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1 year or 2 years MBA Course

Update on 2024-05-01

1 year or 2 years MBA Course | Which is better 1 year MBA Course or 2 years MBA Course

1 year or 2 years MBA Course Introduction:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a high-value degree program designed to develop the skills required for Business & Management. This includes business-related disciplines like accounting, management, consulting, marketing, finance, and relationship management.
  • MBA Course is a level-up option for an undergraduate and it usually lasts 2 years. This course is the most popular internationally- recognized professional degree in the world. There are more than 2,500 types of MBA programs available in various languages.
  • Students who have completed their undergraduate course and want to pursue higher studies can have 1 year or 2 years MBA Course. Both provide a Master’s degree in Business Management. 
  • In this article below we are going to discuss why you should pursue studies either in a 1-year or 2 years MBA Course. 
  • The difference lies in the way you complete your course one is expressed and another is a regular attending course. In a 1 year MBA Course, the learning will be done within 12 months while you will explore MBA and beyond in a 2-year program. Not every business school offers 1 year MBA courses however this course is becoming popular and more business schools are having this option for the students to run their career on the fast track.
  • Certain characteristics distinguish 1-year and 2-year MBA courses. In this article, we have been providing complete details on what separates these two MBA Courses. 

Both 1-year or 2-year MBA courses have their advantages and disadvantages read down below to better understand which option you must choose and why.

1 year or 2 years MBA Course:

An MBA program requires dedication and sincerity during the whole procedure of business learning. This applies in both 1-year and 2 years MBA Courses, Both courses are designed to uplift the career path of a student. Both of these programs help the students to build leadership qualities to meet the challenges in the modern corporate world.

The 2 years MBA Course has two academic years and provides students with more academic knowledge. The 1 year MBA course is more intense and one main advantage of having completed an MBA in 1 year is that you will get placement 1 year early. 

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1-year MBA Course:

  • Since this course is structured to be intense, the time required to complete the course is little and requires a strong quantitative background and speed. The student needs to complete the coursework in the required time. This requires a strong mathematical or economic background.
  • Students with a 1 year MBA course are pretty sure about their end goal and that is the reason they choose to complete their MBA in one year. They just joined this course to improve their career profile.
  • This 1 year MBA course is like a little break from one’s career. Nowadays a lot of companies sponsor their employees for this degree and few students rejoin their company with a better salary and designation, this brings the values back to the company.
  • One year MBA course has a short period of time which results in the lack of an internship which doesn’t give time to build networking.
  • This course is preferred by those students who are already involved in either job or business and it works as a fast-track course for students who want a career in finance and family business or personal business or entrepreneurship. 
  • For highly effective and motivated learners this course is the best choice and they can move forward with their careers at a fast pace.

2 years MBA Course:

  • Students who choose a traditional 2 years MBA Course have a better and richer college experience. This results in having longer access to an academic environment,m network options, and interactions with professors and other students. 
  • For opting for this course candidates can have any background it could be arts, engineering, or media.
  • The two-year program is open to all candidates and does not require any work experience.
  • Having a full-time MBA course will allow the student to decide what they want to achieve out of their career and 2 years will give them enough time to start exploring various aspects of their career.
  • The average work experience required to opt for a 2 years MBA course is 4-5 years that is the reason most students go for an MBA program after completing their 1 year 
  • The main advantage of enrolling in a full-time MBA course is that students will have more time to focus on their studies and without any hurdle they can look at a complete picture of the Business world from the start. Most employers appreciate the 2 years MBA Course. They are a great choice for management and other programs such as consulting. Completing a 2 years MBA course also results in better placement and study trips such as having an internship which allows the student to focus more on his or her career. 
  • Overall this 2-year course will act as a career break for the students and allow them to live their academic life more. This is usually done to enhance the career profile or to make complete career changes.

Pros and Cons of 1 year or 2 years MBA Course:

Both the 1-year and 2 years MBA Courses have their advantages and disadvantages. It has been clear that a one-year MBA course allows you to have a clear vision as you don’t have much time and it is good for those individuals who want to work early in the corporate world. One-year MBA courses act as an accelerated option for individuals. It is usually a good choice if your current company is sponsoring the course. The one main con of pursuing the one-year MBA is that it requires fewer tuition fees and travel. 

Another advantage of having a 1 year MBA course is that you can stay up to date with the corporate world if you are a working professional. It has been reported that despite an academic year difference both the students opting for an MBA course are having the same salaries so overall it has become the personal preference for the students.

If you are a student and want to opt for a fast-track 1 year MBA program then this can narrow down options for you to be in top colleges and universities or have a master’s degree from top colleges. The main advantage of having a two-year MBA course is that it provides a university or college placement which opens new doors for future employment options.

1 year or 2 years MBA Course: Conclusion

  • Two years MBAs are a traditional program and most colleges and universities offer this course which is quite good for students whose age lies between 21-25 and who have less working experience. 
  • Whereas a one-year MBA program is good for executives. These are the working individuals with at least 5 to 6 years of experience and can attend classes at weekends. These types of individuals have developed leadership in their companies and are aiming higher for a better position in an organization. 
  • Two year MBA course is quite expensive as compared to a two-year course and it requires students to regularly attend the classes.
  • So if you are a student and want to work on your interpersonal skill go for a regular 2-year MBA course and if you are a working professional you should opt for a 1-year MBA program.
  • So overall it depends on your career situation, time, and preference. Whether you choose a 1-year or 2 years MBA Course you will have to work hard anyways to build good managerial skills.


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