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DCA Exam Pattern 2023

DCA Exam Pattern: The conducting authority prepares the question paper. This paper has a specific structure that you need to understand before the exam. The exam pattern resembles the layout of and marking scheme of questions in the question paper. So, if you have an idea about the DCA Exam Pattern 2023 before the exam, it will be very beneficial.

You can analyze the DCA Exam Pattern and make a preparation strategy according to it. This will help you to identify which topic or concept is of high weightage. Also, you can check the level of your performance through the exam pattern. The toughness of the question gives you a basic idea about the toughness level of the overall paper.

Another benefit of having the DCA Exam Pattern is that it will help you to manage your time in the exam. It tells you which section is the lengthiest so that you can give more time to it. It is observed that due to the lack of proper strategy, students leave questions that they know very well. This will never happen if you have the correct DCA Exam Pattern.

DCA Exam Pattern 2023

Mode of Examination

Online Examination

Type of Questions

Theory and Practical

Negative Marking


Language of Examination


DCA Exam Pattern 2023

DCA Exam Pattern 2023:

The educational institute conducts the exam in both theory and practical mode. The main motive of this system of examination is to check the deep knowledge of the subject. Theoretical knowledge is important but this course is mainly skill-oriented. So, more priority is given to the practical exam.

DCA Exam Marks

Type of Exam

Time Duration

Total Marks

Theory Exam 1

2 hours


Theory Exam 2

3 hours


Practical Exam

2:30 hours


The minimum mark a student needs to score is 50%. The corresponding grade is D. Also, there are other grades that resemble different percentages.

S - 85% and over

A - 75% to 84%

B - 65% to 74%

C - 55% to 64%

D - 50% to 54%

F - Fail

Important Instructions for the DCA Exam 2023:

  • Candidates will get 2 hours for the theory paper and 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the DCA Exam 2023.
  • Download the DCA Exam Important notifications and dates from the official website of the institute and take a printout of the same.
  • Take your DCA Exam Admit Card along with you on the day of the examination.
  • It is a must for the aspirants to reach the DCA Examination center 30 minutes before the examination starts.
  • Do not take your mobile phone or any other electronic devices along with you to the examination ha

DCA Paper Pattern 2023

Computer Application

Basics of Computer

Microsoft 2010

Installation of OS

Installation of Application Software

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Assembling of PC

CMOS setup


Printer, Keyboard, SMPs

PC Troubleshooting


Networking Fundamentals

Networking Components/Hardware

Network Configuration/Setup

Preparation Strategy for DCA Exam Pattern:

Preparation of the exam defines your performance in the exam and furthers the result. To get a high percentage in the exam you need to do a lot of preparation. The duration of the exam is limited. However, to use the time efficiently and answer all the questions, good preparation is the key.

There are some common tips that help you in your preparation for the DCA Exam.

  1. At the last moment, you should not read the whole book. This will waste your precious time before the exam. Reading through the books will confuse you. Because as you read, you feel like you have forgotten the important concepts. At the last moment, you should only prepare through short notes.
  2. Preparing a notebook that contains all the important definitions and formulas. This will help you in revision. You will be able to recall the summary of the chapters at a glimpse. You can also write short notes and important questions. This will help you in understanding the use of formulas. It is easy to understand the notes made by yourself.
  3. Before appearing in the exam, you should at least solve 5 to 6 sample papers. This will greatly improve your knowledge of the concepts and performance in the exam. Practice papers are designed for the students to take an idea of the actual exam. Therefore, without solving a practice paper, your preparation is incomplete.
  4. DCA exam checks your knowledge of the subjects which you can use practically. So, It will be very helpful if you perform the theory into practice. The practical exam is also conducted for the same reason. In the job market, more priority is given to the skill than theoretical knowledge. So, it is your responsibility to learn the skill.
  5. You should prepare the subject through the books recommended by the board. Because these books contain all the syllabus of the exam. So, you will get all the important chapters and topics in one place. If you are unable to understand the topics, you can also study the books of some other writers.
How to Attempt the DCA Question Paper:

Every student has a different strategy to attempt the question paper. DCA exam paper is lengthy, so if you attempt questions in a random manner, you can not answer all questions. So, we are delivering the best way to attempt the DCA Exam question paper.

  1. You should start your exam with questions having the highest weightage. These are the questions that are lengthy and consume most of your time. So, these questions should be answered first. The questions are easy to understand. However, if you have not finished the syllabus, you can not answer them easily.
  2. Your next priority should be the questions that have medium marks weightage. These questions will help you to score marks in the exam. These questions are comparatively shorter than long questions. However, they are not so easy.
  3. Finally, attempt the least weightage questions. These questions are tricky questions. But they do not take much time. So, you can easily solve these questions in the DCA Exam.
  4. The question paper does not have negative marking for wrong answers. So, try to attempt all questions. This may increase your marks in the exam. Also, if you are confused about a question, leave it for later. Because it will waste precious exam time. Read the questions carefully and attempt those questions first which you can answer easily.
DCA Exam Pattern 2023
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