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How to Become a CBI Officer

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Become CBI Officer - Steps to Become a CBI Officer

Do you have an inquiring mind that enjoys analyzing things? Are you someone who gets a kick out of solving difficult cases? Here's a job that will put your analytical skills to the test! Yes, the prestigious CBI, or its proud acronym reads, "Central Bureau of Investigation," is the place for you! Your sharp wits and keen sense of detail will help you land a job that's worth the effort.

How to Become CBI Officer:

  • How to Become CBI Officer is the most frequently asked question among our country's youth today. The CBI job has caught the interest of a large number of Indian youngsters.
  • Many people have looked everywhere for an answer to the most common question and have come up short. What Does it Mean Steps to Become CBI Officer? The Central Bureau of Investigation is the country's premier investigative agency, with the support of the people, Parliament, the judiciary, and the government.     
  • The first step in order to answer How to become a CBI officer is - you must pass the UPSC exams. The combined graduate examination is what it's called. The Central Investigation Bureau conducts this examination once a year for the position of police sub-inspectors.
  • Graduation with a minimum of 50% marks is required for eligibility. Furthermore, the candidate's age must be under 25.
  • CBI hires candidates in various ways, including direct recruitment, deployment, seniority advancement, and a limited review of departmental competence. The Personnel Selection Committee handles all direct recruitment of Group C positions to sub-inspectors, officers, and lower-division subordinates (SSC). Here is How to Become CBI Officer.
  • So, how do you get started on this high-profile career path? Take a deep breath. We'll take you through every step of the process!

What is the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI):

Assume that one of the Interpol member countries wishes to investigate India. Who do they make contact with? The investigation's central Beuro (CBI). That should give you a good idea of what CBI is. It is the most powerful investigative agency in the country.

For those who are clueless, the CBI is the government agency in charge of dealing with high-profile cases such as investigations into corruption, violations of central laws enforced by the Indian government, multi-state organized crime, multi-agency or international cases, and so on.

It is generally invested with corruption, economic crimes, certain crimes, SUO moto crimes, and other high-profile cases by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions.

CBI: Establishment, jurisdiction, Branches:

In 1963, a home ministry resolution renamed the agency previously a part of the special police establishment, the central bureau of investigation (CBI). Though this wing was created to investigate government corruption, it has since extended its jurisdiction to include almost all high-profile cases, including murder, kidnapping, and terrorism.

It can only take such cases on a request from the state or the federal government. However, if a high court orders it, the CBI may investigate any case without first obtaining the relevant government's permission.

The investigation's central bureau is divided into six branches, each specializing in a specific area of investigation. The Anti-Corruption Division, Special Crimes Division, Economic Offenses Division, Policy and International Police Cooperation Division, Administration Division, Directorate of Prosecution Division, and Central Forensic Science Laboratory Division are the departments involved.

You should be aware of what you're getting started for. Now we'll get to the core of the matter. How to become a CBI officer?

How to Become CBI Officer:

Let us tell you that there are several options for getting there. While some routes will allow you to go straight for the top roles or group ‘A' posts in this division, others may lead to a much lower grade. From there, You'll have to climb the hill yourself.

To Become CBI officer: UPSC Civil services Examination

  • What if you don't want to go the long route? Yes, you will be able to become CBI group A officer without having to wait in a long line for promotions. But that will be a tough nut to crack.
  • IPS officers can be assigned to State Police Cadres such as CBI, IB, and RAW. They will work as group A detectives for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) here. However, you must first become an IPS officer.
  • Yes, we're referring to the UPSC civil service exam. You must pass this with a high enough score to be considered for the Indian police service (IPS). You may then apply for a position with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
  • So, how do you go about becoming an IPS officer? It's a well-known fact. The Indian Police Service (IPS) is one of the All India Services (AIS), and it is recruited via the UPSC Civil Service Examination
  • There are three stages to the Civil Services examination. The prelims, mains, and personal interviews, to be specific.
  • The Civil Service Aptitude Test is the name of the preliminary exam (CSAT). It is made up of two objective papers. The main exam and the personal interview will follow. When filling out the main application form, you will be given the option of selecting which service you want to prioritize. If you want to try IAS, you should make it your priority. There are nine conventional subjective-type papers in the preliminary exam.

To Become CBI officer: SSC Combined graduate level (CGL) Examination

  • If you're willing to start as a sub-inspector in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and work your way up from there, the SSC's Combined Graduate Level (SSC CGL Exam) is the way to go.
  • Short service commission (SSC) examinations are used for all direct recruitment to Group B and Group C positions in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
  • This is, in fact, the most popular route to becoming a CBI officer. However, this does not imply that it will be simple. It's a competition! You'll have to deal with it. What else would you expect from a position in the government, large or small?
  • A candidate must obtain an undergraduate degree from a recognized university to be eligible to take the Combined Graduate Level Exam. You must be under 25 years old and meet the physical and medical specifications.
  • Let's talk about the procedure now.

Stages of Exam

There are three stages to it. Following the combined graduate level examination, a medical examination and a personal interview are conducted.

Combined Graduate Level Examination:

Two rounds of written examination make up the combined graduate-level examination. Both rounds will be objective, with the candidate having to try to answer multiple-choice questions.

The first round will consist of just one paper and will last two hours. The purpose of this paper is to assess a candidate's general intelligence and reasoning abilities, as well as general awareness, quantitative aptitude, and English comprehension. There will be 200 questions on this paper, each worth one mark.

The second round consists of two papers, each with 200 questions. In this round, a candidate will be given two hours for each paper, and his or her quantitative aptitude and English language skills will be tested.

Medical Examination:

Things that happen during the selection process for police or army service must be understood. You must also fulfill the physical requirements in addition to all of the educational requirements.

Your physical and mental fitness, as well as your ability to cope with a variety of physically challenging situations, will all be put to the test here. Males and females will, of course, have slightly different requirements. More information about this stage can be found in the SSC official notification.

Personal Interview:

First, you will only be able to get here if you have completed the first two stages. You will be interviewed by a panel from the Central Bureau of Investigation. They'll put you through another round of tests to see if you're the perfect fit. If you pass this stage of the process, you will be hired as a CBI sub-inspector.

Top-Level Position:

To reach the top-level position, you must climb up the ladder from here. This is accomplished through seniority-based promotions or the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam:

Tier 1 of the SSC CGL Exam consists of four subjects:

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning
  • General Awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English & Comprehension

Each subject has 25 questions worth 50 points (2 points per question), and the Tier 1 paper has a total time limit of 60 minutes to complete.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam:

The Tier 2 Exam, on the other hand, is divided into four parts. The Staff Selection Commission, on the other hand, conducts only two papers for Sub Inspectors in the CBI:

  • Quantitative Ability
  • English Language and Comprehension

There are 100 questions on the quantitative ability paper (2 marks per question) and 200 questions on the English paper (1 mark for each question). Each paper has a total time limit of two hours.

Procedure for Entering CBI as a Sub-Inspector:

After passing the combined SSC diploma exam (CGLE), a dental exam, and a personal interview, sub-inspectors are enlisted.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the country's premier investigative agency, with the confidence of the people, Parliament, the judiciary, and the government. In his capacity as Inspector General of Police of the Delhi Special Police Establishment, the Director of the CBI is in charge of the organization's administration.

As of date, CBI has the following Divisions:

  • Directorate of Prosecution
  • Administration Division
  • Policy & Coordination Division
  • Central Forensic Science Laboratory
  • Economic Offences Division
  • Special Crimes Division
  • Anti-Corruption Division

CBI Officer Eligibility

  • Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree in any field. Candidates must have received their diplomas from a well-known and reputable institute.
  • The eligibility criteria for candidates will also differ depending on the type of position for which they are applying.
  • Candidates should be between the ages of 20 and 27.
  • SC/ST candidates receive a 5-year age relaxation, and OBC candidates receive a 3-year age relaxation.

Physical standards required for CBI exam:


  • 165 centimeters for MEN
  • 150 centimeters for WOMEN


  • In this parameter, there are no criteria for women.
  • For men, it should be 76 cm with expansion.

Vision: Optical vision (with or without glasses):

  • Distant Vision: In one eye, 6/6, and in the other, 6/9.
  • Near Vision: 6 in one eye and 0.8 in another eye

Note: The concerned Indenting Departments will conduct physical measurements (including a vision test) for candidates. Candidates who meet the required physical measurements will be considered for the position.

Preliminary Exam:

NO. of Questions

General intelligence and general awareness



120 mins

Arithmetic ability



120 mins

Mains Exam:


General Studies


3 hours



2 hours 20 mins



4 hours



2 hours 20 mins

Communication Skills and writing


2 hours 20 mins

SSC CGL Sub Inspector's Job Profile in the CBI:

A Sub Inspector job in the CBI Department is extremely difficult because there is no set schedule for this position. As a Sub Inspector in the CBI Department, your duties will be determined by the posting you receive. The full SSC CGL Sub Inspector CBI Job Profile is available below.

If Posted for Desk Work:

  • If you are assigned to desk work, you will be responsible for many clerical and administrative paperwork/file work related to various cases (active or pending). It has a set of working hours and no workload.
  • If Posted for Field Work:
  • If you are assigned to fieldwork, you will work with the Central Bureau of Investigation Task Force on various cases, including inquiries, investigations, and information gathering.
  • Because you will be working on various cases as a Sub Inspector with the Central Bureau of Investigation, you will not have a set work schedule in the field. In the CBI, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to the position of Sub Inspector.


  • It provides a rewarding and respectful career opportunity for young and passionate candidates.
  • It doesn’t include boring office work.
  • Among all SSC CGL posts, a Sub Inspector in the CBI has the highest salary. (It even outperforms AAO.)
  • It is the most powerful and prestigious job in society, particularly among business, government officials, bankers, and other professionals.


  • Work can be stressful, and there may be a lack of mental peace as a result.
  • It does not provide you with a normal 9-to-5 job in the field.
  • There could be a lot of travel involved in the investigation.
  • The Sub Inspector is assigned to several dangerous areas.

Are Women Allowed to Work in CBI as Sub Inspectors?

  • Yes, women are permitted to apply for the Sub Inspector CBI position if they meet the SSC CGL Eligibility Criteria.

Training Schedule:

  • If you work for the Staff Selection Commission's Combined Graduate Level Sub Inspector CBI Department, you will investigate many fields.
  • Because some cases are very mysterious and State Police cannot solve them, CBI requires extensive training. As a result, they will come to CBI on the Central Government's orders.

The total training period is 59 weeks, with 42 weeks taking place at CBI Academy in Ghaziabad. The following is the training schedule:


Institutional Training with CBI Academy (Phase 1)

Seven months (28 Weeks)

Attachment with Local Police

9 Weeks

Attachment with CBI Branch

9 Weeks

Institutional Training with CBI Academy (Phase 2)

10 Weeks


One year seven weeks

Posting of Sub Inspector Under CBI Department:

  • Almost 90% of chosen candidates can be posted at CBI Headquarters in Delhi after completing the training. CBI postings are commonly available in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Investigation Areas of Sub Inspector CBI

A CBI Sub Inspector is trained to look into the following areas:

  • Conventional crimes include gathering evidence and intelligence, collecting volatile data, and seizing hard disks.
  • Mobile Forensics, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science.
  • Terrorism, bombings, sensational homicides, kidnappings, murders, drug-related offenses, large-scale narcotics smuggling, and smuggling, as well as crime against women and children, including gender sensitization
  • Bank fraud, security fraud, financial fraud, import-export & foreign exchange violations, antiques, cultural property, wildlife crimes, and human trafficking are examples of economic crimes.
  • Level-I, Level-II, and Specialized Courses for the Crack Team are examples of cybercrime cases.
  • Corruption and Fraud Cases

SSC CGL Sub Inspector Salary in the CBI

  • In the CBI Department, the Sub Inspector position has many perks, benefits, and salary allowances. You can check it from below.
  • Grade Pay: INR 4600 (before 7th CPC, the grade was INR 4200).
  • Under Level 7, the starting basic pay is INR 44900.
  • As a Special Incentive Allowance (SIA), CBI Sub Inspectors receive 25% of their basic pay + DA, or around INR 11000.
  • In-hand CBI SI Salary: Approximately INR 61000 to INR 63000 (including old HRA, SIA, DA, TA).
  • Medical, HRA, TA, DA (to compensate for inflation), and other CGHS benefits are also available.

Career Path and Opportunities for SSC CGL Sub Inspectors (Promotions)

  • Promotions for Sub Inspector CBI are numerous. To get the first promotion, which is to become an Inspector, it takes almost 5-6 years.
  • The second promotion to Deputy Superintendent, on the other hand, normally takes 8-10 years. After that, after your third promotion, which takes about ten years, you will be promoted to Additional Superintendent. After that, you get a promotion every 4-5 years. Typically, a Sub Inspector may advance to the position of Senior Superintendent.
  • If a person enters the police department as a SI at a young age and maintains a good record, he or she may be promoted to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police in a very unusual circumstance.


  • India's premier investigation agency is the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). It's a difficult nut to crack to join this respected organization. Candidates who want to enter the CBI most often take the Combined Graduate Level Examination and the UPSC civil services examination.
  • We hope that this detailed analysis has answered any questions you may have about becoming a CBI officer. Always keep in mind that you are in charge of your destiny. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time and thought before making career decisions.
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