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What is Lateral Entry

Update on 2024-04-15

What is Lateral Entry - What Does Lateral Entry Means, Benefits, Admission, Colleges, and Courses

What is Lateral Entry?

After finishing 12th standard, students take admission in different courses according to their preferences. They will be promoted to the first year of that course. This is the normal mode of admission into a course. However, there is another way to take admission into a course which is through Lateral Entry. A student will directly be promoted to the second year of a course.

Students who have completed a diploma course and want to take admission into a graduation course are applicable for lateral entry. They have already studied the basics of the diploma. So, attending the first year would not be beneficial for them. The course regulating authority considers them eligible for the second year of that course.

The Lateral entry is not applicable for every course. Only a few courses accept lateral entry admission. Generally, graduation courses that have a corresponding diploma course allow lateral entry. Like B.Tech, B.Pharma, etc. So, you will be promoted to the second year of these courses.


Benefits of Taking Admission Through Lateral Entry

Students who have finished a diploma course are familiar with the basic concepts of the corresponding graduation. So, they don't need to study in the first year which mostly consists of the basics of a course. Also, they spent 3 years in the diploma after the 10th, so an additional year will waste their precious time.

There are multiple benefits of taking admission through lateral entry. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. The first benefit is that students are directly promoted to the second year of that particular course. They don't need to qualify for the first year which checks the basic knowledge of the subject.
  2. The eligibility criteria for lateral entry are different from that of regular admission. Sometimes you don't need to qualify for an entrance exam.
  3. As you are promoted to the second year, you don't need to pay the first year fee. This helps in saving your money.
  4. While taking admission through lateral entry, you already have a diploma. This is an additional qualification that will help in your career. Also, you have basic knowledge of the subjects in graduation.


Comparison Between Regular Admission and Lateral Entry

The two modes of admission are different from each other in several ways. However, both of them have their own features. You can not say that the regular mode of admission is better than lateral entry. If you have completed a diploma course and want to enhance your knowledge and skill, taking admission into a graduation course is the best option for you.

If you take admission through the lateral entry you will be promoted to the second year of the course. This saves one year in the graduation course. In the first year, you will be taught the basics of different subjects which you have already studied in the diploma course. This also saves your fees for the first year of graduation.

The eligibility criteria for lateral entry are different from that of regular admission. While taking admission into a course, a student needs to fulfill the minimum requirement for the course. For diploma holders, they should have completed their diploma in a particular course. However, for 12th-passed students, they should have completed their 12th class from the required subjects.

Students who apply for lateral entry have a diploma course. So, they have an additional qualification. This helps them in their career.


B.Tech Lateral Entry

B.Tech is a graduation course in the field of engineering. This is a technical course of 4 Year duration. Students who have a diploma in engineering can take admission through lateral entry. They will be promoted to the second year of the graduation course. However, they first need to check whether the lateral entry is provided by the college or not.

During the diploma in engineering, students learn all the basic concepts of the field. They also learn the skills and practical applications of the concepts in the course. So, they have specific knowledge of the subject. Thus they are more suitable than the regular 12th pass students. However, a diploma course does not provide you with deep knowledge of your field.

After completing the B.Tech through the lateral entry, a student has more skills and knowledge of their stream. They have higher chances of getting a job in their core sector than regular students. Sometimes, they even get more salary.


Who Qualifies for Lateral Entry?

Eligibility criteria are the minimum requirement you need to fulfill to take admission in a course. This requirement is generally set by the institution but on a broader scale, it is set up by the AICTE. To ensure every student gets the opportunity to get technical education, the council made certain rules for the admission of students.

  • The students must have completed a diploma in engineering in the related stream.
  • They have scored at least 60% marks in the diploma course.
  • The candidate must have completed his diploma in the same stream in which he wants to take admission in the B.Tech course.
  • Students need to match the age limit requirement of the institution in which he wants to take admission.
  • Some students took admission in the diploma course after 12th class. So, they skip the first year of their diploma course. They are equally eligible for the B.Tech course.


What is Lateral Entry Admission?

Students can take admission into a B.Tech course through either of the two modes: Direct admission or Admission through entrance exam. These modes of admission are available after the 12th. Different colleges accept different modes of admission. However, they get admission through one of these modes.

Direct Admission: This mode of admission is provided by most of the private colleges. The course fees in these private colleges are high. However, the education and the placement record of such institutions are good. So, this is a good option to invest your money.

Entrance Exam: Government colleges accept lateral entry through marks in the entrance exam. Some top universities conduct their own entrance exam for admission to B.Tech. If you qualify for the entrance exam, you will get a good college that provides quality education at an affordable price.


B.Pharma Lateral Entry

Bachelor of Pharmacy is a reputed course to make a future in the pharmaceutical industry. This is a graduation course of 4 years duration. Students who have successfully completed a Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma) are eligible to take admission to the graduation course. Their admission is through the lateral entry and they are promoted to the second year of B.Pharma.

Lateral entry is a good option for those who seek expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. They get deep knowledge of different aspects of their field. Also, they have learned some practical skills related to the industry in the diploma course which help them in their career. The benefit of taking admission through lateral entry is that you will be directly promoted to the second year.

The pharmaceutical industry seeks professionals who have great practical and theoretical knowledge. This industry has great career opportunities for skilled professionals. So, having graduation along with the diploma course will equip students for this industry.


Which Colleges Provide Lateral Entry?

There are a large number of Colleges that provide admission through lateral entry. These colleges are among the top colleges. They provide lateral Entry into different courses. Some colleges which provide lateral entry to students are as follows:


Colleges Name


Shanti Institute of Technology, Meerut


Sir Chotu Ram of Engineering and Technology, Meerut


KP Group of Institution, Agra


Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus, Agra


Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Bon Maharaj Engineering College, Mathura


Krishna Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Vindhya Institute of Technology and Science, Allahabad


LDC Institute of Technical Studies, Allahabad


Sagar Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow



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