Super TET Syllabus For Paper 1 &  2:

Super TET Exam is conducted in two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2, both the papers are conducted on the same day with different shifts. Paper 1 is to become a primary teacher who teaches classes 1 to 5. And Paper 2 is to become an elementary teacher who teaches classes 6 to 8. when aspirants qualify to teach class 1 to 5 then they appear for both papers 1 & 2 for the exam.

Paper 1 consists of 5 sections and paper 2 consists of 4 sections. Multiple subjects are given in which candidates have to choose between mathematics & science in paper 1 and social studies in paper 2. Candidates securing a minimum of 60% marks in paper 1 and paper 2  will be issued Super Teacher Eligibility Test(Super TET).  

Super TET Syllabus:

  • Language (Hindi, English, Urdu):- Grammer, Comprehension 
  • Science:- Stages of matter and substance, speed force, energy, distance light, sound, health, environmental and natural resources, daily life includes science, the world of creatures, the human body
  • Mathematics:-  Mathematical action, numerical ability, differentiation, decimal, interest, profit - loss, factoring, percentage, general algebra, volume, ratio, general geometry, statistics.
  • Environment & Social Study:- earth’s structure, mountains, oceans, solar system, general geography, Indian constitution, traffic and road safety, Indian economy and challenges.
  • Teaching skills:- Teaching methodology and skills, principles of learning, education evolution and measurement, current Indian society and elementary education, educational focus and administration.
  • Child Psychologist:- Factors affecting child development, identification of child learning, personal variation, creating environments for learning, theories of learning and practical utility and their use in classroom teaching.
  • General knowledge:-  Important current affairs, current events, national, international, location personality compositions, cultural and arts.
  • Logical knowledge:- Symbols and notations, binary logic, classification, block and calendars, coding and decoding, critical reasoning, cube number series, puzzles, data interpretations, direction sense test and letter series.
  • Information Technology:- Information in the field of teaching skills, technical computers, internet, smartphones, useful application in teaching, art teaching and school management.
  • Life Skill / Management and Aptitude:-  Constitutional and original origin, the role of education, professional conduct and policy, motivation, penal and punishments are effective to use.
Steps to download Super TET Syllabus for Paper 1 and Paper 2:

Step 1. Visit the official website of its own i.e.,

Step 2. Select the link “SuperTET Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern”.

Step 3. Then enter the details such as Examination name, Department name, Paper name etc.

Step 4. Click on the “Submit” option.

Step 5. Take a print for future record.

Syllabus Required For Super-Tet Exam:


  •  Hindi, English & Sanskrit:-
  •  व्याकरण, 
  • अपठित गद्यांश पद्यांश.

Science -

  • Daily life includes science:-
  •  Speed force, 
  • Energy,
  •  distant light, 
  • Sound,
  •  World of creatures,
  •  Human body, 
  • Health, 
  • Hygiene and nutrition,
  •  Environment & natural resources, 
  • Stages of matter and substance.

Mathematics -

  •  Numerical ability:-
  • Mathematical actions,
  •  Decimal,
  •  Localism, 
  • Different, 
  • Interest,
  •  Profit-loss, 
  • Percentage divisiveness,
  •  Factoring, 
  • Economic rules,
  •  General algebra, 
  • Area average, 
  • Volume, 
  • Ratio, 
  • Logos,
  •  General geometry,
  •  General statistics

Environment & Social Study -

  •  Earth’s structure:-
  • Nadia, 
  • Mountains,
  •  Continents,
  •  Oceans and fauna,
  •  Natural wealth,
  •  Latitude and decimal, 
  • Solar system, 
  • Indian geography,
  •  Indian freedom struggle,
  •  Indian social reformer, 
  • Indian Constitution, 
  • Our governance system, 
  • Traffic and road safety,
  •  Indian economy and challenges.

Teaching Skills -

  •  Teaching methods and skills:-
  • Principles of learning, 
  • Current Indian society and elementary education,
  •  Inclusive exams,
  •  new initiatives for elementary education, 
  • Educational evaluation and measurement,
  •  Initial formation skills,
  •  Educational focus and administration.

Child Psychologist -

  •  Personal variation:-
  •  Factors affecting child development,
  •  Identification of learning needs, 
  • Creating environments for reading, 
  • Theories of learning and their practical utility and use in classroom teaching, special arrangements for the lamp belt.

General Knowledge/ Current Occupations -

  •  Important Current Occupations:-
  •  Current events, 
  • international, 
  • National,
  •  Important events related to the state, 
  • Location personality compositions,
  •  International and national award-sports,
  •  Culture and art.

Logical knowledge -

  •  Analogies:-
  •  Aeration and Region, 
  • Binary Logic,
  •  Classification,
  •  Block and Calendars,
  •  Coded Inequalities,
  •  Coding-Decoding, 
  • Critical reasoning,
  •  Cube Number Series,
  •  Puzzles, 
  • Symbol and Notations, 
  •  Van Diagram and Dice, 
  • Data Interpretations, 
  • Direction Sense Test & Letter Series.

Information Technology -

  •  Information in the field of teaching skills:-
  • Art teaching and school management,
  •  Technical computers, 
  • Internet, smartphones,
  •  Useful applications in teaching, digital, 
  • Teaching materials.

Life Skill/ Management and aptitude -

  •  Professional conduct and policy:-
  •  Motivation, 
  • Role of education, 
  • Constitutional and original origins, 
  • Penal and punishments are effective to use.
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