JNU CEEB Tips and Tricks:

To crack JNU CEEB Exam one should know the syllabus and the subjects. Candidates must know some tips and tricks that can help them in their JNU CEEB preparation. One should prepare with a motive to qualify the exam. JNU CEEB exam is not an easy exam. The candidates have to go through the previous year question papers and sample papers to know the pattern and difficulty level of the questions. It is also to note that there are some important pointers that each appearing candidates must keep in mind. These pointers will help them to avoid mistakes while their preparation and while appearing for the examination. Below are some tips that will help the students JNU CEEB 2019 Exam to easily crack the exam.

Make Proper Notes:

If you are just going through the information, then you may not be able to retain it for too long. Students should make there own notes to qualify for the exams. In that note, they should also highlight the important points that can remember on the day of examination.

Try Color Coding Tricks:

When you are studying for an exam, simply go through the lessons means your retention rate will be only 20%. But if any students can follow some simple retention strategies, then it is possible to have a recall rate of up to 80%. It is believed that colour boosts retention capacity.  So students can use different colours, to mark some important points in your books. Research has proven that colouring parts of the notes using colours stimulate makes the more creative of your brain, which can actually help you recall information visually and efficiently.

Try and Manage Stress Level:

Try speaking to the people you trust and tell them how you are currently feeling. You may try some breathing strategies, as it will allow your body to relax. You may also try visualizing your success. Just imagine yourself writing the exam and then acing it. This will help students to stay positive and remove all the negative thoughts related to the exam.

Get Support from Parents, Teachers:

Get support from friends, family as well as teachers for better preparation for the exam. During the exam preparation proper understanding, as well as emotional support, is what student needs the most. They may speak to there teachers if they are facing any challenges while preparing for the exam. Do not shy or hesitate to ask anything from them in case you need help from teachers.

Sleep Properly:

Before writing the exam, getting adequate sleep is the most important things that the students need. Go to the bed at your normal bedtime. Don’t even think of pulling in an all-nighter. If you are facing difficulty in dozing off, then you can turn on some soothing and light music or read something light but avoid using of social media at night, especially if you had been studying since morning.

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