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Internship at Amazon

Update on 2024-04-15

Internship at Amazon. -Benefits of Internship Training & Certification

How to Get an Internship at Amazon:

In today’s scenario, there is huge competition in the job market. When you enter into a job market for a particularly coveted position in a company, what differentiates you from others is “your practical work experience”.

Therefore, Working as an Intern is the best way through which you can get first-hand experience of how it feels to work in the real world. It gives you a golden chance to apply practically whatever theories or lessons which you have learned in your college. Not only that, but it also helps you in enhancing your skills and personality.

And If you are lucky enough to bag an internship Training at Amazon, It can serve as an awesome start to your career. While hiring their Interns, they look for candidates who are innovative, who can deliver their best to the customers, and whose personality resembles their 14 Leadership Principles.

Globally, Amazon offers internships for every individual whether you hold a Graduation Degree; Master's Degree or you are a Ph.D. In 2024, Amazon hired around 8000 interns from 37 countries. If you are a technical person, most of the Internship Training at Amazon opportunities Amazon come during summer. Generally, the period of internships varies from 12 weeks to 16 weeks.

Basically, Amazon provides 3 types of Internships:

Business: Amazon offers business internships in various departments like Accounting & Finance, Product Management, Program Management, Sales & Marketing, etc. The ones who are undergraduates and graduates with having Non-Technical Background are a good fit for these internships.

Technical and Engineering: Students who belong to a technical background are offered these Internships where they are asked to develop and work on innovative technologies for designing new products for customers. Amazon hires interns for Software & Hardware Development, and Product Development frequently.

Research: The ones who possess a Master's degree or hold a Ph.D. are offered Research Internships. It involves working rigorously on various technical problems using Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing, etc. They hire frequently in the field of Data Science, Research Science, etc.

How to Get an Internship at Amazon?

You can apply for an internship at Amazon in many ways. Amazon offers multiple Internship Training at Amazon opportunities but to get selected you need to have a strong commitment, passion, and dedication toward the work and the role for which you are applying.

Apply on the Official Website: The best way to search and apply for Internships at Amazon is to go on their official website to see available job positions and apply for those positions online.

Search on Google: Another way to apply for Internship Training at Amazon is that you can just type on Google “Internship Opportunities at Amazon” and Search. You will get available job positions and you can apply there.

College Placements: Being a World-Class Organization, Amazon visits Premier Colleges of the country for campus placements. So, whenever it visits your college, you can apply for the job opening for which it is coming to your campus. If in case, Amazon doesn’t visit your campus, feel free to ask your Training & Placement Cell Head to drop a mail to HR at Amazon.

Internship Portals: You can also find available Internships at Internship Portals like Internshala,,, etc. You can also track your application status.

Referrals: If any of your friends or relative is already working at Amazon, then he/she may refer you, and definitely, referrals work in favour of you. Referrals allow you to get shortlisted but once you are called for an interview, It becomes your duty to perform well in the interview to get selected.

How is Amazon Internship Experience?

When you work as an Intern at Amazon, you get to work on various projects like developing a product to enhance the customer experience; developing software, etc and also in various departments like retail, finance, product management, etc.

One thing which is really important after you perform a particular task is to get genuine feedback. So, when your internship is about to end, the mentor who is assigned to you will provide you with feedback on your overall performance and all skills you need to acquire for better career growth in the future. This is a great practice that every Intern at Amazon really adores.

Your mentor not only provides you with feedback but also guides you through the project, ensuring your success at Amazon. Having a mentor in the company has a positive impact on an Intern’s Morale and also boosts his confidence.

At Amazon, they promote the culture of Teamwork. So, they ask their interns to work in a team and not in color, this helps them in building their own social network. Working as an Intern at Amazon allows you to be a little more innovative daily and to be comfortable to change.

How to Get an Internship at Amazon? also provides proper formal and classroom training to their interns so that they are capable of taking ownership of their work. Interns at Amazon also get numerous opportunities to develop their personal and professional networks by organizing social meets and workshops.

At Amazon, every intern is given enough exposure and opportunities to learn from their peers and leaders to ensure their career growth. As Amazon's customer base is highly diversified in terms of gender, abilities, race, religion, age, etc, they also hire candidates from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to cater to everyone’s needs. Hence, Interns get to experience diversity while being in this organization. This makes them flexible and open to learning.

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