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What is Provisional Certificate

Update on 2024-04-15

What is Provisional Certificate || How to Get Provisional Certificate, Difference between Provisional Certificate and Degree Certificate

What is Provisional Certificate:

A Provisional certificate is awarded to students on behalf of the original certificate who passes the University or the Board exam, and it certifies that the students have undertaken the education mentioned in the certificate. For most universities, the real certificates are issued after a commencement ceremony. This also implies that it is a transitional certificate until the actual certificate is issued. The Provisional Certificate is also considered by the recruiting companies or by the universities which approve a postgraduate candidature.

Fresh graduates are filled with zest to fulfill their every goal and career aspirations. Whether they want to join that large company in your desired role or enter one’s dream university, they will need to highlight their past qualifications to help recruiters or the admission panel measure your strengths, weaknesses, and academic performance. Even though their degree is among the first documents that are needed to take a step forward in their career, the need for a provisional certificate arises when they are asked to apply the proof of completion of their education to an admission board or for a work profile.

Since a university normally takes a few months to a year to give its degree to the graduates, they are issuing a provisional degree certificate that is valid for six months or until the next convocation, whichever comes before. A Provisional certificate is given to a student who has qualified the University Examination or an Examination Board, and the actual certificates are still to be issued. Mostly in the case of degree & higher qualifications, the Certificate of Authentic Degree is issued only after the Convocation. A Provisional Certificate is issued as a standby arrangement to enable the students to pursue higher education.

A provisional certificate is generated by college or university showing that the student has completed their graduation. It is a temporary certificate until it comes up with the actual certificate. By using a provisional certificate students can easily use that to search for a job. Provisional certificate is awarded to students on behalf of the original certificate that the student has passed the examination of the University or Board, and it certifies that the student has undergone the education mentioned on the certificate. The actual certificates are issued after a convocation for most Universities.

Transitional Degree Certificates or the Provisional Certificate are the certificates that are allocated to the students who have just graduated from college or university. The provisional degree or certificate is a transitional document that helps to identify the person regarding his / her qualification. Although it usually has no meaning, the validation date expires the day when the University issues the original certificate. Until then, the certificate may be used to secure a job, and a provisional certificate of degree may be issued when asked for documents.

However, the student must ensure that the original degree is duly obtained from the university since universities ask for the original degree after a certain point in time.

What is Meant by a Provisional Certificate?

The provisional certificate is temporary, as its name suggests until the original approved certificate is issued. The provisional certificate works as a proof certificate which signifies that the degree has not yet been issued.  This certificate helps to hold an important place when applying for higher education or for jobs as the students' qualifications. It acts as proof of the fact that the person from that particular university completed the mentioned education.

The provisional degree cites specifics such as the student's name, the name of the course he/she graduated in, the division he/she obtained while completing the degree, etc. If the time comes to switch to the next step of life, then a provisional degree helps you. Both the student and the college/university administration are helpful in keeping a track of the students who have successfully completed their education with their educational establishment.

  1. It is temporary in nature.
  2. It specifies the candidate's name and the name of the course in which she/he graduated.
  3. It lets the aspirants get a letter of offer from the organization in which they want to work.
  4. Usually, it has an expiry date, which is until the degree is disbursed.

How do I Get a Provisional Certificate?

In this situation, students need to contact their university's administration department and fill out a request to get a provisional paper. Depending upon the organization, students will be given this certificate anywhere within a week to a month. A document certifying graduation before the original degree is issued is called the Provisional Certificate. Therefore it is temporary in nature, and unlike the time when the fee is paid for permanent degree disbursement, there is no penalty for it.

In order not to miss a chance when it comes to professional education or a career, it is mandatory to obtain the qualification, although provisional.

  1. Students must represent the application to the Dean of the University or the HOD of their Department.
  2. Write their name, course name, along with the year of completing the course.
  3. Then, the students can ask him/her for the swift issue of the same.  
  4. Mention the details of the reasons why students want it to be given priority.
  5. It just provides the correct information and proper formatting.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Provisional Certificate?

Transitional Degree is the Marks Memo granted by the college within 3 months of completion of the degree, the actual degree is issued by the university within 1 year after completion of the degree. The university issues a provisional certificate to ensure the students do not lose out on incoming possibilities in the form of employment.

As per the Delhi High Court Judgment, no university in the country will refuse entry to the new candidates because they do not have the original previous education certificate. In these situations, either the required Provisional Certificate must be given to the student by the university concerned, Or issue it directly, without request.

Having that said, the high court in Delhi also called it a transitory degree that is valid until the university disburses the original certificate.

What is the Validity of the Provisional Certificate?

The provisional certificate issued by a university remains valid until the university or college concerned grants the final degree. This was mentioned by the Delhi High Court, where a student was denied on the basis of a provisional certificate by the Delhi University. The Justice further added that it was not sustainable to deny admission on grounds such as a provisional certificate, as the candidate already had a valid certificate issued to him by Garhwal University.

  • There is also no expiry date listed on it, denoting that it will remain effective until the day the final degree is issued.
  • Provisional certificate is clear evidence of unissued original certificate.
  • Until the final degree arrives the certificate is useful.
  • It can be used in the form of employment or higher education for potential opportunities.
  • Please ensure the final degree is collected once it has been released.

What is the Use of a Provisional Certificate?

Upon completion of the course, the Provisional Degree is offered to students as a substitute for the original degree. The provisional degree is granted because, at that point, the university does not have the original degree. There are a few documents that are most important before applying to a higher education institute.

This is a temporary document, which can be used as a substitute for the original degree when provided before issuing the original degree. However, for countries like the UAE students are required to certify the Indian Provisional Degree.

The following is the practicality of a Provisional Certificate-

  1. Helpful in checking the applicant's background for authenticity.
  2. It is temporal
  3. It certifies they have the expertise or interest in education in their respective field.
  4. It is useful for applying for getting a job, a university, or higher education.

Why do you Need a Provisional Degree Certificate?

  • When students are applying for higher studies either in India or desiring to start a career abroad or for a job, academic records play an essential part in the process. To understand the need for a transitional degree certificate, the following points should be considered:
  • A degree is a paper that points out how a student has successfully completed a specific college course or program and also serves as evidence of how they achieved the basic level of education in their chosen area. Nonetheless, it takes some time for every university to issue it, which is why a document that can take its place immediately is often required.
  • It is therefore discharged in place of the academic degree for a small period of time and assures those who try to hire the student or give them admission that they have successfully cleared all the levels of the course or program mentioned above. For recent graduates of a program and for admission boards or recruiting agencies looking to review their academic record, this is a valuable document.

Is Provisional Certificate Mandatory?

This also implies that it is a transitional certificate until the original certificate is issued. The provisional certificate is also accepted by the companies that are hiring or by the universities which are accepting a postgraduate candidature. If the university or college has given the original degree, the provisional degree is meaningless. Before that, no expiry date has been set.

What is the Original Degree Certificate?

A degree certificate is supposed to be an original certificate issued after a bachelor's or undergraduate course. The certificate of degree is a certificate representing both the course and the qualification the candidate is seeking. The certificate of degree and the provisional certificate of degree are both different.

  1. This is important to test the applicant 's history for validity.
  2. It adds value to the already existing skills and attributes.
  3. In fact, it is temporary.
  4. It's important to obtain a provisional certificate before applying for any job or university for higher education.

Difference between Provisional Certificate and Degree Certificate:

In the Indian perspective, a Certificate of Degree denotes completed undergraduate or bachelor courses. The certificate issued after graduation is called the Certificate of Degree. Students are given a provisional certificate on behalf of the original certificate that mentions that the student has passed the examination of the university or board. On the other hand, a Provisional Certificate has nothing to do with a Certificate of Degree.

The provisional certificate may be used to capture future opportunities until you get the original degree. Future opportunities can be in the form of higher education or employment. Various colleges, such as Allahabad University, Delhi University, or Hyderabad Various universities like - the University of Allahabad, University of Hyderabad, or the Delhi university issues provisional degrees to all its students.

Difference between  the Provisional Certificate and  the Degree Certificate

Provisional Certificate

Degree Certificate

No fee required for the issue of the provisional certificate.

University may demand a fee for the final degree

It is completely Provisional /temporary in nature

It is the Permanent or the original certificate, in nature

One may have to submit an application for the issue of a provisional certificate

No application is needed for the issue of the original certificate. It is granted by the university on a convocation ceremony or a day specified.

It is valid only during a period of 6 months or until the convocation ceremony when the original certificate is granted

As it’s a formal degree, there are no validity criteria for a degree certificate.


Provisional Degree Format:

A provisional certificate is issued by scores of universities around the world, in order not to deprive any student of pursuing higher education or applying for a job.

The details which are broadly covered in an interim degree are enlisted:

  1. Information on the degree program a person pursues.
  2. Name of the student, the ID of enrolment, and name of department/college.
  3. The passing year and distinction obtained/ CGPA.
  4. Signature and stamp of the authority together with date and place of issue.

Hopefully, this blog has provided you guidance on the Provisional Certificate of Degree. Planning the next steps of your career will be made easier with the information presented in this blog. You can also visit our website for deeper understanding and for the best solution regarding the next steps in your career.

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