1. The Very First Step-

Try to keep yourself positive. Don’t take the stress and always try to live with inspiring or encourage people, friends etc.

2. Go with  Right Approach-

The initial step where you want to analyze yourself and try to find out that “Do you know enough about the exam syllabus and study material” ? If yes, proceed towards the third step, If not then try to analyse UPSEE eligibility, dates, syllabus of the examination and try to collect complete information about the exam.

3. Understand the Exam Pattern-

The preparation starts from these steps. You need to be familiar with the exam pattern for preparation. Get a complete analysis of the UPSEE 2019 Exam Pattern. Through this information, you will get complete idea about the subjects, topics asked in the examination. This will give you a detailed idea about the subjects, corresponding papers, and the marks allocated to each of the papers.

4. Build a Solid Foundation-

If you have very good basics or fundamental skills, you can crack any entrance examination, not only UPSEE but as well as lot of others. Most of the questions are based on the syllabus of class 12th. You must have all the formula in your fingertips for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics Subjects as all the questions are from the syllabus of class 11th and class 12th or equivalent course. Aspirants need to be focused upon,  mathematics Algebra, Calculus and other important portions. Once you will be confident about these fundamental you will do wonders.

5.Time Management-

The crucial factors of the examination is not in your hand. So try to give an equal amount of time for each subject for preparing Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. As each subject carry equal marks weightage, so you need to spend an equal amount of time to each section. Try to improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions.

6.Study Material-

Without the best study materials, a candidate cannot perform well in exams. If you ask expert or toppers, then you will find the best answer. Don’t be experimental on these tips because if you are experimenting yourself then you will not realize the importance of time and you will lack the important aspects of your preparation.

7.Sample Papers-

To find out how you are prepared for the exam, you need to attempt previous year questions papers as well as sample papers. Try to attempt 5 to 6 mock test as well in the same environment as you find in the UPSEE Examination hall. Take three hours for solving the whole questions paper and try to find out that how many questions you are able to attempt or how many questions you are leaving. How much time do you need to solve a single question, or which section you attempt early from the examination time.

8.Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses-

Perfect or smart aspirants will improve their weak areas. Aspirants need to find out that in which they are very good, in which they are average or in which they are poor. If you are very good physics but average in mathematics and weak in chemistry, then you need to improvise the  weak areas by giving more and more time to these subjects. Don’t be overconfident on any subject. Try to take help from the experts, your classmates whenever you have any doubt.


Revision is the most important factor of preparation. Try to keep two months before the examination for revising the topics whom you go through at the preparation time. Notes prepared at the time of preparation can help you while revision. Try to revise only those topics which you have already covered from your UPSEE Syllabus. Don’t try to touch those topics where you have not gone through while preparation. If you will try to touch some new topics it will create confusion in your mind.

10. Be Aware of the Negative Marking-

As in this examination, there is no negative marking, So always try to attempt more and more questions. If you are unaware of a question ,  then try to answer by solving it logically. If in case there is any negative marking, then try to leave those questions where you are not confident. Only try to give the answer to those questions where you are confident.

Whenever you are studying take a break from time to time, take proper sleep. Above all, remain calm and don’t let the stress get to you. If you will take stress then you can not learn effectively which will also break your concentration.

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