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Update on 2024-04-15

What is Google Internship Training? - Internship Training & Certification in Google

How to Get an Internship Certificate From Google:

➦ Ok, who hasn't heard of Google? You may have landed on this post owing to the Google SEO and AdWords in all probability. One of the largest players in its market, it has offices in over 40 countries globally, and a Google internship is one of the most desirable internships for college students worldwide.

➦ What sorts of internships are available at Google, and who are the people that should apply?

➦ Google makes available technical internships & product management internships to students pursuing computer science degrees, postgraduate & PhD degrees, and other related fields. Typically 3rd or 4th-year students are chosen for graduates.

➦ If you're from some other field but have knowledge of coding and algorithms to the depth, you have equal chances of being chosen.

➦  Google's summer internship certificate course for MBA students lasts for 10-12 weeks and is offered in the organization across a variety of functions. Students completing their 1st year of MBA can apply.

➦ You must apply early (the most suitable duration is from October to January), as most of Google's summer internship positions are filled before February.

There are a couple of ways you can get an internship at Google and these are:

There are four main ways to apply for Google Internship Certificate:

Online application: Google Internship Certificate – careers at Google:

  • Apply to Google's internship portal online. You'll need your resume and transcript (in PDF format).

Employee referral: 

In this, you should ask someone you know to refer you to the company already working in Google, as this increases the chances of being hired. This job can be made simpler if you join a company that will help you meet people in a business circle with enough opportunities. Like, EAT MY NEWS. This is a fantastic organization for everyone and anyone eager to develop their skills as well as interact with companies.

They have reached out to all over the world and work hand in hand with individuals to develop their abilities. They also organize an annual youth conference that will help you get in contact with people who can really help you achieve your goals. EMN is also an agency giving you a certificate for your work.

Ask someone to refer you via Google. This can be found on either LinkedIn or Facebook. This will only get you through the screening process for the resume. The method is the same for everyone after that.

Google HR mailing system:

Today, this often includes a cordial working relationship with people who have been interned or worked in Google before. And ask them to provide you with Google's HR email Id and send it directly to them.

Find a former googler (Xoogler) or intern, and ask her to provide you with HR's email address. Mail the HR directly with a well-written cover letter and resume, clearly stating your intent.

Google Code Summer:

It's not technically an internship at Google; it's a Google-sponsored global program where students work independently under some mentorship on projects with open source organizations (previously chosen by Google). Students contact the mentor organizations in which they wish to intern and submit a proposal for a project. It is a work from the home internship program a virtual type of job.

What to do after applying for Google Internship Certificate?

Your resume and transcript will be reviewed by the recruitment team, and if you're considered fit for the job, you'll be taking part in a series of technical interviews – some over the mobile phones or Google+ hangouts & others in person at Google India offices (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, & Bangalore). Mostly the interviews concentrate on data structures and algorithms along with some general questions regarding coding.

➦ Some of the data structures 'must-know are – Linked List (single and doublY), Stack, Queues, Heaps, Hashing, Binary Search Tree, Basic Graph Traversal, and Shortest Path, Tries, and Bit Manipulation.

➦ Hiring Committee: Members of the recruiting committee study the interviewers' input, the curriculum vitae, and related documents. If you seem to be a good candidate your details will be put in a host matching pool.

➦ Host Matching: This is the move that demands patience from you. There's really no way to speed up the process unless you know people looking for an intern or a rival bid from their teams. If you find a possible host, then a few telephone interviews are conducted which are usually non-technical. The host is just trying to find out whether you'd be a good match for the team (and vice versa).

➦ For Google Summer of Code: If your application is accepted, you'll spend a month integrating with your organization before coding starts. You will have three summer months to code, following the defined deadlines with your mentors.

In general, Google provides interns with a 30K/month stipend along with free food and team outings. You would then have three months of summer to code, following the deadlines decided with your mentors.

These are some of the stuff to keep in mind when you're planning for the Google internship. Some Of The Basic Things To Remember while Applying For The Google Internship Certificate Program:

1) Create your own website

You should be involved in the digital industry if you want to work for Google. The organizational unit should be expressing your personality, your interests,  your passion for your blog.

2) Know everything -all about Google Adwords

Google's 97 percent income comes from ads. And the principal source of revenue is Google Adwords ($43.7 billion in 2012). To apply to Google, you should know their business model very well. If you become an expert in Google Adwords, you will be aware of the in and out of their business model and Google Adwords!

One Google recruiter told us that the first questions he asks to technical as well as business people are: What are the pros and cons of using Adwords for business.

To learn Adwords best is to use it yourself! When you have your website and some content, use Adwords' free budget to try ads.

Google normally gives between 50 and 100 $to use Adwords when you sign up for the first time. If you are hosting your Bluehost domain, you will also be getting some extra Google credits.

Also, make sure you sign up and learn to take the course on Lynda by David Booth. He will lead you through what you need to know before you start using Adwords. When you apply for an internship it will give you an advantage.

3) Pass the Google AdWords exam

Google requires you to take an exam so that you can be certified for AdWords. Typically it's targeted at an agency that wants to support online businesses of others.

  • Passing the evaluation
  • Please make sure you understand and understand everything
  • Show your dedication to achieving success

What it will not do to You:

  • It will not make you an expert

View it as obtaining a driving license. You know how to drive a car but to be professional you do need more practice.

It will be enough to pass the certification by taking the course we described above. Even Google offers an AdWords study guide.

4) Learn Basic Programming Skills

If you look at Google's recruiting engineers qualifications they require them to be qualified in one or more of the following programming languages:

  • Python, 
  • SQL, 
  • HTML , 
  • CSS, 
  • JavaScript, 
  • Unix / Linux etc.

Yeah, but you're an entrepreneur, so why would you need to know how to code? Well, the engineers designed Google and it has a strong engineering culture and community.

5) Get prepared for your interview with a public speaking class

When you talk to people you want to be confident and comfortable. If you're a company or a technical person, you need to consider who you're talking to and how you can contribute to that person, and communicate something positive for which they'll remember you.

  • It would also be useful for you to have full knowledge of one of the programming languages, such as python, java, c++, etc.
  • You need to have proper business contacts and other skills needed. And if possible you can also have your own website and put it on Google advertising.

Words of advice from Xooglers:

➦ Competitive Programming: It is probably the best and fastest way to plan and crackdown on the professional interviews of all top-notch tech firms. A strong CodeChef / TopCoder / CodeForces rating will help you clear the resume screening that is sometimes the biggest obstacle for most applicants.

➦ Good results would not only benefit you in technical interviews (by enhancing the Data Structures and Algorithms basics), but you will also get good referrals because the referrer will easily check the statements.

➦ No Brainteasers: Don't blindly believe the print and social media posts posted on them. Google stopped in, long ago, interviews asking complicated brain teaser-type questions. They realized that such brainteasers do not accurately predict the candidates' success and problem-solving ability; instead, they are now focused on standardized interview questions. Google's Guide to Improving Your Professional Skills-Guide to Technological Growth

➦ Do your research: Most students are not assigned to a host as they are too rigid when filling out the questionnaire. For a better chance of finding a team that resonates with your interests, you need to do a bit of research on different Google products and the teams behind them.

CONCLUSION- Dear Aspirants, in this article we have provided you with the basic information about how to get an internship certificate from Google. But we would still advise you to work hard so that you can directly grab a job in Google. For more information keep visiting our website. Thank you!

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