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DCA Syllabus 2024

DCA Syllabus: DCA Exam Syllabus gives you an idea of what you will learn during this course. The time duration of this course is fixed. So, you need to complete this course within this limited period of time. The course is available in two modes: online and offline mode. You can choose any mode according to your preference.

The DCA Syllabus is the list of chapters and units which you will study in a course. In terms of the exam, it is the list of topics and chapters which are important for the exam. The question paper of the exam is prepared from this syllabus. Thus, it is very important for students to collect their syllabus as soon as possible.

Basic Details of DCA Syllabus 2024


Computer Application

  • Basics of Computer
  • Microsoft 2010
  • Installation of OS
  • Installation of Application Software


Computer Hardware & Peripherals

  • Assembling of PC
  • CMOS setup
  • CD ROM
  • Printer, Keyboard, SMPs
  • PC Troubleshooting



  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Networking Components/Hardware
  • Network Configuration/Setup

DCA Syllabus 2024

DCA Exam Syllabus 2024

Computer fundamentals

Functions, applications, classification and components of the computer, various types of devices, and concepts of windows in detail

Office Automation

Aspects of Microsoft tools in detail like MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, etc.

Network Fundamentals

Network devices, types of networks, internet and intranet and network protocols and anti-virus

Web design

Working of HTML in detail, phrase tags, meta tags, hyperlinks, and frame management

Java Script

Basics of JavaScript, JavaScript Syntax, placing JavaScript, cookies, page redirection, dialog box, and XML fundamentals

Database System

Data models, RDBMS, table design, key, data definition language, data control language SQL queries

App development

Introduction to programming, PHP basics, PHP advanced, PHP database connectivity, PHP database management

Project work

Related to web designing, using PHP, MySQL AND reports will be supplied

Steps to Download the DCA Syllabus 2024:

The educational institutes provide the DCA Syllabus for exams. You can contact your institute for it. The other way you can get the DCA syllabus is through the official website of the institute. This option gives you the facility to have the syllabus from anywhere.

  1. Visit the official website of the government institute (
  2. Check the ‘Student Zone’ in the menu bar and click on the ‘Courses’ options.
  3. Select ‘Short term courses’.
  4. Choose ‘Short term Courses in Hardware and Networking.
  5. A new web page will be opened. Choose the DCA course and click on the syllabus option.

What is DCA (Diploma in Computer Application):

DCA Stands for Diploma in Computer Application. This is a diploma course of 1 Year duration. In this course, you will learn about the basics of computer applications, hardware, and networking. This is best for students who are unable to take admission to a graduation course.

The DCA Exam Syllabus of this course has three main outlines. Computer application, computer hardware, and computer networking. This course is more useful than other graduation courses. Because this course offers different job opportunities. As we all know, a skill development course has a great demand in the market.

There are different colleges that conduct DCA Exam. You can take admission to any institution according to your preference. The DCA certificate from a government institution is more valuable than from other institutions. These students are more likely to get a job because these institutions provide job placement.


Students who want to make their career in the IT industry would choose BCA Bachelor in Computer Application. This is the most popular course amongst IT aspirants. The BCA course duration is 3 years. During this period, you will learn about different concepts related to computer applications and networking.

On the other hand, DCA is a diploma course of 1-year duration. In this course, you only get some basic knowledge of computer applications and networking. DCA Exam is mainly related to skill development, so it will only offer you practical knowledge and not the principles and theories.

DCA is a better option for those who just want to learn some basic concepts related to computer applications. The course duration and fees is low as compared to the BCA course. After finishing this course, you will get a job in different sectors which use computer applications.

Benefits of DCA:

DCA course is a diploma course and offers some unique benefits. Some students do not want to take admission in a full-time course. They just want a short-term course which gives them the skills required in the market. The Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) is a course that offers the above benefit.

Some other benefits of DCA:

  1. DCA Exam does not require any special eligibility criteria, any student who has qualified high school can apply for this course.
  2. This is a diploma course of 1-year duration. So, you can learn every important skill related to the IT industry in this duration. This course saves your time.
  3. The course fee is less as compared to other graduation courses. The reason is this course will not give deep information related to your field.
  4. Students who want to learn more can also apply for graduate courses. If you choose graduation after a diploma course it would be much easier to understand the subjects.
  5. After the DCA Exam, you can make your career in different sectors like banking, IT, government jobs, etc. These fields require diploma holders.
  6. DCA gives you basic knowledge related to computer applications and networking. This is mainly a skill-oriented course. Therefore, you will not study the principles and theories of programming. You will only learn the basic skills required in the market.
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