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Difference Between CCC and CCC Plus

Update on 2024-04-15

Difference Between CCC and CCC Plus - Details

Content Concept: To discuss and understand the difference between CCC and CCC plus+, let us go through the following information.

CCC Course:

The full name of the CCC is Course on Computer Concept. It is a Basic Certificate Course on fundamental Computer Concept and it is also the most popular among the youth as it is required and necessary in day to day life and is also mandatory if anyone wants to pursue any government job or even any private job at a very ground level, the fundamental knowledge of computers is vital in every field.

It is an 80 hours course and can be pursued with a very nominal fee of INR 500/- + GST (If done with NIELIT directly). It can be done in both ways which are, it can be done directly by getting enrolled with the NIELIT or even by enrolling oneself with any computer institute providing this certificate and is affiliated or approved by the NIELIT. It does not require any essential qualifications to carry on this course. Any individual who is literate enough to understand computer terminology can easily do this course.

The registrations to this CCC program are open throughout the year, which is, 365 days. One can get himself/herself registered to the CCC program anytime during the year but only gets to appear in the examination one month after the registration has been done successfully. The NIELIT does not conduct the CCC examinations in January and July.

The admit card for the examinations of the CCC program is issued 7-10 days before the exams and the notification for the same is pinged to the candidate on his/her registered mobile number. The results are declared after 15-20 days of the exams and are displayed on the official website of NIELIT.

CCC Plus+ Course:

The full name of the CCC Plus+ is the Course on Computer Concept Plus+. It is an advanced level certificate computer course and it is pursued by the people who want an extra edge over computer technology and wants to keep themselves updated with all the latest happening in the technological field. It is a126 hour course which is about a 3-month course.

This course can only be done by the institute that is providing this course and is approved to provide this course by the NIELIT. There is also a basic qualification to do this course which is an individual must be at least 10th passed to do this course. The fee for registration with the NIELIT is INR100/- + GST and INR 450/- + GST for examination.

Similar to the CCC program, the registrations, examinations, admit cards, and the result declaration process to the CCC Plus+ program is just the same, and the exam pattern is MCQ type including True/False or Yes/ No kind of questions. now come to key Difference Between CCC and CCC Plus

Difference Between CCC and CCC Plus

CCC Vs CCC Plus +






Full Name

CCC means Course on Computer Concept

CCC Plus+ means Course on Computer Concept


Level of Course

Basic/fundamental level computer Certificate course

An Advanced level computer certificate course



This course is crafted to aim at imparting a fundamental/basic level IT Literacy program for the common man.

This course is crafted to equip the people entering into or working in the government/private sector with the vital skill set, that is, necessary to cope up with the dynamic and ever-changing scenario in the IT sector.



The candidate should be able to use the computer after completing the course for the basic purposes of preparing his personal/commercial letters, viewing internet (web) content, receiving and sending mails, preparing his business presentations, preparing small databases, etc. This enables small business communities, housewives, etc. to use computers to manage their small accounts and appreciate the information technology world. Therefore, this course is planned to be directed more technically.

An individual is expected to be equipped not only with the skills of office automation but also with the knowledge of the latest technology and e-Governance applications after going through the course. The financial literacy module will enable people to understand the various financial services and be aware of the Government of India's various schemes.



Not specified

10th standard passed from a recognized board of education.


Hours of study

80 hours of study including-

Theory-25 hours

Tutorials-5 hours

Practical-50 hours

126 hours of study

(21 days at the rate of 6 hours/day – Full Time 


42 days at the rate of 3 hours/day – Part-Time)



INR 500/- + GST

Registration Fee- INR 100/- + GST

Examination Fees-INR 450/- + GST


Mode of study

Can be pursued with the NIELIT directly by enrolling oneself directly or even by enrolling oneself in an institute providing the course.

Can be done only with the help of an institute providing this course and approved by the NIELIT.

Which is better CCC or CCC Plus +?

To decide which is better CCC or CCC Plus+, according to my opinion, CCC is a better course. The Society's computer literacy program is an outcome of the recommendation of the National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Creation. The CCC course is intended to provide the common man with a basic level of IT literacy program.

While the CCC plus+ course is a certificate-level course, to equip the employees entering/working in the government sector with the essential skill set, that is, required to cope with the ever-changing IT scenario. The course is structured in such a way that it not only educates a person with the basic skill set but also improves the individual's ability to quickly comprehend the current developments in the competitive area of IT.


Dear Aspirants, we hope that this article - Difference Between CCC and CCC Plus, would help and guide you in deciding the best about what course to pursue to shape your career in the best possible way. We have provided here, all the important differences between the CCC and the CCC Plus+ course, which we hope will positively assist you in taking the calculated and the best decision for your career. Thank You.

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