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Tips & Tricks For GLAET

Tips & Tricks For GLAET 2024 Examination | How To Prepare?

GLAET Exam 2024 is a quantitative exam which needs a proper study timetable. The aspirants need to check the earlier year question paper and mock test paper for better results.

GLAET Exam Tips & Tricks

Some points that should be kept in mind by the candidates while doing exam preparation:-

  • One should always be organized and prepare the agenda of the portion which needs to be covered each day.
  • After every topic, the candidate must revise it again and again.
  • Once you finish reading, mark all the points which are difficult and read them once more to understand it better.
  • Sometimes pictures always help to understand the concept better and help to remember the point. So go through all the flow charts and pictures.
  • You need to take a minimum of seven hours of sleep at night.
  • While you spent a lot of time studying, spend a couple of minutes more and finish one thing at a time.
  • Don't get panic while you are writing your answers as sometimes the questions can be tricky.
  • Read the question carefully then understand and slowly start writing the answer.
  • Plan your night before the exam, revise each topic very thoroughly as it may contain difficult topics.
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