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What is an Internship?

Update on 2024-04-15

What is an Internship - Why Do We Need a Internship

What is an Internship:

➥ The internship is very important for the students as they get the opportunity to upgrade their skills and expertise in a particular area. The evolving job market is highly competitive and demands experienced and trained experts as professionals. The internship is a way to enhance the knowledge of freshers by exposing them to practical industry-based training before they start their careers.

➥ Internships can be paid or unpaid. In either way, the student is benefited because the internship programs help to work on industry-related projects and add to the credential of the individual.

➥ To answer the question of what is an internship, it is important to know that an internship is a professional experience that helps in the career development of a student by equipping him or her with industry-relevant skills and expertise. An internship program offers a full-time or part-time professional experience for an individual, where he can get real-life organization-based training in many fields.

Why Do We Need an Intern Certificate:

➥ An internship certificate is very important for the candidate for it declares the completion of the internship program by the candidate. It also signifies the department for which the candidate has worked and includes comments by the supervisors and mentors.

➥ An internship certificate adds to the resume of the candidate by highlighting his newly gained skills and industry experience. An internship certificate also makes the candidate eligible for lucrative job opportunities in reputed companies.

What Does It Mean to Be an Intern:

➥ An intern is a trainee who works for an organization for a short period of time. The working period of an intern varies and it might be anywhere between 2 months to 2 years. An intern’s main aim is to gain theoretical skills and practical work experience from the organization that he or she is working for.

➥ If you ask what does it means to be an intern, the answer will be gaining new skills and expertise in a particular field by working with the industry for a short period of time. An intern is assigned different work responsibilities depending upon their qualification and interests. Interns are mostly students or graduates who want to get some industry-based training before they venture out into the professional field.

To answer what does it mean to be an intern, refers to the different responsibilities that an intern is given by the organization during the internship training.

The job profile of an intern may be varied and include the following:

  • Day today Clerical duties
  • Work allotted by the managers
  • Administrative jobs
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Research-oriented activities
  • Managing social media posts

Objectives of Internship:

The objectives of an internship involve gaining relevant skills and experience in a particular field before grieving ready for a full-fledged professional career. It also inculcates innovative working experience, teamwork management, expanding knowledge in a particular domain.

The objectives of the internship can be described as follows:

  1. Improvement of decision-making skills
  2. Gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience on relevant topics.
  3. Development of teamwork and communication skills.
  4. Improvement of  workplace etiquette
  5. Enhancing networking capabilities.
  6. Improvement of problem-solving, networking, and analytical skills
  7.  Interaction with mentors for feedback and professional support.
  8. Development of commitment and workplace ethics

Is the Internship Paid:

➥ An internship is meant to boost the career of the students by providing industry experience and exposure. An internship can be either paid or unpaid depending upon the hiring organization and the duration that the internship is offered.

➥ If you ask the question, is the internship paid, the answer is there are both unpaid and paid internship programs. In fact, there have been several debates about whether it is ethically right for an organization to hire an unpaid intern.

➥ Paid internships normally have a large volume of work and require the interns to finish work within a definite time frame. Paid internship programs offer financial stability to the students and are advantageous for the students who come from an economically weaker background.

➥ Unpaid internships may range from a time period of 2 weeks to a few months. Normally companies like media and marketing hire unpaid interns. Paid internship programs are offered by the engineering, content writing, digital marketing, and banking sectors.

➥ Unpaid internships are usually more relaxed and the work pressure is far less whereas paid internship demands more work within a definite time period. Therefore paid internships help the student to become more responsible and committed to delivering a particular work.

➥ It is difficult to get enrolled in a paid internship program as there is a selection process. The company will choose a candidate with good academic credentials and presence of mind. 

➥ Whether a candidate joins a paid internship or an unpaid one he or she will gain relevant experience and skills to shape the career path and become ready for future job prospects.

Important Points of an Internship Program:

➥ The internship training is very important for the career development of an individual. Internship programs equip the candidate with industry knowledge and practical skills along with providing a valid certificate.

➥ If a student who is about to finish the undergraduate degree asks what is the point of an internship it can be clearly stated that an internship is the best platform for the career growth of an individual. Internship lays the foundation of a strong career path by training the candidate in communication, efficient delivery of work, networking, workplace etiquette and soft skills like solving problems, effective interaction with team members and seniors, and managing work within a definite time.

➥ The question of what is the point of an internship is also answered by the fact that the training teaches an individual to inculcate good character development. This involves remaining respectful towards mentors and treating team members with empathy. It also teaches the spirit of collaboration with team members and increases the problem-solving abilities of an individual.

Importance of an Internship:

Internship training is extremely important for the professional development of the student. The student gets to learn a lot of new things and also builds an experience of working with industry professionals. The importance of an internship in the life of a student is invaluable. The student in the course of attending an internship program learns a lot of new things that will help him or her to chart a successful career path.

Let us now check the importance of internship training:

An internship helps in building the future job prospects of the student. During the internship training learns most of the important functionalities necessary to be prepared for venturing into the job field.

1. An internship also teaches the importance of collaboration and healthy interaction with the different team members. The student gets to work with industry professionals as well as with peer groups. Connecting with a large number of people will improve the networking abilities of the student and this will help in future professional growth.

2. Internship inculcates professional behavior within the student. By working in the industry, the student gets a taste of professionalism and learns the abilities like networking, submitting projects on time, respecting the mentors, and collaborating effortlessly with fellow members.

3. An intern can understand the weak areas by getting comments and feedback from the seniors and mentors. This will help the intern improve his or her working style and concentrate upon the areas that need to be worked upon. 

4. The importance of an internship is that it helps in building the credentials of the individual with added skills and expertise. An internship certificate enhances the resume of the individual with added expertise and industry-based experience and this helps to gain an edge over the peers.

5. Apart from practical industry-based case studies the internship also helps in developing skills such as collaboration, empathy, problem-solving, and networking which is also important for the future career growth of the individual.

6. An internship will help the individual to identify the areas of interest and expertise and this will make him clear about the domain that his actual interests lie in. This will make the intern much more structured about the professional area and make him choose a job of his liking and expertise.

What Qualifies as an Internship:

If the question is raised as to what qualifies as an internship, the response is that an internship is a temporary working experience in an organization that will help in the career growth of an individual. An intern works with a company for a short period of time to add to the skills expertise.

Let us now make a list of factors as to what qualifies as an internship:

  • An intern works with a company for a short period of time.
  • The internship time spans from a few weeks to 2 years.
  • An intern can be paid or unpaid.
  • An intern gets workplace experiences.
  • Internships add skills and expertise to the credential.
  • An intern learns soft skills like collaboration, networking, and empathy for co-workers.
  • Internship training is suitable for both college students as well as individuals who are starting a career.
  • An internship certificate adds value to the resume of the individual.
  • An internship equips an individual to handle responsibilities and deliver work within the given time.
  • Internship programs relieve the company from hiring full-time professionals thus saving funds and also adding enthusiastic individuals to the team.


Internships are beneficial to the students as they help to build their resumes with skills and expertise that will help in their career growth. An internship is a way to gain knowledge and practical experience by exposing individuals to real-life work environments.

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