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How to Become Hacker

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Become Hacker - Steps to Become Ethical Hacker

Hacker or Ethical hacking is one of the most popular professions in the IT Sector. They are responsible for supporting and overcoming difficulties in computer mechanisms. The responsibilities include the networking system and cybersecurity.

Preferring a career in ethical hacking can be the best option for those who want to work in a challenging field. After schooling or graduation, the interests that inspire the brain to observe and think similar to a hacker can opt for it.

How to Become Hacker

The requirements of hackers are increasing with the development of computers and technology worldwide. Each country has its individuality to work for its security, confidential data, and network systems.

Confidential and secured data management, resolving issues related to software, and networking acts as the main objective for a hacker. The first thing in mind is How to become a hacker

Details to Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker After 10th and 12th

After completion of the 10th and 12th, it becomes vital to understand the requirements to pursue a successful career in hacking. Many colleges in India provide IT Education whereas ethical hacking is a part of their educational courses.

To study ethical hacking and become a hacker it is important to complete 10 +2 or complete graduation with a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree should be of an IT graduate, Bsc, Btech, BE, and BCA.

Courses to pursue after the 12th for direct access to the hacking course are:

  1. B Tech in cybersecurity and forensic
  2. Bachelors in networking and security
  3. B Tech IT and cybersecurity

Students who were not able to get direct admission to the mainstream. They can complete their courses in computer applications. Both science and nonscience graduates can apply for certificate and diploma courses:

1. Non-science graduates should complete BCA, after their 12th with computer science as one of their main subjects. If not BCA, then complete certificate and diploma courses on ethical hacking.

As few hacking criteria courses do not need mathematics. Proper knowledge and motivation for self-learning are the requirements for hacking.

Both Arts and Commerce candidates can opt for BCA to learn computer applications and programming. Later to select ethical hacking as their career.

2. Science with mathematics is compulsory for modern cryptography hacking learning or courses. Science students with 10+2 have a greater scope as they can have greater exposure and access to jobs. 

After completing the 12th to have direct access to become a hacker it is essential to clear the entrance exams. IIT-JEE, CET is the examination after the 12th to consider pursuing a career in ethical hacking.

Clearing the entrance test will help me to study at the top engineering colleges in the country. It will help to develop a strong base for future education and job opportunities.

Advanced Certificate courses can help in finding better job opportunities. As well as the colleges have the best administration for both practical and theoretical classes. It is vital for better learning codes and programming. 

Private institutions also provide certificate courses on hacking after graduation. While few institutions ask for work experience of a few years before enrolling them in the certification course in cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses.

Both diploma and certificate courses are available that a student has to complete before applying for a job in any organization. 

Best Degree Program to Becoming Hacker in India

On completion of graduation pursue a career as a hacker. Many institutions provide a master's degree in Cybersecurity Courses. The main courses that can enable to develop of the required skills are as follows:

  • Master of Science in cyber forensics and Information security.
  • Mtech in computer science and information security
  • PG program in Cyber laws
  • Mtech in Information technology
  • PG Program in cybercrime prosecution & defense

Apart from it different diploma and certificate courses are also available. The courses are also available online which can help in developing skills after graduation. Students completing graduation in Btech, BCA, and BSc in computer application can seek masters in different courses.

Graduates in Bcom, Bsc, and B.arts have to graduate in computer science or IT programming. It enables advanced studies in their relevant subjects. Hereby it is suggested to opt for Computer Application Courses after 12th.

It saves a lot of time for the student to spend on advanced studies. Following master's degree courses advanced studies to doctorates are available. It will no doubt increase the chances of job opportunities to higher ranks.

What is the entire process of becoming a certified ethical hacker?

Seeking the profession of a hacker will need to choose a prominent path. Completing school-level studies and then selecting the courses. A delay in opting for the proper subject and course will make the journey difficult.

So here is the step-by-step information and guidance to become a hacker.

Are you interested in coding and programming at the school itself? Then becoming an ethical hacker can not be too difficult. But being alert about the courses and subjects is necessary.

What subjects should you take after the 10th and pass the12th? So that moving forward can be less difficult including the entrances and graduation.

Opting for computer science as the main will build a strong opportunity. Science, commerce, or arts anything can be the stream. But the additional subjects of computer science can help in studying ethical hacking.

Due to the critical thinking and analytics required mostly choose science. Whereas students other than the science stream can also learn and pursue CEH.

  • Research the field with interest, after knowing about the work carried out by ethical hackers. What are the distinctive features between a hacker and an IT engineer? Or why you should choose hacking and which field? After learning about the pros and cons of the studies and job opportunities, then appear for IIT-JEE, and CET entrance exams.
  • Hackers are recruited in financial institutions, government organizations, security, and Intelligence sectors, and private companies. So, choose the field and working sector accordingly. 
  • Understand the basic requirements of studies and skills, before appearing for the 12th standard examination. Also, check the preferable sector that will be convenient for studying and working.
  • Study the subjects of computer science and programming so that appearing for CEH will not be difficult for any of the students.
  • After completing 12th science it is easy to appear for IIT-JEE, CET. This enables students to directly graduate in computer science and cybersecurity. Other than this students without a science background should pass the CEH entrance exam to study and work as ethical hackers.
  • The graduation courses vary from 3 years to 5 years depending on the subjects. Hereby, after graduation, one can directly apply to different organizations for a job.
  • Those who want to pursue a master's degree can apply for it after the completion of graduation. Both Mtech and MSc courses are available in ethical hacking. Top and reputed colleges provide the courses under expert guidance.

Above all, it is essential to efficiently work on practicals above points are very important if you really want the answer to How to become a hacker.

Also for better ideas and knowledge to stay attached to the hacking community. Sharing knowledge helps to increase the depth and confidence to work.

Eligibility & Qualification to Becoming a Hacker

To qualify as a professional hacker, it is important to know about computer networking. It has to be related to cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Hereby, the eligibility for ethical hacking are:

  • To seek admission to top colleges it is vital to clear the entrance test after 12th and complete graduation.
  • It is mandatory to Graduate in computer science, and engineering related to Information technology after the 12th standard.
  • Students should have a Diploma and certificate in advanced courses in cybersecurity and ethical hacking.
  • To attempt admission in Cybersecurity Certificate Courses and ethical hacking certificate courses. Candidates have to clear the entrance test designed for the CEH.
  • Candidates who have completed the diploma and certificate courses can apply for the CEH examination.
  • Immediate chances of hiring increase with the eligibility and qualification of advanced course certificates.
  • Ethical hacker and hacking forensic Investigator by the EC council.
  • GIAC, the certified penetration tester by SAN and GIAC.
  • Certified Intrusion analyst.

Ethical Hacker Key Skills

To have a successful career as a hacker apart from acquiring the qualifications. Technical and personality skills are required, they are as follows:

  • Intense knowledge of the operating systems
  • Knowledge about Linux and Microsoft servers as the operating systems are entirely Unix-based. Open Indiana and Solaris operating systems are the most on-demanding niche
  • Deep Knowledge of Citrix and Microsoft Exchange
  • Knowledge of the software of the past few years and the upcoming penetration software
  • Hardware knowledge

The personality skills required to develop are:

  • Instant thinking power
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Always ready to explore
  • Competent and confident to fight, take challenges
  • Always dedicated to keeping the infrastructure working

Career in Ethical Hacking

For the candidates who want to become hackers, Only knowing How to Become Hacker is not enough you must have an idea career and life of a hacker. The life and career of a hacker are filled with excitement working in different organizations.

Their advanced technology skills are to penetrate and discover any theft or illegal cyber activities with proper authorization. Ethical hackers serve the Government and private organizations for both national and international security.

Considering jobs in hacking a qualified candidate will find opportunities in the following:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Analyst
  • Information security manager

Cyber Security / Ethical Hacker Salary in India

According to the research conducted by Tata Consultancy Services in India, a professional hacker on average earn 20 lakh rupees per year, and a fresher earns around 20 thousand per month.

The salary of an ethical hacker not only depends upon the experience of a person but also on the organization in which he works.

As the age of digitalization is growing very rapidly and the role of hackers is becoming more crucial, we can definitely say that the average salary of Ethical Hackers will increase in upcoming years.

I hope this article "How to become Hacker" Really helped you

To become a hacker challenges begin with ambition and interests. But it is one of the emerging careers that are promising and high-scaled paid jobs.

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