepts such as Physical world, units, and measurements.
  2. Kinematics include sub-topics such as motion in a straight line, motion on a plane. 
  3. Laws of Motion and Work, Energy and Power, the system of particles and rotational motion.  
  4. Gravitation and properties of Bulk Matter including mechanical properties of Solids, mechanical properties of fluids and Thermal properties of Matter. 
  5. Thermodynamics and Behaviour of Perfect Gases and the kinetic theory of gases including Kinetic theory. 
  6. Oscillations and Waves are also studied by the student in-depth.
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