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Flipkart Internship Certificate

Update on 2024-04-15

Flipkart Internship Certificate - What & Why?

Flipkart is not so uncommon a name that we have to define it. We can say that Flipkart is the Queen Bee of E-commerce. It has a very impressive signature of “Ab har wish hogi poori“, which means it contains all the essentials that are required for a living creature. The best part of Flipkart is that it has delivery options all over the globe.

Flipkart provides numerous job options for the people and makes them serve their nation by providing them with a doorstep facility. Like Flipkart signature “Ab har wish hogi poori”, if you are also planning to get into the World’s biggest online business, then here are the ways by which you can try your luck in this particular online E-commerce business.

To get into Flipkart, you have to first get the Flipkart Internship Certificate. This certificate is given to the candidates who have done an internship in Flipkart. This certificate plays an important role in giving you a job in Flipkart. So, you must get the Flipkart Internship Certificate. Given below in this article are the ways by which you can get the Flipkart Internship Certificate. Have a look.

What’s a Flipkart Internship?

Flipkart is a huge name these days, so to recruit several candidates, Flipkart brings a lot of brand new concepts and innovations to revolutionize online business in India. One of those ideas is Flinternship. Flinternship is an offer that not only provides you with a certificate and a decent stipend but also, you will get to work with creative minds. And once you completed this internship, you will learn the quirks of e-commerce.

The Flipkart internship has three stages - pre-joining, induction and assignments.

Highlights of Flipkart Internship Certificate:

Great Projects: Flipkart makes sure that every candidate who comes for the internship takes ownership of their project and experiences great success.

Robust Support System: Flipkart provides the number one mentor to all the candidates who come for the internship. The mentors are having great knowledge so that they can train well their trainees.

Fun at Work: Apart from the everyday challenges, Flipkart offers a host of activities, programs, and perks to the trainee so that they could have a fulfilling, well-rounded experience.

How to be a Flipster?

There are several ways to get into India’s number one online business. Candidates can take part in the recruitment process through their colleges and other educational institutes where Flipkart collaborates. Flipkart ensures to let the selected candidates be the proud designers of India’s future.

Flipkart campus teamwork adjacent with the business groups to look after the demand and assignments that will be meaningful for the campus recruits. Flipkart hires such students who look out for the challenges. Flipkart DO NOT offer off-campus internships.

At the interview, Flipkart hiring committees will look after the students who have technical capabilities and personality traits. Also, they look forward to such students who have an analytical mindset and a penchant for solving problems.

What goes in your pocket?

§  2 months of Summer Internship in Flipkart

§  Lots of fun and professional exposure

§  Lucrative stipend

§  A certificate

§  A family that loves the e-shop

What are the types of Flipkart internships and who can apply?

Flipkart internships are for students who are pursuing a bachelors or masters in computer science or business management. Also, they hire candidates from other backgrounds if they can prove themselves during the interviews.

Flipkart internship can be done in profiles such as Software development, product management, and operation management. Flipkart offers 2 months of internships in its Bengaluru office and offers a stipend of INR 25K-35K. Once you have completed the internship successfully, it’s possible to land a pre-placement offer.

How to Apply for a Flipkart Internship Certificate?

There are 3 ways to become an intern at Flipkart –

1. Referrals – Simply, you can connect with the Flipkart employees through LinkedIn and Facebook and request them to refer you for an internship interview.

2. Campus placements – Flipkart collaborates with several selected colleges like IITs, IIMs, XLRI, NID, and NIFT as a part of its campus placement program.

3. Mailing the HR executive – It is possible to get the chance to become an intern in Flipkart if you forward a skillfully structured resume and a statement of purpose to the HR executive.

What After Placing Your Flipkart Application?

Flipkart’s hiring committee is very particular when it comes to filtering the desired candidates. The recruitment process varies according to the profile of the internship.  Although it generally encompasses three rounds – an online test followed by a technical and an HR round.

Online Test –

For the technical profile, Flipkart conducts a 90-minute coding test where the programming abilities of an individual are evaluated. Thorough indulgence of certain data structures like hashing, binary tree, queues, and stack might also come in during the test.

For the non-technical profiles, Flipkart conducts an aptitude test or a group discussion, wherein the candidates will be given topics related to general awareness such as ‘Is India ready to be a cashless economy?’, ‘Is social media good or bad?’, and ‘Discuss the problems of e-commerce in tier 2 and tier 3 areas.

Interview rounds –

Technical internships: Given below are some of the Flipkart interview questions that are being asked during the technical round –

1.       Which is the fastest method to sort an almost sorted array?

2.       Check whether the given binary tree is a binary search tree. Discuss various approaches.

3.       Compute the nearest palindrome number of the given number.

4.       What is a hash table? Explain how the hash function and buckets work.

5.       In the given array of integers, find Pythagorean triplets.

Non-technical internships: Normally, they ask guesstimate and real-time questions during this round. Some of the sample questions are given below.

1.       How many windows are there in Chicago?

2.       What is the weight of an aircraft?

3.       How many vehicles are there on the Chennai roads between 5 and 6 p.m.?

4.       Provide some solutions to reduce shipping costs to remote pin codes.

5.       Do you think e-commerce would flourish in India?

6.       What are the factors that should be taken into consideration if you want to set up a grocery shop?

HR Round –

Some sample questions are given below. Have a look.

1.       Why did you apply for a Flipkart internship?

2.       What are your strengths and weaknesses?

3.       How will you contribute to Flipkart?

4.       What challenges did you face in your previous stint (s) and how did you tackle them?

What types of questions were asked in the Flipkart Internship Exam?

You have to deal with the several sections in the Flipkart Internship Exam. The sections are – Aptitude, Reasoning, and English.


§  Time and Distance

§  Problems on Trains

§  Time and Work

§  Partnership

§  Ratio and Proportion

§  Boats and Streams

§  Simple Interest

§  Areas

§  Averages

§  Problems on LCM and HCF

§  Pipes and Cisterns

§  Problems on Numbers

§  Compound Interest

§  Volume & Surface Area

§  Profit and Loss

§  Odd Man Out

§  Races and Games

§  Numbers and Ages

§  Mixtures and Alligations

§  Percentages

§  Simple Equations

§  Quadratic Equations

§  Surds and Indices

§  Mensuration

§  Permutations

§  Probability

§  Simplification

Logical Reasoning:

§  Number Series

§  Analogies

§  Letter and Symbol Series

§  Artificial Language

§  Logical Problems

§  Logical Deduction

§  Matching Definitions

§  Essential Part

§  Analyzing Arguments

§  Making Judgments


§  Synonyms

§  Antonyms

§  Tense

§  Adjectives

§  Articles

§  Homophones

§  Gerunds

§  Identify the Errors

§  Identify the Sentences

§  Plural Forms

§  Nouns

§  Prefix

§  Odd Words

§  Sentence Pattern

§  Suffix

§  Tag Questions

§  Prepositions

§  Active and Passive Voice

§  Spotting Errors

§  Substitution

§  Transformation

§  Sentence Improvement

§  Joining Sentences

§  Fill in the blanks

§  Para Completion

§  Idioms and Phrases

§  Sentence Arrangement

§  Passage Completion

§  Spelling Test

Important Tips by the Former Flinterns:

1. Go through the Flipkart website inside and out and know how its operations are planned. A holistic understanding of e-commerce will definitely help you out.

2. Ensure that your resume is up-to-date and has the relevant experience listed out. Also, your projects and previous internship experience(s) are of interest to the hiring committee so that you can expect questions regarding those in your Flipkart interview.

3. If you are applying for a technical internship, learn your coding skills. You can use various sites to practice technical questions.

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