TNTET Exam Syllabus 2020:

TNTET Exam Syllabus covers all the important topics that are important for any candidate to become a good teacher. You can download the syllabus in pdf format. Try to take a print out for better revision. The TNTET Exam syllabus not only helps you to cover all the topics but also guides you through the exam. You should study according to the syllabus.

TNTET Exam does not ask any questions out of the syllabus. That’s why it is important for you to go only through the syllabus given by the board. Don’t study the outside topics. It will only kill your time. Simply go through the syllabus that is prescribed by the board.

The syllabus will be released on the official site in the pdf format. So, try to download it as soon as possible and start your studies.  For your help, here the syllabus for both the papers are given. Take a look.

TNTET Exam Syllabus 2020: For Paper I

Child Development

  • The Children’s Profile at the Beginning of Primary Education—Physical and Cognitive
  • The Children’s Profile at the Beginning of Primary Education—Social and Emotional
  • Physical & Intellectual Development during Primary School Years (6 to 10 Years)
  • Social and Emotional Development during Primary School Years (6 to 10 Years)
  • Moral Development during Primary School Years (6 to 10 Years)


  • Learning
  • Types, levels, and approaches to Learning
  • Concepts and constructs
  • Factors Contributing to Learning
  • Constructivist Approach to Learning
  • Learning and Knowledge language


  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Language Functions


  • Numbers
  • Shapes and Figures
  • Patterns
  • Measurements
  • Study of Data

Environmental Studies and Science

  • Plants
  • Animals & Birds
  • Small Creatures Around the children
  • Day and Night
  • Water
  • Air
  • Food
  • My Body
  • Keeping Healthy and Clean
  • Man, Matter, and Materials
  • Work
  • Science in Everyday
  • Life
  • Travelogue
TNTET Exam Syllabus 2020: For Paper II

Child Development

  • Nature of Educational Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social, Emotional and Moral Development
  • Learning
  • Intelligence and Creativity
  • Motivation and Group Dynamics
  • Personality and Assessment
  • Mental Health and Hygiene
  • Guidance and Counselling


  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Functions


  • Number System
  • Measurements
  • Algebra
  • Life Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Data handling
  • Practical Geometry


  • Pre-historic Period
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Ancient Land of Thamizhagam
  • Vedic Period
  • Jainism and Buddhism
  • Rise of Empires
  • Kushana Empire


  • Resources and their types-Resources and Human Activity
  • Primary Activity-Types of Primary Activities- Gathering, Hunting and Fishing-Mining-Classification of minerals
  • Primary Activity-Agriculture-Agriculture and Crops-Factors Determining Agriculture
  • Secondary Activity-Industries-Classification of Industries-Factors Determining Development of Industries
  • Tertiary Activity-Transport, Trade-Transport-Trade-Other Services
  • Population and Resource-Population Growth and distribution population Growth and Resource Depletion-Resources and Space Technology


  • Our Nation Location, Political Administration and National Symbols
  • Indian Constitution Salient Features
  • Political Parties Functions, Structures & Types – Regional and National parties
  • United Nations Organization- Objectives – Organs - Functions
  • Legislation and Welfare schemes for Children and Women

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