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How to Build a Strong Profile for MBA

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Build a Strong Profile for MBA | Improve your MBA Profile

How to build a strong profile for MBA?

Certain skills and personal qualities enhance the value of an MBA or help in ensuring a successful manager. The ability to get along well with and respected by people at all levels in the hierarchy, natural authority, business acumen, numerical ability, unflappability in times of crises, organising ability and self-confidence, resilience and a fairly thick skin (to cope with unavoidable clashes of temperament and opinion), enjoyment of power and responsibility, physical and mental energy are important among them. Management cannot be regarded as a skill which can be learned easily by practice or by thorough education. 

It is an inborn trait of the personality that can only be enhanced by education but not produced or cultivated in a person. Management can be regarded as a movable educational quality imparted into the manager:  this is because managers often take their knowledge, experience, skill, etc. From one management sector to another, say from a raw material production industry to the entertainment industry.   

Admission to management programmes requires the candidate to have at least a 3-year Bachelor's degree (10+2+3) or equivalent, in any discipline, recognised by the Association of Indian Universities ATU/AICTE as eligible for Post-graduate studies. Most university programmes clearly specify 50% minimum aggregate marks at the bachelor's degree level. Admission to full-time regular management programmes is through a procedure which includes a written entrance examination, followed by Group Discussion and Personal interview of those who are selected on the basis of their performance in the written examination. 

The current trend is for various management institutes to use the scores of the CAT (of the IIMS) in the initial round of selection., Otherwise, various states conduct a combined Management Entrance test for admission to management schools/institutes within the jurisdiction of the state. Most reputed universities and institutions which impart management training through part-time or distance mode also follow the same procedure. They prefer applicants to have related work experience (usually, at least 3 years) in a managerial/executive capacity since that helps in establishing ore effective teaching and learning climate. 

Why only a good Profile can guarantee success in Management?

MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. Lakhs of students sit for the CAT exam every year and only a few can get into the most prestigious management colleges of the country. This again leads to a dilemma that whether or not the student should migrate to some other country to study a high-quality curriculum of Masters in Business Administration or to get admission into a lesser ranked MBA college in India itself. Most experts who have been in the field of management for quite some time now believe that management education in the United Kingdom is hands down the best. They run a dynamic course with all requirements which are necessary to be relevant in the industry.

MBA in the UK for Indian Students is a good option indeed. The simplest reason that everyone gives to support their argument that the UK is the best for an MBA aspirant from India is that the course run in the UK is completely in English. Many foreign universities require you to have a hold on the native language of the country before they provide you with the admission. But this problem is solved in the United Kingdom. The second biggest reason to consider an MBA in the United Kingdom is that the quality of education in the UK is appreciated all over. The career boost that you get after an MBA from the UK will be much more than doing the same from any other country because the quality of training is significantly superior. 

United Kingdom and jobs for MBA graduates:

Again,  owing to the phase of a recession that the world economy is going through right now,  the companies in any country would be reluctant to offer the jobs to foreign nationals. This requires that you find courses of MBA in UK without Work Experience. Even if they offer a job to the foreign nationals they will not help in sponsoring your visa. Therefore, it will be the work visa that will be your key to securing a job outside India keeping the present scenario in mind. Let us take a look at the process of applying for jobs in the top countries of the world today.  

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