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UP NHM Syllabus 2023

UP ANM Exam Syllabus: The UP ANM Syllabus has been prescribed by the concerned authority on their official website. The candidates must visit the website of NHM and download the UP NHM ANM Syllabus to be able to give this paper more confidently.

The UP NHM Syllabus 2023 is prepared in such a way as to provide the right direction to the candidates in terms of their preparation for this exam. 

UP ANM Syllabus 2023 is distributed under 6 main headings namely Community Health Nursing; Health Promotion; Primary Health Care Nursing; Child Health Nursing; Health Centre Management and Midwifery.

UP NHM Syllabus 2023

Important Major and Sub Topics Included in UP ANM Syllabus 2023

Here is the list of topics and sub-topics that are included in the UP NHM Syllabus and all of these topics need to be prepared thoroughly by the candidates to clear the written test.

UP ANM Exam Syllabus 2023

Major Topics under UP NHM ANM Syllabus

Sub Topics under UP NHM ANM Syllabus 

UP ANM Community Health Nursing Syllabus

  • Concept of Health
  • Community Health Practices
  • Health Problems and Policies
    Health Organization
  • Role of Health Team, Structure of Community and Rural Community
  • Dynamics of Community, Community need assessment, Community Methods & Media
  • Counselling & Community-based rehabilitation.

UP NHM ANM Health Promotion Paper Syllabus

    • Nutrition
      • Essential Nutrients & Nutrients Assessment
      • Nutritional Problems
      • Promotion of Nutrition
  • Mental Health
      • Mental Illness
      • Old Age Care
      • Maladjustment
  • Environmental Sanitation
    • Safe Water
    • Disposal of Excreta and Waste
    • Community Participation
  • Human Body & Hygiene
    • Hygiene of the Body
    • The Human Body
    • Optimal Functioning of the Body

UP NHM ANM Primary Health Care Nursing Syllabus

  • Infection & Immunization
    • Basic Concepts of Disease, Immunity, and Infection
    • Body Defense Mechanisms
    • Disinfection and Sterilization
    • Waste Disposal
    • Collection of Specimen
  • Communicable Diseases
    • Introduction to Communicable Diseases
    • Epidemic Management
    • Care needed in Communicable Diseases
  • Primary Medical Care
    • Administration of Drugs
    • Drugs that are used in Minor Ailments
    • Common Emergency Drugs
    • Types of Drugs
  • First Aid & Referral
    • Fractures
    • Life-threatening Conditions
    • Need for First Aid
    • Minor Injuries and Ailments
  • Community Health Problems
    • Care of the Sick in the Community
    • Fever and Respiratory Problems (Types & Classification)
    • Aches and Pains (Nursing Management)
    • Digestive Problems
    • Urinary Problems 
    • Cardiovascular Problems (Signs & Symptoms)
    • Care of Handicap
    • Diseases of Musculo-Skeletal System
    • Metabolic Diseases
    • Diseases of Nervous System

UP ANM Child Health Nursing Subject Syllabus 

  • Child’s Growth and Development
  • Nutrition of Infants and Children
  • Children’s Rights
  • Care of the Sick Child
  • Care of School Children
  • School Health
  • Care of Adolescents and Adolescents Girls

UP NHM Health Centre Management Paper Syllabus

  • Implementation of National Health Programs
  • Maintenance of Stock
  • Coordination, Update Knowledge, and The Sub-Centre

UP ANMS Exam Midwifery Syllabus

  • Neonatal Care Unit
  • Post-Natal Ward
  • Antenatal Ward
  • Labour Room

What are the benefits of the UP ANM Syllabus 2023?

  • UP NHM Syllabus acts as a blueprint for the candidates as it clearly tells them the topics on which the candidates will be judged in the exam.
  • It explicitly sets the expectations of the governing authority from the candidates regarding which they should know so that they can judge themselves in advance whether they are deserving of the concerned post or not.
  • UP ANM Syllabus 2023 also helps in providing the right path to the aspiring candidates for a well-organized preparation of the exam. 

The candidates using the UP NHM Syllabus can easily make out topics in which they are already good and prepared, and on the other hand, they can also make out on what topics they need to still work hard. So ultimately UP ANM syllabus 2023 acts as an Exam Preparation Guide to the aspiring candidates.

UP ANM Subject Syllabus 2023

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